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hal-01888526v1  Conference papers
Francisco Lopez-RamirezDenis EfimovAndrey PolyakovWilfrid Perruquetti. On Implicit Finite-Time and Fixed-Time ISS Lyapunov Functions
CDC 2018 - 57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Dec 2018, Miami Beach, United States
hal-01145321v2  Journal articles
Denis EfimovAndrey PolyakovWilfrid PerruquettiJean-Pierre Richard. Weighted Homogeneity for Time-Delay Systems: Finite-Time and Independent of Delay Stability
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2016, 61, pp.210-215. ⟨10.1109/TAC.2015.2427671⟩
hal-02343238v1  Conference papers
Nicolás EspitiaAndrey PolyakovEmilia Fridman. On local finite-time stabilization of the Viscous Burgers equation via boundary switched linear feedback
CDC 2019 - 58thIEEE Conference on Decision and Control,, Dec 2019, Nice, France
hal-01371370v1  Conference papers
Konstantin ZimenkoDenis EfimovAndrey PolyakovWilfrid Perruquetti. Time-delay Robustness Analysis for Systems with Negative Degree of Homogeneity
Proc. 10th IFAC Symposium on Nonlinear Control Systems (NOLCOS), Aug 2016, Monterey, United States
hal-01090716v1  Conference papers
Andrey PolyakovIsaac Chairez. A New Homogeneous Quasi-Continuous Second Order Sliding Mode Control
XVI Congreso Latinoamericano de Control Automático, Oct 2014, Cancun, Mexico
hal-02416265v1  Conference papers
Alex dos Reis de SouzaJean-Luc GouzéAndrey PolyakovDenis Efimov. On Adaptive Estimation of Bacterial Growth in the Competitive Chemostat
8. International-Federation-of-Automatic-Control (IFAC) Symposium on Mechatronic Systems (MECHATRONICS) / 11. International-Federation-of-Automatic-Control (IFAC) Symposium on Nonlinear Control Systems (NOLCOS), Sep 2019, Vienne, Austria. ⟨10.1016/j.ifacol.2019.11.789⟩
hal-02371919v1  Conference papers
Angel Mercado-UribeJaime MorenoAndrey PolyakovDenis Efimov. Integral Control Design using the Implicit Lyapunov Function Approach
58th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Dec 2019, Nice, France
hal-01003992v1  Conference papers
Andrey PolyakovDenis EfimovWilfrid Perruquetti. Homogeneous Differentiator Design using Implicit Lyapunov Function Method
European Control Conference, IEEE, IFAC, Jun 2014, Strasbourg, France
hal-02373078v1  Journal articles
Tonametl SanchezAndrey PolyakovJean-Pierre Richard. A Sliding Mode Controller for a Model of Flow Separation in Boundary Layers
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, Wiley, 2020, 30 (3), pp.1181-1202. ⟨10.1002/rnc.4822⟩
hal-01160052v1  Journal articles
Andrey PolyakovDenis EfimovWilfrid Perruquetti. Robust Stabilization of MIMO Systems in Finite/Fixed Time
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, Wiley, 2015, pp.23. ⟨10.1002/rnc⟩
hal-02877399v1  Conference papers
Siyuan WangAndrey PolyakovGang Zheng. On Generalized Homogenization of Linear Quadrotor Controller
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)., May 2020, Paris, France
hal-00920047v1  Conference papers
Andrey PolyakovAlexander PoznyakJean-Pierre Richard. Robust Output Stabilization of Time-Varying Input Delay Systems using Attractive Ellipsoid Method
IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, IEEE, Dec 2013, Florence, Italy. pp.934-939