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hal-00657991v1  Conference papers
Evelyne HubertGeorge Labahn. Rational invariants of scalings from Hermite normal forms
International Conference on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC), Jul 2012, Grenoble, France. pp.219-226, ⟨10.1145/2442829.2442862⟩
hal-00163141v5  Conference papers
Brice BoyerJean-Guillaume DumasClément PernetWei Zhou. Memory efficient scheduling of Strassen-Winograd's matrix multiplication algorithm
ISSAC 2009 - International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, Jul 2009, Séoul, South Korea. pp.55-62, ⟨10.1145/1576702.1576713⟩