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hal-00859388v1  Conference papers
Lotfi ChaâriFlorence ForbesThomas VincentPhilippe Ciuciu. Hemodynamic-informed parcellation of fMRI data in a Joint Detection Estimation framework
MICCAI 2012 - 15th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, Oct 2012, Nice, France. pp.180-188, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-33454-2_23⟩
hal-01261982v1  Conference papers
Mohanad AlbughdadiLotfi ChaâriFlorence ForbesJean-Yves TourneretPhilippe Ciuciu. Multi-subject joint parcellation detection estimation in functional MRI
13th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Apr 2016, Prague, Czech Republic. pp.74-77, ⟨10.1109/ISBI.2016.7493214⟩
hal-00854437v1  Conference papers
Thomas VincentJan WarnkingMarjorie VillienAlexandre KrainikPhilippe Ciuciu et al.  Bayesian Joint Detection-Estimation of cerebral vasoreactivity from ASL fMRI data
MICCAI 2013 - 16th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, Scientific Council of Japan, Sep 2013, Nagoya, Japan. pp.616-623, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-40763-5_76⟩
hal-03337949v1  Conference papers
Julyan ArbelFlorence ForbesHien NguyenTrungtin Nguyen. Approximate Bayesian computation with surrogate posteriors
ISBA 2021 - World Meeting of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis, Jun 2021, Marseille, France
hal-01107475v1  Conference papers
Mohanad AlbughdadiLotfi ChaâriFlorence ForbesJean-Yves TourneretPhilippe Ciuciu. Model Selection for Hemodynamic Brain Parcellation in fMRI
EUSIPCO - 22nd European Signal Processing Conference, Sep 2014, Lisbon, Portugal. pp.31 - 35
hal-01107613v1  Conference papers
Florence ForbesAina Frau-PascualThomas VincentJennifer SlobodaPhilippe Ciuciu. Physiologically informed Bayesian analysis of ASL fMRI data
Statistical Challenges in Neuroscience workshop, Sep 2014, Warwick, United Kingdom
hal-00859386v1  Conference papers
Lotfi ChaâriFlorence ForbesThomas VincentPhilippe Ciuciu. Robust voxel-wise Joint Detection Estimation of Brain Activity in fMRI
ICIP 2012 - 19th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Sep 2012, Orlando, United States. pp.1273-1276, ⟨10.1109/ICIP.2012.6467099⟩
hal-02415090v1  Conference papers
Florence ForbesAlexis ArnaudBenjamin LemassonEmmanuel Barbier. Component elimination strategies to fit mixtures of multiple scale distributions
RSSDS 2019 - Research School on Statistics and Data Science, Jul 2019, Melbourne, Australia. pp.81-95, ⟨10.1007/978-981-15-1960-4_6⟩
hal-01652026v1  Poster communications
Benjamin LemassonNora CollombAlexis ArnaudFlorence ForbesEmmanuel L Barbier. Monitoring brain tumor evolution using multiparametric MRI
2017 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Apr 2017, Melbourne, Australia
hal-02290847v1  Conference papers
Karina AshurbekovaSophie AchardFlorence Forbes. Structure Learning via Hadamard Product of Correlation and Partial Correlation Matrices
EUSIPCO 2019 - 27th European Signal Processing Conference, Sep 2019, A Coruna, Spain. pp.1-5, ⟨10.23919/EUSIPCO.2019.8902948⟩
hal-01941643v1  Conference papers
Karina AshurbekovaSophie AchardFlorence Forbes. Robust structure learning using multivariate T-distributions
JdS 2018 - 50èmes Journées de la Statistique, May 2018, Saclay, France. pp.1-6
hal-02415101v1  Conference papers
Verónica Muñoz RamírezFlorence ForbesAlexis ArnaudMichel Dojat. Brain abnormalities detection in de Novo Parkinsonian patients
OHBM 2019 - 25th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Jun 2019, Rome, Italy. pp.1-11
hal-01652300v1  Conference papers
Benjamin LemassonNora CollombAlexis ArnaudFlorence ForbesEmmanuel L Barbier. Suivi de l'hétérogénéité de la croissance des gliomes par IRM multiparamétrique analysée par clustering
SFRMBM Societe Francaise de Resonance Magnetique en Biologie et Medecine, Mar 2017, Bordeaux, France
hal-02291576v1  Conference papers
Karina AshurbekovaSophie AchardFlorence Forbes. Robust penalized inference for Gaussian Scale Mixtures
SPARS 2019 - Workshop on Signal Processing with Adaptive Sparse Structured Representations, Jul 2019, Toulouse, France. pp.1-2
hal-01653601v1  Conference papers
Chun-Chen TuFlorence ForbesNaisyin WangBenjamin Lemasson. Structured Mixture of linear mappings in high dimension
JSM 2017 - Joint Statistical Meeting, Jul 2017, Baltimore, United States
hal-00935640v2  Journal articles
Bjoern H. MenzeAndras JakabStefan BauerJayashree Kalpathy-CramerKeyvan Farahani et al.  The Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS)
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2014, 34 (10), pp.1993-2024. ⟨10.1109/TMI.2014.2377694⟩
inria-00494748v2  Conference papers
David AbrialMyriam GarridoFlorence Forbes. Approche variationnelle pour la cartographie spatio-temporelle du risque en épidémiologie à l'aide de champs de Markov cachés
42èmes Journées de Statistique, Société Française de Statistique, May 2010, Marseille, France
hal-00780518v1  Conference papers
Lamiae AziziFlorence ForbesSenan DoyleMyriam GarridoDavid Abrial. Spatio-temporal Markov Random Field approach to risk mapping
ASMDA2011 - 14th Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis, ASMDA International Society, Jun 2011, Rome, Italy
hal-00780575v1  Conference papers
David AbrialLamiae AziziMyriam GarridoFlorence Forbes. Risk mapping based on hidden Markov random field and variational approximations
1st Conference on Spatial Statistics 2011, Mar 2011, Enschede, Netherlands
hal-00803444v1  Conference papers
Gildas MazoFlorence ForbesStéphane Girard. Augmented cumulative distribution networks for multivariate extreme value modelling
ERCIM 2012 - 5th International Conference of the ERCIM WG on Computing and Statistics, Dec 2012, Oviedo, Spain
hal-00780054v1  Journal articles
Myriam GarridoLamiae AziziFlorence ForbesSenan DoyleNicolas Peyrard et al.  On the difficulty to delimit disease risk hot spots
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Elsevier, 2012, Spatial Statistics for Mapping the Environment, 22, pp.99-105. ⟨10.1016/j.jag.2012.04.005⟩
hal-00839184v1  Journal articles
Florence ForbesMyriam GarridoLamiae AziziSenan DoyleDavid Abrial. Spatial risk mapping for rare disease with hidden Markov fields and variational EM
Annals of Applied Statistics, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2013, 7 (2), pp.1192-1216. ⟨10.1214/13-AOAS629⟩