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hal-00763362v1  Conference papers
Anne BenoitMathias CoqblinJean-Marc NicodLaurent PhilippeVeronika Rehn-Sonigo. Throughput optimization for pipeline workflow scheduling with setup times
Proceedings of CGWS 2012, the CoreGRID/ERCIM Workshop on Grids, Clouds and P2P Computing, in conjunction with EuroPar 2012, Aug 2012, Rhodes Island, Greece
hal-00563300v1  Conference papers
Anne BenoitAlexandru DobrilaJean-Marc NicodLaurent Philippe. Throughput optimization for micro-factories subject to failures
ISPDC'2009, 8th Int. Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing, 2009, Portugal. pp.11--18
hal-00563628v1  Conference papers
Anne BenoitAlexandru DobrilaLaurent PhilippeJean-Marc Nicod. Throughput optimization for micro-factories subject to task and machine failures
, 12th Workshop on Advances on Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, 2010, United States. pp.11--18
hal-00563288v1  Conference papers
Sylvain DahanAlexandru DobrilaJean-Marc NicodLaurent Philippe. Performances Study of the Distributed Spanning Tree an Overlay Network for Server Lookup
ICIW'08, 3rd int. Conf. on Internet and Web Applications and Services, 2008, Greece. pp.330--335
inria-00071968v1  Reports
Abdou GuermoucheJean-Yves l'ExcellentGil Utard. On the Memory Usage of a Parallel Multifrontal Solver
[Research Report] RR-4617, LIP RR-2002-42, INRIA, LIP. 2002
hal-01431512v1  Reports
Eddy CaronGil Utard. Parallel Out-of-Core Matrix Inversion
[Research Report] RR-2002-04, LIP - ENS Lyon. 2002
hal-01431511v1  Conference papers
Eddy CaronGil Utard. Parallel Out-of-Core Matrix Inversion
IPDPS'02. The 16th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, Apr 2002, Fort Lauderdale, United States
hal-01431508v1  Conference papers
Eddy CaronFrédéric DesprezFrédéric LombardJean-Marc NicodMartin Quinson et al.  A Scalable Approach to Network Enabled Servers
8th International EuroPar Conference, 2002, Paderborn, Germany. pp.4
inria-00000281v1  Journal articles
Eddy CaronBruno DelfabbroFrédéric DesprezEmmanuel JeannotJean-Marc Nicod. Managing Data Persistence in Network Enabled Servers
Scientific Programming, IOS Press, 2005, 13 (4), pp.333--354
inria-00099198v1  Conference papers
Frédéric DesprezEric FleuryEmmanuel JeannotFrédéric SuterJean-Marc Nicod. SCILAB to SCILAB
Workshop on Environments & Tools for Parallel Scientific Computing, Sep 2000, Faverges, France
inria-00099007v1  Conference papers
Frédéric DesprezEric FleuryClaude GomezSerge SteerStéphane Ubéda. Bringing Metacomputing to Scilab
Computer Aided Control System Design - CACSd' 99, Aug 1999, Hawaï, USA, 6 p
hal-00786238v1  Conference papers
Jean-Marc NicodLaurent PhilippeVeronika Rehn-SonigoLamiel Toch. Using Virtualization and Job Folding for Batch Scheduling
ISPDC'2011 - 10th Int. Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Jul 2011, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. ⟨10.1109/ISPDC.2011.15⟩
hal-00786234v1  Conference papers
Jean-Marc NicodLaurent PhilippeToch Lamiel. A Genetic Algorithm with Communication Costs to Schedule Workflows on a SOA-Grid
HeteroPar'2011 - 9th International Workshop on Algorithms, Models and Tools, Sep 2011, Bordeaux, France