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lirmm-02265726v1  Conference papers
Oleksandra LevchenkoBoyan KolevDjamel-Edine YagoubiDennis ShashaThemis Palpanas et al.  Distributed Algorithms to Find Similar Time Series
ECML-PKDD 2019 - European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Sep 2019, Wurtzbourg, Germany
inria-00309525v1  Conference papers
Nicolas AnciauxMehdi BenzineLuc BouganimPhilippe PucheralDennis Shasha. GhostDB: Querying Visible and Hidden Data Without Leaks
26th International ACM Conference on Management of Data (ACM SIGMOD), Jan 2007, Beijing, China
lirmm-01819290v1  Conference papers
Fabio PortoJoao RittmeyerEduardo OgasawaraAlberto Krone-MartinsPatrick Valduriez et al.  Point Pattern Search in Big Data
SSDBM: Scientific and Statistical Database Management, Jul 2018, Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. pp.#21, ⟨10.1145/3221269.3221294⟩
hal-01629149v1  Journal articles
Maximilien ServajeanAlexis JolyDennis ShashaJulien ChampEsther Pacitti. Crowdsourcing Thousands of Specialized Labels: A Bayesian Active Training Approach
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2017, 19 (6), pp.1376-1391. ⟨10.1109/TMM.2017.2653763⟩
lirmm-01867833v1  Conference papers
Fábio PortoAmir KhatibiJoao RittmeyerEduardo OgasawaraPatrick Valduriez et al.  Constellation Queries over Big Data
SBBD: Simpósio Brasileiro de Banco de Dados, SBC, Aug 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. pp.85-96
lirmm-01867804v1  Conference papers
Patrick ValduriezMarta MattosoReza AkbariniaHeraldo BorgesJosé Camata et al.  Scientific Data Analysis Using Data-Intensive Scalable Computing: the SciDISC Project
LADaS: Latin America Data Science Workshop, Aug 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
inria-00325945v1  Conference papers
Nicolas AnciauxMehdi BenzineLuc BouganimPhilippe PucheralDennis Shasha. Querying and Aggregating Visible and Hidden Data Without Leaks
Journées Bases de Données Avancées, BDA, Oct 2007, Marseille, France
hal-01948552v1  Reports
Munir ContractorChristophe PradalDennis Shasha. Platform Migrator
[Technical Report] TR2018-990, New York University. 2018, pp.43
lirmm-01620154v1  Conference papers
Djamel-Edine YagoubiReza AkbariniaFlorent MassegliaDennis Shasha. RadiusSketch: Massively Distributed Indexing of Time Series
DSAA: Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Oct 2017, Tokyo, Japan. pp.1-10
inria-00322087v1  Journal articles
Nicolas AnciauxMehdi BenzineLuc BouganimPhilippe PucheralDennis Shasha. Revelation on Demand
Distributed and Parallel Database (Weston, Conn.) Journal, 2009, 25 (1-2), pp.5-28. ⟨10.1007/s10619-009-7035-x⟩
inria-00321721v1  Conference papers
Christophe SalperwyckNicolas AnciauxMehdi BenzineLuc BouganimPhilippe Pucheral et al.  GhostDB: Hiding Data from Prying Eyes
BDA 2007 : 23èmes Journées "Bases de Données Avancées", Oct 2007, Marseille, France
inria-00340700v1  Conference papers
Dennis Shasha. Biocomputational puzzles
School of Computer and Communication Sciences - Winter 2006-2007, EPFL, 2006, Lausanne, Switzerland
inria-00340698v1  Conference papers
Dennis Shasha. StrangerDB: Safe data management with untrusted servers
Comad, 13th International Conference on Management of Data, Dec 2006, Delhi, India
lirmm-01886760v1  Conference papers
Oleksandra LevchenkoDjamel-Edine YagoubiReza AkbariniaFlorent MassegliaBoyan Kolev et al.  Spark-parSketch: A Massively Distributed Indexing of Time Series Datasets
CIKM: Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Oct 2018, Turin, Italy. pp.1951-1954, ⟨10.1145/3269206.3269226⟩