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inria-00502448v1  Conference papers
Everton HermannBruno RaffinFrançois FaureThierry GautierJérémie Allard. Multi-GPU and Multi-CPU Parallelization for Interactive Physics Simulations
Europar 2010 - 16th International Euro-Par Conference on Parallel Processing, Aug 2010, Ischia-Naples, Italy. pp.235-246, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-15291-7_23⟩
inria-00443064v1  Journal articles
Matthieu NesmeFrançois FaureYohan Payan. Accurate interactive animation of deformable models at arbitrary resolution
International Journal of Image and Graphics, World Scientific Publishing, 2010, 10 (2), pp.175-202. ⟨10.1142/S021946781000372X⟩
inria-00319404v2  Conference papers
Everton HermannFrançois FaureBruno Raffin. Ray-traced collision detection for deformable bodies
GRAPP 2008 - 3rd International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, Jan 2008, Madeira, Portugal. pp.293-299
inria-00319407v2  Conference papers
François FaureJérémie AllardStéphane CotinPaul NeumannPierre-Jean Bensoussan et al.  SOFA: A modular yet efficient simulation framework
Surgetica 2007 - Computer-Aided Medical Interventions: tools and applications, Sep 2007, Chambéry, France. pp.101-108
inria-00360131v2  Conference papers
Everton HermannBruno RaffinFrançois Faure. Interactive Physical Simulation on Multicore Architectures
EGPGV - Eurographics Workhop on Parallel Graphics and Visualization, Mar 2009, Munich, Germany. pp.1-8, ⟨10.2312/EGPGV/EGPGV09/001-008⟩
inria-00394469v2  Conference papers
Cécile PicardNicolas TsingosFrançois Faure. Retargetting Example Sounds to Interactive Physics-Driven Animations
AES 35th International Conference, Audio in Games, Feb 2009, London, United Kingdom. pp.Article 25
hal-00701190v2  Book sections
Ali Hamadi DickoBenjamin GillesFrançois FaureOlivier Palombi. From Generic to Specic Musculoskeletal Simulations using an Ontology-based Modeling Pipeline
Dimitri Plemenos and Georges Miaoulis. Intelligent Computer Graphics 2012, 441, Springer, pp.227-242, 2012, Studies in Computational Intelligence, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-31745-3_12⟩
hal-01057027v1  Conference papers
Armelle BauerFlorent PacletViolaine CahouetAli Hamadi DickoOlivier Palombi et al.  Interactive Visualization of Muscle Activity During Limb Movements: Towards Enhanced Anatomy Learning
Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine (VCBM 2014), Sep 2014, Vienne, Austria. pp.191-198, ⟨10.2312/vcbm.20141191 ⟩
lirmm-00806088v1  Book sections
Benjamin GillesFrançois FaureGuillaume BousquetDinesh K. Pai. Frame-based interactive simulation of complex deformable objects
Hidalgo González, Manuel and Mir Torres, Arnau and Varona Gómez, Javier. Deformation Models, 7, Springer, pp.145-166, 2013, Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics, 978-94-007-5446-1. ⟨10.1007/978-94-007-5446-1_6⟩
hal-01206780v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Luc ManteauxWei-Lun SunFrançois FaureMarie-Paule CaniJames F. O'Brien. Interactive Detailed Cutting of Thin Sheets
8th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion in Games, MIG '15, Nov 2015, Paris, France. pp.125-132, ⟨10.1145/2822013.2822018⟩
hal-00080378v1  Journal articles
Matthieu NesmeMaud MarchalEmmanuel PromayonMatthieu ChabanasYohan Payan et al.  Physically realistic interactive simulation for biological soft tissues
Recent Research Developments in Biomechanics, 2005, 2, pp.1-22
hal-01138834v1  Conference papers
Charles BouchardMatthieu NesmeMaxime TournierBin WangFrançois Faure et al.  6D Frictional Contact for Rigid Bodies
Graphics Interface, Jun 2015, Halifax, Canada
hal-00762593v1  Conference papers
Marie DurandBruno RaffinFrançois Faure. A Packed Memory Array to Keep Moving Particles Sorted
VRIPHYS - Ninth Workshop on Virtual Reality Interactions and Physical Simulations, Jan Bender and Arjan Kuijper and Dieter W. Fellner and Eric Guérin, Dec 2012, Darmstadt, Germany. pp.69-77
inria-00510068v1  Conference papers
François FaureChris FaisstnauerGerd HesinaAmaury AubelMarc Escher et al.  Collaborative animation over the network
Computer Animation '99, 1999, Genève, Switzerland
inria-00410314v1  Conference papers
Cécile PicardFrançois FaureGeorge DrettakisPaul Kry. A Robust and Multi-Scale Modal Analysis For Sound Synthesis
DAFx-09 - 12th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects, Sep 2009, Como, Italy. pp.1-7
inria-00510093v1  Conference papers
François FaureGilles DebunneMarie-Paule CaniFranck Multon. Dynamic analysis of human walking
8th Eurographics Workshop on Computer Animation and Simulation, 1997, Budapest, Hungary. pp.53--65
inria-00319416v1  Conference papers
Jérémie AllardStéphane CotinFrançois FaurePierre-Jean BensoussanFrançois Poyer et al.  SOFA - an Open Source Framework for Medical Simulation
MMVR 15 - Medicine Meets Virtual Reality, Feb 2007, Palm Beach, United States. pp.13-18
hal-00914653v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Luc ManteauxFrançois FaureStephane RedonMarie-Paule Cani. Exploring the Use of Adaptively Restrained Particles for Graphics Simulations
VRIPHYS 2013 - 10th Workshop on Virtual Reality Interaction and Physical Simulation, Nov 2013, Lille, France. pp.17-24, ⟨10.2312/PE.vriphys.vriphys13.017-024⟩
inria-00394480v2  Conference papers
Matthieu NesmeYohan PayanFrançois Faure. Efficient, Physically Plausible Finite Elements
Eurographics, Aug 2005, Dublin, Ireland
hal-00788755v1  Conference papers
Ali Hamadi DickoValentin FavierBoris FarnyBenjamin GillesFrançois Faure et al.  Ontologie de la physiologie du corps humain pour la modélisation et la simulation du système musculosquelettique
Journées de l'Association Française d'Informatique Graphique, AFIG, Nov 2012, Calais, France
inria-00537466v1  Journal articles
Laks RaghupathiLaurent GrisoniFrançois FaureDamien MarchallMarie-Paule Cani et al.  An Intestinal Surgery Simulator: Real-Time Collision Processing and Visualization
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2004, 10 (6), pp.708--718. ⟨10.1109/TVCG.2004.36⟩
inria-00319409v1  Conference papers
Paul KryLionel ReveretFrançois FaureMarie-Paule Cani. Modal Locomotion: Controlling Passive Elastic Dynamics
SIGGRAPH 2007 - 34th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, Aug 2007, San Diego, United States. pp.17:1-1
inria-00517242v1  Conference papers
Olivier GalizziFrançois Faure. Animation efficace de solides en contact par modèle physique
15èmes journées de l'Association Française d'Informatique Graphique, AFIG 2002, Dec 2002, Lyon, France. pp.167--178
inria-00517243v1  Conference papers
Laure FranceAlexis AngelidisPhilippe MeseureMarie-Paule CaniJulien Lenoir et al.  Implicit Representations of the Human Intestines for Surgery Simulation
Modelling and Simulation for Computer-aided Medicine and Surgery, MS4CMS, Nov 2002, Rocquencourt, France
inria-00517244v1  Conference papers
Florence ZaraFrançois FaureJean-Marc Vincent. Physical cloth simulation on a PC cluster
4h Eurographics Workshop on Parallel Graphics and Visualization, Sep 2002, Blaubeuren, Germany
inria-00516887v1  Conference papers
Stephan KimmerleMatthieu NesmeFrançois Faure. Hierarchy Accelerated Stochastic Collision Detection
9th International Workshop on Vision, Modeling, and Visualization, VMV 2004, Nov 2004, Stanford, California, United States