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tel-00008951v1  Theses
Pascal Giorgi. Arithmétique et algorithmique en algèbre linéaire exacte pour la bibliothèque LinBox
Génie logiciel [cs.SE]. Ecole normale supérieure de lyon - ENS LYON, 2004. Français
hal-00582593v2  Conference papers
Alexis BreustChristophe ChabotJean-Guillaume DumasLaurent FoussePascal Giorgi. Recursive double-size fixed precision arithmetic
ICMS: International Congress of Mathematical Software, Jul 2016, Berlin, Germany. pp.223--231, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-42432-3_28⟩
hal-01015138v1  Conference papers
Brice BoyerJean-Guillaume DumasPascal GiorgiClément PernetB. David Saunders. Elements of Design for Containers and Solutions in the LinBox Library
ICMS: International Congress on Mathematical Software, Aug 2014, Seoul, South Korea. pp.654-662, ⟨10.1007/978-3-662-44199-2_98⟩
hal-00018223v4  Journal articles
Jean-Guillaume DumasPascal GiorgiClément Pernet. Dense Linear Algebra over Word-Size Prime Fields: the FFLAS and FFPACK packages
ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, Association for Computing Machinery, 2008, 35 (3), pp.19:1-42. ⟨10.1145/1391989.1391992⟩
hal-00135090v3  Conference papers
Sylvie BoldoMarc DaumasPascal Giorgi. Formal proof for delayed finite field arithmetic using floating point operators
8th Conference on Real Numbers and Computers, Jul 2008, Saint Jacques de Compostelle, Spain. pp.113-122
lirmm-00424288v2  Conference papers
Pascal GiorgiThomas IzardArnaud Tisserand. Comparison of Modular Arithmetic Algorithms on GPUs
ParCo'09: International Conference on Parallel Computing, France. pp.N/A