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hal-01136728v1  Journal articles
Nazim HaouchineStéphane CotinIgor PeterlikJérémie DequidtMario Sanz Lopez et al.  Impact of Soft Tissue Heterogeneity on Augmented Reality for Liver Surgery
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2015, 21 (5), pp.584 - 597. ⟨10.1109/TVCG.2014.2377772⟩
hal-02427488v1  Journal articles
Mohamad DaherJoelle Al HageMaan El Badaoui El NajjarAhmad DiabKhalil Mohamad et al.  Toward High Integrity Personal Localization System Based on Informational Formalism
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2019, 68 (11), pp.4590-4599. ⟨10.1109/TIM.2018.2886976⟩
inria-00436467v3  Journal articles
Benjamin PetitJean-Denis LesageClément MenierJérémie AllardJean-Sébastien Franco et al.  Multicamera Real-Time 3D Modeling for Telepresence and Remote Collaboration
International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, Hindawi, 2010, Advances in 3DTV: Theory and Practice, 2010, Article ID 247108, 12 p. ⟨10.1155/2010/247108⟩
hal-03537852v1  Journal articles
David DesobryFrançois ProtaisNicolas RayEtienne CormanDmitry Sokolov. Frame Fields for CAD models
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2022, 13018, pp.421-434. ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-90436-4_34⟩
hal-03542913v1  Journal articles
A WestJames HermusMeghan HuberPauline MauriceDagmar Sternad et al.  Dynamic Primitives Limit Human Force Regulation during Motion
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, IEEE 2022, 7 (2), pp.2391 - 2398. ⟨10.1109/LRA.2022.3141778⟩
hal-02926172v2  Journal articles
Mostafa SadeghiXavier Alameda-Pineda. Mixture of Inference Networks for VAE-based Audio-visual Speech Enhancement
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2021, 69, pp.1899-1909. ⟨10.1109/TSP.2021.3066038⟩
hal-01648695v1  Journal articles
Thomas SturmErika AbrahamJohn AbbottBern BeckerAnna Maria Bigatti et al.  Satisfiability Checking and Symbolic Computation
ACM Communications in Computer Algebra, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2016, 50 (4), pp.145-147. ⟨10.1145/3055282.3055285⟩
hal-02983073v1  Journal articles
Dobrina BoltchevaJustine BasselinClément PoullHerve BarthelemyDmitry Sokolov. Topological-based roof modeling from 3D point clouds
Journal of WSCG, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, 2020, 28 (1-2), pp.137-146. ⟨10.24132/JWSCG.2020.28.17⟩
hal-00786438v1  Journal articles
Thibault CholezIsabelle ChrismentOlivier FestorGuillaume Doyen. Detection and mitigation of localized attacks in a widely deployed P2P network
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, Springer, 2012, Special Issue on Experimental Evaluation of Peer-to-Peer Applications, 6 (2), pp.155-174. ⟨10.1007/s12083-012-0137-7⟩
hal-02120033v1  Journal articles
Jimmy EtienneNicolas RayDaniele PanozzoSamuel HornusCharlie Wang et al.  CurviSlicer: Slightly curved slicing for 3-axis printers
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Association for Computing Machinery, 2019, 38 (4), pp.1-11. ⟨10.1145/3306346.3323022⟩
hal-00872155v1  Journal articles
Kristin SellersDavis BennettAxel HuttFlavio Frohlich. Anesthesia Differentially Modulates Spontaneous Network Dynamics by Cortical Area and Layer
Journal of Neurophysiology, American Physiological Society, 2013, 110 (12), pp.2739-2751. ⟨10.1152/jn.00404.2013⟩
hal-02393742v1  Journal articles
Manel ZoghlamiSabeur AridhiMondher MaddouriEngelbert Mephu Nguifo. Multiple instance learning for sequence data with across bag dependencies
International journal of machine learning and cybernetics, Springer, 2020, 11, pp.629-642. ⟨10.1007/s13042-019-01021-5⟩
hal-01388654v1  Journal articles
Marwa El HouasliBernard MaigretMarie-Dominique DevignesAnisah GhoorahSergei Grudinin et al.  Modeling and minimizing CAPRI round 30 symmetrical protein complexes from CASP-11 structural models
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Genetics, Wiley, 2017, Special Issue: Sixth Meeting on the Critical Assessment of Predicted Interactions 85 (3), pp.463-469. ⟨10.1002/prot.25182⟩
hal-01309105v1  Journal articles
Marc F LensinkSameer VelankarAndriy KryshtafovychShen-You HuangDina Schneidman-Duhovy et al.  Prediction of homo- and hetero-protein complexes by protein docking and template-based modeling: a CASP-CAPRI experiment
Proteins - Structure, Function and Bioinformatics, Wiley, 2016, Special Issue: Eleventh Meeting on the Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction, 84 (S1), pp.323-348. ⟨10.1002/prot.25007⟩
hal-01495802v1  Journal articles
Mohamed MosbahMohamed TounsiDominique Méry. From Event-B specifications to programs for distributed algorithms
International journal of autonomous and adaptive communications systems, Inderscience Publishers, 2016, 9 (3-4), pp.223 - 242. ⟨10.1504/IJAACS.2016.079623⟩
hal-00921403v1  Journal articles
Nawal GuermoucheClaude Godart. Composition of Web Services based on Timed Mediation.
International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, Perpetual Innovation Media Pvt. Ltd., 2014, 5 (1), 26p
hal-00921398v1  Journal articles
Nawal GuermoucheClaude Godart. Characterizing Compatibility of Timed Choreography.
International Journal of Web Services Research, Idea Group Pub, 2011, 8 (2), pp.1-28
hal-01095543v1  Journal articles
Antoine CullyJean-Baptiste Mouret. Evolving a Behavioral Repertoire for a Walking Robot
Evolutionary Computation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press), 2016, 24 (1), pp.33. ⟨10.1162/EVCO_a_00143⟩
hal-02068457v1  Journal articles
Tan NguyenHoang-Long MaiRémi CogranneGuillaume DoyenWissam Mallouli et al.  Reliable Detection of Interest Flooding Attack in Real Deployment of Named Data Networking
IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2019, 14 (9), pp.2470-2489. ⟨10.1109/TIFS.2019.2899247⟩
hal-01817505v1  Journal articles
Adam GaierAlexander AsterothJean-Baptiste Mouret. Data-Efficient Design Exploration through Surrogate-Assisted Illumination
Evolutionary Computation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press), 2018, 26 (3), pp.381-410. ⟨10.1162/evco_a_00231⟩
hal-02353861v1  Journal articles
Guillaume DoyenThibault CholezWissam MallouliBertrand MathieuHoang-Long Mai et al.  An Orchestrated NDN Virtual Infrastructure transporting Web Traffic: Design, Implementation and First Experiments with Real End-Users
IEEE Communications Magazine, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2019, The Quest for Information Centric Networking, 57 (6), ⟨10.1109/MCOM.2019.1800730⟩
hal-03624287v1  Journal articles
Axel HuttAndré GrüningAlex HansenThomas HartungRaina Robeva. Editorial: Machine Learning in Natural Complex Systems
Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Frontiers Media S.A, 2022, ⟨10.3389/fams.2022.869999⟩
hal-03016721v1  Journal articles
Marie CanditoMathieu ConstantCarlos RamischAgata SavaryBruno Guillaume et al.  A French corpus annotated for multiword expressions and named entities
Journal of Language Modelling, Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, 2020, 8 (2), pp.415-479. ⟨10.15398/jlm.v8i2.265⟩
hal-03244053v2  Journal articles
Axel HuttThomas WahlNicole VogesJo HausmannJérémie Lefebvre. Coherence resonance in random Erdös-Rényi neural networks : mean-field theory
Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Frontiers Media S.A, 2021, 7, pp.697904. ⟨10.3389/fams.2021.697904⟩
hal-01100737v1  Journal articles
Jérémie DumasJean HergelSylvain Lefebvre. Bridging the Gap: Automated Steady Scaffoldings for 3D Printing
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Association for Computing Machinery, 2014, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) - Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 2014, 33 (4), pp.98:1 - 98:10. ⟨10.1145/2601097.2601153⟩
hal-02291907v1  Journal articles
Luigi PencoNicola SciancaValerio ModugnoLeonardo LanariGiuseppe Oriolo et al.  A Multi-Mode Teleoperation Framework for Humanoid Loco-Manipulation: An Application for the iCub Robot
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2019, 26 (4), pp.73-82. ⟨10.1109/MRA.2019.2941245⟩
hal-00578991v1  Journal articles
Romain CossetDamien Robert. Computing (l,l)-isogenies in polynomial time on Jacobians of genus 2 curves
Mathematics of Computation, American Mathematical Society, 2015, 84 (294), pp.1953-1975 ⟨10.1090/S0025-5718-2014-02899-8⟩
hal-01800749v1  Journal articles
John RieffelJean-Baptiste Mouret. Adaptive and Resilient Soft Tensegrity Robots
Soft Robotics, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 2018, 5 (3), pp.318-329. ⟨10.1089/soro.2017.0066⟩
hal-01316026v1  Journal articles
Dominique Méry. Playing with State-Based Models for Designing Better Algorithms
Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier, 2017, 68, pp.445-455. ⟨10.1016/j.future.2016.04.019⟩
hal-00624323v2  Journal articles
Jean-Sébastien SereniZelealem Yilma. A Tight Bound on the Set Chromatic Number
Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory, University of Zielona Góra, 2013, 33 (2), pp.461--465. ⟨10.7151/dmgt.1679⟩
hal-01097629v1  Journal articles
Dominique MéryBernhard SchätzAlan Wassyng. The Pacemaker Challenge: Developing Certifiable Medical Devices (Dagstuhl Seminar 14062)
Dagstuhl Reports, Schloss Dagstuhl--Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, 2014, 4 (2), pp.17--37
hal-01369501v1  Journal articles
Adrien CouletMalika Smaïl-Tabbone. Mining Electronic Health Records to Validate Knowledge in Pharmacogenomics
ERCIM News, ERCIM, 2016, ERCIM News 104, Special theme: Tackling Big Data in the Life Sciences, pp.56
hal-01371087v1  Journal articles
Dzmitry PadhornyAndrey KazennovBrandon ZerbeKathryn PorterBing Xia et al.  Protein–protein docking by fast generalized Fourier transforms on 5D rotational manifolds
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America , National Academy of Sciences, 2016, 113 (30), pp.E4286-E4293. ⟨10.1073/pnas.1603929113⟩
hal-01643868v1  Journal articles
Pierre-Frédéric VillardPeter HammerDouglas PerrinPedro del NidoRobert Howe. Fast Image-Based Mitral Valve Simulation from Individualized Geometry
The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2018, 14 (2), pp.e1880. ⟨10.1002/rcs.1880⟩
hal-01528687v1  Journal articles
Samson AbramskyRui Soares BarbosaGiovanni CarùSimon Perdrix. A complete characterisation of All-versus-Nothing arguments for stabiliser states
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, Royal Society, The, 2017, Second quantum revolution: foundational questions, 375 (2106), ⟨10.1098/rsta.2016.0385⟩
hal-01537775v1  Journal articles
Ghania KhensousBelhadri MessabihAbdellah ChouarfiaBernard Maigret. Comparison of Cuckoo Search, Tabu Search and TS-Simplex algorithms for unconstrained global optimization
Computer Modelling and New Technologies, Prof. Viktors Gopejenko, 2016, 20 (4), pp.23-29
hal-02280888v1  Journal articles
Igor KonnovJure KukovecThanh-Hai Tran. TLA+ Model Checking Made Symbolic
Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, ACM, 2019, 3 (OOPSLA), pp.123:1--123:30. ⟨10.1145/3360549⟩
hal-00184987v1  Journal articles
Guillaume BonfanteJean-Yves Marion. Foreword of WTCV 06
Journal in Computer Virology, Springer Verlag, 2007, 3 (1), pp.1-2. ⟨10.1007/s11416-007-0038-0⟩
hal-01417853v4  Journal articles
Laura KallmeyerRainer OsswaldSylvain Pogodalla. Quantification in Frame Semantics with Binders and Nominals of Hybrid Logic
Journal of Language Modelling, Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, 2017, 5 (2), ⟨10.15398/jlm.v5i2.147⟩
hal-01403761v1  Journal articles
Yifei QiPeng ChengJing BaiJiming ChenGuénard Adrien et al.  Energy-Efficient Target Tracking by Mobile Sensors With Limited Sensing Range
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2016, 63 (11), pp.12. ⟨10.1109/TIE.2016.2584000⟩
hal-01643157v1  Journal articles
Jasmin Christian BlanchetteAndrei PopescuDmitriy Traytel. Soundness and Completeness Proofs by Coinductive Methods
Journal of Automated Reasoning, Springer Verlag, 2017, 58 (1), pp.149 - 179. ⟨10.1007/s10817-016-9391-3⟩
hal-01982232v1  Journal articles
Kevin DalleauMiguel CouceiroMalika Smaïl-Tabbone. Unsupervised Extra Trees: a stochastic approach to compute similarities in heterogeneous data.
International Journal of Data Science and Analytics, Springer Verlag, 2020, Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis - 18th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis, IDA 2020, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (12080), pp.132-144. ⟨10.1007/s41060-020-00214-4⟩
hal-01186715v1  Journal articles
Aleksey BuzmakovElias EghoNicolas JaySergei KuznetsovAmedeo Napoli et al.  On Mining Complex Sequential Data by Means of FCA and Pattern Structures
International Journal of General Systems, Taylor & Francis, 2016, 45 (2), pp.135-159. ⟨10.1080/03081079.2015.1072925⟩
hal-01577859v1  Journal articles
Jonàs MartínezHaichuan SongJérémie DumasSylvain Lefebvre. Orthotropic k-nearest foams for additive manufacturing
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Association for Computing Machinery, 2017, 36 (4), pp.121:1--121:12. ⟨10.1145/3072959.3073638⟩
hal-00686056v1  Journal articles
Hadrien CourtecuisseHoeryong JungJérémie AllardChristian DuriezDoo Yong Lee et al.  GPU-based Real-Time Soft Tissue Deformation with Cutting and Haptic Feedback
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Elsevier, 2010, Special Issue on Biomechanical Modelling of Soft Tissue Motion, 103 (2-3), pp.159-168. ⟨10.1016/j.pbiomolbio.2010.09.016⟩
hal-01285120v1  Journal articles
Olivier DevillersMarc GlisseXavier GoaocRémy Thomasse. Smoothed complexity of convex hulls by witnesses and collectors
Journal of Computational Geometry, Carleton University, Computational Geometry Laboratory, 2016, 7 (2), pp.101-144. ⟨10.20382/jocg.v7i2a6⟩
hal-00779634v3  Journal articles
Zdeněk DvořákJean-Sébastien SereniJan Volec. Subcubic triangle-free graphs have fractional chromatic number at most $14/5$
Journal of the London Mathematical Society, London Mathematical Society, 2014, 89 (3), pp.641--662. ⟨10.1112/jlms/jdt085⟩
hal-01461617v1  Journal articles
Imran SheikhDominique FohrIrina IllinaGeorges Linares. Modelling Semantic Context of OOV Words in Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2017, 25 (3), pp.598 - 610. ⟨10.1109/TASLP.2017.2651361⟩
inria-00550267v1  Journal articles
Lenka JerabkovaGuillaume BousquetSébastien BarbierFrançois FaureJérémie Allard. Volumetric modeling and interactive cutting of deformable bodies
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Elsevier, 2010, Special Issue on Biomechanical Modelling of Soft Tissue Motion, 103 (2-3), pp.217-224. ⟨10.1016/j.pbiomolbio.2010.09.012⟩
hal-00934941v1  Journal articles
Alexis BenichouxLaurent SimonEmmanuel VincentRémi Gribonval. Convex regularizations for the simultaneous recording of room impulse responses
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2014, ⟨10.1109/TSP.2014.2303431⟩