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hal-01357514v1  Journal articles
Stéphane Ubéda. Comparaison d'algorithmes d'amincissement d'images sur machine à base de Transputers
La Lettre du transputer et des calculateurs distribués, La Boucle informatique, 1992, pp.21-33
hal-01357895v1  Journal articles
Stéphane UbédaPierre KuonenJanez Žerovnik. Graph theory applied to mobile network optimisation
Elektroniski vestnik, 1996, 2 (63), pp.62-72
hal-01355795v1  Conference papers
Stéphane UbédaSophie JosselinBlaise ChamaretDaniel Wagner. Adaptative BTS location in cellular network
Parallel and distributed computing and networks 97, 1997, singapour, Singapore
hal-01356213v1  Conference papers
Stéphane UbédaPierre KuonenSophie JosselinDaniel Wagner. Parallel computing of radio coverage
IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 1996, Atlanta, United States
inria-00099007v1  Conference papers
Frédéric DesprezEric FleuryClaude GomezSerge SteerStéphane Ubéda. Bringing Metacomputing to Scilab
Computer Aided Control System Design - CACSd' 99, Aug 1999, Hawaï, USA, 6 p
hal-01355327v1  Conference papers
Stéphane Ubéda. A parallel thinning algorithm using the bounding boxes technique
Proceedings of the international workshop on Algorithms and parallel VLSI architectures II , 1992, Bonas, France
hal-01355332v1  Conference papers
Stéphane Ubéda. Comparison of thinning algorithms on distributed memory machines
Transputer 92, 1992, Arc-et-senans, France
hal-01355346v1  Conference papers
Stéphane UbédaMarc GenglerClaude Diderich. Solving the token distribution problem on k-ary d-cube networks
Int. Symp. on Parallel Architectures, algorithms and networks, 1994, Kanazan, Japan
hal-01355331v1  Conference papers
Stéphane Ubéda. Multiscale parallel thinning algoroithm
CONPAR 92 - VAPP V, 1992, Lyon, France
hal-01355343v1  Conference papers
Stéphane UbédaBlaise ChamaretHocine Cherifi. Parallel filter estimation algorithm for segmentation on a LAN of workstations
the Seeven SIAM conference on parallel processing, 1994, San Fransico, United States
hal-01357170v1  Conference papers
Stéphane UbédaBlaise ChamaretJanez Žerovnik. A Randomized Algorithm for Graph Coloring Applied to Channel Allocation in Mobile Telephone
International conference on operational research, 1996, zagreb, Croatia
hal-01357171v1  Conference papers
Stéphane UbédaAlain Bretto. Hypergraph model of digital topology for grey level images
Discrete Geometry for Computer imagery, 1996, Lyon, France
hal-01359223v1  Conference papers
Stéphane UbédaJean-Marie Gorce. Propagation simulation with the ParFlow method: fast computation using a multi-resolution scheme
IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2001, atlantic city, United States
hal-01368058v1  Conference papers
Stéphane UbédaKhedher HoudaFabrice ValoisSami Tabbane. Mechanisms for cellular networks planning and engineering
Applications and Services in Wireless Networks (ASW'2001), IEEE, 2001, evry, France
hal-01358582v1  Book sections
Stéphane UbédaVirginie Marion-Poty. Parallel Thinning algorithm using KxK mask
Thinning Methodologies for Pattern Recognition, 8, 1993, 978-981-02-1482-1
hal-01358580v1  Book sections
Stéphane Ubéda. Thinning algorithm using bounding boxes techniques on distributed memory machines
Thinning Methodologies for Pattern Recognition, 8, pp.1103-1114, 1993, 978-981-02-1482-1
inria-00275178v1  Conference papers
Pierre ParrendSamuel GaliceStéphane FrénotStéphane Ubéda. Identity-Based Cryptosystems for Enhanced Deployment of OSGi Bundles
International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies, IARIA Association, Oct 2007, Valencia, Spain
inria-00383185v1  Conference papers
Stéphane UbédaVéronique LegrandFatiha Benali. Collaborative Approach to Automatic Classification of Heterogeneous Information Security
International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies, Aug 2008, Cap-Esterel, France. pp.294-299
inria-00383174v1  Conference papers
Stéphane UbédaVéronique Legrand. Enriched Diagnosis and Investigation Models for Security Event Correlation
International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection, Jul 2007, Silicon Valley, United States. pp.1, ⟨10.1109/ICIMP.2007.16⟩
hal-00402742v1  Conference papers
Samuel GaliceMarine MinierStéphane Ubéda. Gestion de la confiance dans les communautés ouvertes
Conférence Internationale sur les NOuvelles TEchnologies de la REpartition - NOTERE 2007, Jun 2007, Marrakhech, Maroc. pp.1-10
hal-00402744v1  Conference papers
Samuel GaliceMarine MinierJohn MullinsStéphane Ubéda. Cryptographic Protocol to Establish Trusted History of Interactions
Security and Privacy in Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks - ESAS 2006, Sep 2006, Hambourg, Germany. pp.136-149
hal-00402747v1  Conference papers
Samuel GaliceVéronique LegrandMarine MinierJohn MullinsStéphane Ubéda. A History-Based Framework to Build Trust Management Systems
Second International IEEE SECURECOMM Workshop on the Value of Security through Collaboration (SECOVAL 2006), Apr 2006, United States. pp.1-8
hal-00402750v1  Conference papers
Samuel GaliceVéronique LegrandMarine MinierJohn MullinsStéphane Ubéda. Modelization and trust establishment in ambient networks
International Symposium on Intelligent Environment, Apr 2006, Cambridge, United Kingdom
inria-00395596v1  Conference papers
Jacques SaraydaryanVéronique LegrandStéphane Ubéda. Behavioral Intrusion Detection Indicators
International Information Security Conference, Jun 2008, Bertinoro, Italy