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hal-01216030v1  Conference papers
Nastassia Pouradier DuteilFrancesco RossiUgo BoscainBenedetto Piccoli. Developmental Partial Differential Equations
54th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2015, Osaka, Japan
hal-01097159v1  Journal articles
Ugo BoscainRemco DuitsFrancesco RossiYuri Sachkov. Curve cuspless reconstruction via sub-Riemannian geometry
ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations, EDP Sciences, 2014, 20 (3), pp.748-770. ⟨10.1051/cocv/2013082⟩
hal-02394678v1  Conference papers
Ugo BoscainJean-Paul GauthierDario Prandi. Image inpainting via a control-theoretical model of human vision
2018 IEEE 14th International Conference on Control and Automation (ICCA), Jun 2018, Anchorage, AK, United States
hal-01017378v1  Journal articles
Ugo BoscainGrégoire CharlotMoussa GayePaolo Mason. Local properties of almost-Riemannian structures in dimension 3
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A, American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2014, 35 (9)
hal-01097155v1  Journal articles
Thibault MaillotUgo BoscainJean-Paul GauthierUlysse Serres. Lyapunov and Minimum-Time Path Planning for Drones
Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems, Springer Verlag, 2015, 21 (1), pp.1-34. ⟨10.1007/s10883-014-9222-y⟩
hal-01028145v1  Documents associated with scientific events
Ugo Boscain. Spectral conditions for the controllability of the Schroedinger equation
NETCO 2014 - New Trends in Optimal Control, Jun 2014, Tours, France
hal-03020099v1  Conference papers
Ugo BoscainDario PrandiLudovic SacchelliGiuseppina Turco. A bio-inspired geometric model for sound reconstruction
IFAC World Conference 2020, Jul 2020, Berlin / Virtual, Germany
hal-02981135v1  Conference papers
Ugo BoscainEugenio PozzoliMario Sigalotti. Reachable sets for a 3D accidentally symmetric molecule
21st IFAC World Congress, Jul 2020, Berlin / Virtual, Germany
hal-00593163v1  Journal articles
Ugo BoscainCamille Laurent. L’opérateur de Laplace-Beltrami en Géométrie presque-Riemannienne
Annales de l'Institut Fourier, Association des Annales de l'Institut Fourier, 2013, 63 (5), pp.1739 - 1770. ⟨10.5802/aif.2813⟩
hal-01259762v1  Journal articles
Andrei AgrachevUgo BoscainRobert NeelLuca Rizzi. Intrinsic random walks in Riemannian and sub-Riemannian geometry via volume sampling
ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations, EDP Sciences, In press, 24 (3), pp.1075-1105. ⟨10.1051/cocv/2017037⟩
hal-02531537v2  Journal articles
Ugo BoscainDario PrandiLudovic SacchelliGiuseppina Turco. A bio-inspired geometric model for sound reconstruction
Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience, BioMed Central, 2021, 11 (1), pp.2. ⟨10.1186/s13408-020-00099-4⟩
hal-01318515v1  Journal articles
Ugo BoscainLudovic SacchelliMario Sigalotti. Generic singularities of line fields on 2D manifolds
Differential Geometry and its Applications, Elsevier, 2016, Volume 49 (December 2016), pp.326-350
hal-02557862v1  Journal articles
Davide BarilariUgo BoscainDaniele CannarsaKaren Habermann. Stochastic processes on surfaces in three-dimensional contact sub-Riemannian manifolds
Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré (B) Probabilités et Statistiques, Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP), In press, ⟨10.1214/20-AIHP1124⟩
hal-00691706v1  Conference papers
Ugo BoscainMarco CaponigroMario Sigalotti. Controllability of the bilinear Schrödinger equation with several controls and application to a 3D molecule
2012 IEEE 51st Annual Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Dec 2012, Maui, HI, United States. pp.3038-3043, ⟨10.1109/CDC.2012.6426289⟩
hal-01097154v1  Journal articles
Ugo BoscainFredrik GrönbergRuixing LongHerschel Rabitz. Minimal time trajectories for two-level quantum systems with two bounded controls
Journal of Mathematical Physics, American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2014, 55 (6), pp.062106. ⟨10.1063/1.4882158⟩