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hal-02411164v1  Conference papers
Giovanni NegliaGianmarco CalbiDon TowsleyGayane Vardoyan. The Role of Network Topology for Distributed Machine Learning
IEEE INFOCOM 2019 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, Apr 2019, Paris, France. pp.2350-2358, ⟨10.1109/INFOCOM.2019.8737602⟩
hal-00923328v1  Conference papers
Giovanni NegliaXiaolan ZhangJim KuroseDon TowsleyHaixiang Wang. On Optimal Packet Routing in Deterministic DTNs
IEEE VTC - 77th Vehicular Technology Conference, Jun 2013, Dresden, Germany. pp.1-5, ⟨10.1109/VTCSpring.2013.6692662⟩
inria-00076957v1  Reports
Zhen LuiDon Towsley. Stochastic scheduling in In-Forest Networks
[Research Report] RR-1719, INRIA. 1992
hal-02427845v1  Conference papers
Laurent MassouliéLudovic StephanDon Towsley. Planting trees in graphs, and finding them back
COLT 2019 - Conference on Learning Theory, Jun 2019, Phoenix, United States
hal-01244774v1  Conference papers
Kolar Purushothama NaveenLaurent MassouliéEmmanuel BaccelliAline Carneiro VianaDon Towsley. On the Interaction between Content Caching and Request Assignment in Cellular Cache Networks
AllThingsCellular '15 - 5th Workshop on All Things Cellular: Operations, Applications and Challenges , Aug 2015, Londres, United Kingdom. ⟨10.1145/2785971.2785975⟩
hal-00760915v1  Conference papers
Nicaise Eric Choungmo FofackPhilippe NainGiovanni NegliaDon Towsley. Analysis of TTL-based Cache Networks
ValueTools - 6th International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools - 2012, Oct 2012, Cargèse, France
hal-00764220v1  Conference papers
Konstantin AvrachenkovNelly LitvakMarina SokolDon Towsley. Quick Detection of Nodes with Large Degrees
WAW'12: The 9th Workshop on Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph, Jun 2012, Halifax, Canada. pp.54-65, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-30541-2_5⟩
hal-01092416v1  Conference papers
Konstantin AvrachenkovPrithwish BasuGiovanni NegliaBruno RibeiroDon Towsley. Pay few, influence most: Online myopic network covering
6th IEEE INFOCOM International Workshop on Network Science for Communication Networks (NetSciCom 2014), May 2014, Toronto, Canada. pp.813-818, ⟨10.1109/INFCOMW.2014.6849335⟩
inria-00075021v1  Reports
Zhen LiuPhilippe NainDon Towsley. On optimal polling policies
[Research Report] RR-1541, INRIA. 1991
hal-01377841v1  Conference papers
Mostafa DehghanLaurent MassouliéDon TowsleyDaniel Sadoc MenascheYong Chiang Tay. A utility optimization approach to network cache design
IEEE INFOCOM 2016 - The 35th Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, Apr 2016, San Francisco, United States. ⟨10.1109/INFOCOM.2016.7524445⟩
hal-01266505v3  Journal articles
Philippe NainDon Towsley. File dissemination in dynamic graphs: The case of independent and correlated links in series
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems, ACM, 2016, 2 (1), ⟨10.1145/2981344⟩
hal-00933322v1  Conference papers
Philippe NainDon TowsleyAmotz Bar-NoyPrithwish BasuMatthew P. Johnson et al.  Estimating end-to-end delays under changing conditions
CHANTS - 8th ACM MobiCom workshop on Challenged networks, Sep 2013, Miami, Florida, United States. pp.1-6, ⟨10.1145/2505494.2505495⟩