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hal-02538101v1  Book sections
Andrea MendizabalEleonora TagliabueTristan HoellingerJean-Nicolas BrunetSergei Nikolaev et al.  Data-driven simulation for augmented surgery
Bilen Emek Abali; Ivan Giorgio. Developments and Novel Approaches in Biomechanics and Metamaterials, 132, pp.71-96, 2020, 978-3-030-50464-9. ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-50464-9⟩
hal-03014927v1  Conference papers
Carlos RamischAgata SavaryBruno GuillaumeJakub WaszczukMarie Candito et al.  Edition 1.2 of the PARSEME Shared Task on Semi-supervised Identification of Verbal Multiword Expressions
Joint Workshop on Multiword Expressions and Electronic Lexicons (MWE-LEX 2020), 2020, Barcelona, Spain
hal-02463336v2  Conference papers
Reynald AffeldtCyril CohenMarie KerjeanAssia MahboubiDamien Rouhling et al.  Competing inheritance paths in dependent type theory: a case study in functional analysis
IJCAR 2020 - International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning, Jun 2020, Paris, France. pp.1-19
hal-02313600v2  Conference papers
Dmitry SokolovStanislav AranovskiyAlexander GusevIgor Ryadchikov. Experimental comparison of velocity estimators for a control moment gyroscope inverted pendulum
AMC 2020 - 16th IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control, Sep 2020, Kristiansand / Virtual, Norway
hal-02750224v3  Conference papers
Alice MillourKarën FortPierre Magistry. Répliquer et étendre pour l'alsacien "Étiquetage en parties du discours de langues peu dotées par spécialisation des plongements lexicaux
6e conférence conjointe Journées d'Études sur la Parole (JEP, 33e édition), Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles (TALN, 27e édition), Rencontre des Étudiants Chercheurs en Informatique pour le Traitement Automatique des Langues (RÉCITAL, 22e édition). 2e atelier Éthique et TRaitemeNt Automatique des Langues (ETeRNAL), 2020, Nancy, France. pp.29-37
hal-02985412v2  Conference papers
Stanislav AranovskiyIgor RyadchikovNikita MikhalkovDmitry KazakovAlexey Simulin et al.  Scissored pair control moment gyroscope inverted pendulum
14th International Symposium "Intelligent Systems - 2020", Dec 2020, Moscow, Russia
hal-03059165v1  Journal articles
Peter Beim GrabenAxel HuttNorbert MarwanChristian UhlCharles Webber. Editorial: Recurrence Analysis of Complex Systems Dynamics
Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Frontiers Media S.A, 2020, 6, ⟨10.3389/fams.2020.00033⟩
hal-02550688v2  Journal articles
Bérenger Bramas. TBFMM: A C++ generic and parallel fast multipole method library
Journal of Open Source Software, Open Journals, 2020, 5 (56), pp.2444. ⟨10.21105/joss.02444⟩
hal-02435758v1  Conference papers
Melanie Jouaiti. Improving Motor Coordination in HRI with Bio-Inspired Controllers
HRI Pioneers Workshop 2020 - 15th annual Human-Robot Interaction Pioneers Workshop, Mar 2020, Cambridge, United Kingdom. ⟨10.1145/3371382.3377439⟩
hal-02544156v1  Conference papers
Raphaël DuroselleDenis JouvetIrina Illina. Unsupervised regularization of the embedding extractor for robust language identification
Odyssey 2020 - The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop, Nov 2020, Tokyo, Japan
hal-02999148v1  Conference papers
Ismaël MendilNeeraj Kumar SinghYamine Aït-AmeurDominique MéryPhilippe Palanque. An Integrated Framework for the Formal Analysis of Critical Interactive Systems
The 27th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference, Jun Sun, Dec 2020, Singapour, Singapore. pp.10
hal-02938919v1  Book sections
Mathieu HoyrupJason Rute. Computable Measure Theory and Algorithmic Randomness
Handbook of Computable Analysis, In press
hal-02922660v1  Journal articles
Prosenjit BoseJean-Lou de CarufelOlivier Devillers. Expected Complexity of Routing in $\Theta_6$ and Half-$\Theta_6$ Graphs
Journal of Computational Geometry, Carleton University, Computational Geometry Laboratory, 2020, 11 (1), pp.212 - 234. ⟨10.20382/jocg.v11i1a9⟩
hal-03016721v1  Journal articles
Marie CanditoMathieu ConstantCarlos RamischAgata SavaryBruno Guillaume et al.  A French corpus annotated for multiword expressions and named entities
Journal of Language Modelling, Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, 2020, 8 (2), pp.415-479. ⟨10.15398/jlm.v8i2.265⟩
hal-02463940v1  Conference papers
Gilbert BusanaBrigitte DenisMarie Duflot-KremerSarah HiguetLara Kataja et al.  PIAF : développer la Pensée Informatique et Algorithmique dans l'enseignement Fondamental
Didapro 8 – DidaSTIC – L'informatique, objets d’enseignements – enjeux épistémologiques, didactiques et de formation, Feb 2020, Lille, France
hal-02917575v1  Book sections
Nicola CaccianiElisabeth LarssonAlberto LauroMarco MeggiolaroAlessio Scatto et al.  A First Meshless Approach to Simulation of the Elastic Behaviour of the Diaphragm
Sherwin S., Moxey D., Peiró J., Vincent P., Schwab C. Spectral and High Order Methods for Partial Differential Equations ICOSAHOM 2018, 134, Springer, pp.501-512, 2020, Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, 978-3-030-39646-6. ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-39647-3_40⟩
hal-02984307v1  Conference papers
Andrey SakryukinChedy RaïssiMohan Kankanhalli. Inferring DQN structure for high-dimensional continuous control
2020 International Conference on Machine Learning, Jul 2020, Vienna, Austria
hal-02912312v1  Conference papers
Alain GélyMiguel CouceiroLaurent MicletAmedeo Napoli. Steps in the Representation of Concept Lattices and Median Graphs
CLA 2020 - 15th International Conference on Concept Lattices and Their Applications, Sadok Ben Yahia; Francisco José Valverde Albacete; Martin Trnecka, Jun 2020, Tallinn, Estonia. pp.1-11
hal-02972966v1  Conference papers
Ji-Won ParkOtfried Cheong. Smallest Universal Covers for Families of Triangles
EuroCG 2020 - 36th European Workshop on Computational Geometry, Mar 2020, Würzburg, Germany
hal-03090859v1  Conference papers
Karyna IsaievaYves LaprieAlexis HoussardJacques FelblingerPierre-André Vuissoz. Tracking the tongue contours in rt-MRI films with an autoencoder DNN approach
ISSP 2020 - 12th International Seminar on Speech Production, Dec 2020, Providence / Virtual, United States
hal-03000308v1  Conference papers
Laurine HuberChaker MemmadiMathilde DargnatYannick Toussaint. Do Sentence Embeddings Capture Discourse Properties of Sentences from Scientific Abstracts ?
CODI 2020 - EMNLP 1st Workshop on Computational Approaches to Discourse, Nov 2020, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
hal-03024433v1  Conference papers
Cyril BrzenczekSophie Wantz-MézièresYann GaudeauMarie BlonskiFabien Rech et al.  An original MRI-based method to quantify the diffuse low-grade glioma brain infiltration
10th International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications, IPTA’20, Nov 2020, Paris, France
hal-02965137v1  Book sections
Fabien PierreJf Aujol. Recent Approaches for Image Colorization
Handbook of Mathematical Models and Algorithms in Computer Vision and Imaging, In press
hal-00967742v5  Journal articles
Sorina IonicaEmmanuel Thomé. Isogeny graphs with maximal real multiplication
Journal of Number Theory, Elsevier, 2020, 207, pp.385-422. ⟨10.1016/j.jnt.2019.06.019⟩
hal-02268400v1  Journal articles
Rémy ChrétienVéronique CortierAntoine DallonStéphanie Delaune. Typing messages for free in security protocols
ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, Association for Computing Machinery, 2020, 21 (1), ⟨10.1145/3343507⟩
hal-02928936v1  Conference papers
Laure CrochepierreLydia Boudjeloud-AssalaVincent Barbesant. Interpretable Dimensionally-Consistent Feature Extraction from Electrical Network Sensors
European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases ECML/PKDD'20, Sep 2020, Gand (Virtual Conference), Belgium
hal-03108936v1  Journal articles
Arthur Charguéraud. Separation Logic for Sequential Programs
Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, ACM, 2020, 4, ⟨10.1145/3408998⟩
hal-03087341v1  Book sections
Emmanuel JeandelPascal Vanier. The Undecidability of the Domino Problem
Substitution and Tiling Dynamics: Introduction to Self-inducing Structures, 2273, pp.293-357, 2020, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-57666-0_6⟩
hal-02737323v2  Poster communications
Lethicia MagnoAlain MollierMiguel CouceiroJean-Christophe AviceSophie Brunel-Muguet. Modelling Memory: do crop models need to become nostalgic?
ICROPM2020: Second International Crop Modelling Symposium, Feb 2020, Montpellier, France. ICROPM2020-SESSION1, Book of abstracts - XIIth Stics users seminar
hal-02921643v1  Conference papers
Nacira AbbasJérôme DavidAmedeo Napoli. Discovery of Link Keys in RDF Data Based on Pattern Structures: Preliminary Steps
CLA 2020 - The 15th International Conference on Concept Lattices and Their Applications, Jun 2020, Tallinn / Virtual, Estonia
hal-02469901v3  Conference papers
Diego Di CarloClément ElviraAntoine DeleforgeNancy BertinRémi Gribonval. BLASTER: An Off-Grid Method for Blind and Regularized Acoustic Echoes Retrieval -- with supplementary material
ICASSP 2020 - IEEE International Conference on Acoustic Speech and Signal Processing, IEEE, May 2020, Barcelona, Spain
tel-03125702v1  Theses
Harenome Razanajato. Polyhedral Code Generation: Reducing Overhead and Increasing Parallelism
Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing [cs.DC]. Université de Strasbourg (Unistra), FRA., 2020. English
hal-02861799v1  Journal articles
Axel Hutt. Divergence of the Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (LETKF) by nonlocal observations
Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Frontiers Media S.A, 2020, ⟨10.3389/fams.2020.00042⟩
tel-03023095v1  Theses
Marie Houillon. Schémas Galerkin Discontinu optimisés pour les problèmes d'électromagnétisme avec des géométries complexes
Equations aux dérivées partielles [math.AP]. Université de Strasbourg, IRMA UMR 7501, 2020. Français
hal-02867413v1  Conference papers
Garip KusogluBérenger BramasStéphane Genaud. Automatic task-based parallelization of C++ applications by source-to-source transformations
Compas 2020 - Conférence francophone en informatique, Jun 2020, Lyon, France
hal-03065619v1  Journal articles
Nazim HaouchinePariskhit JuvekarAlexandra GolbySarah Frisken. Predicted Microscopic Cortical Brain Images for Optimal Craniotomy Positioning and Visualization
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging & Visualization, Taylor & Francis, 2020, ⟨10.1080/21681163.2020.1834874⟩
hal-03065632v1  Conference papers
Nazim HaouchineParikshit JuvekarAlexandra GolbyWilliam WellsStéphane Cotin et al.  Alignment of Cortical Vessels viewed through the Surgical Microscope with Preoperative Imaging to Compensate for Brain Shift
Medical Imaging 2020: Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and Modeling, Feb 2020, Houston, United States
hal-03137343v1  Conference papers
Nino VieillardBruno ScherrerOlivier PietquinMatthieu Geist. Momentum in Reinforcement Learning
AISTATS 2020 - 23rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, Aug 2020, Palermo / Virtual, Italy
hal-02961583v1  Conference papers
Gilles BartheCharlie JacommeSteve Kremer. Universal equivalence and majority of probabilistic programs over finite fields
ACM/IEEE LICS 2020 - 35th Annual Symposium on Logic in Computer Science, Jul 2020, Saarbrücken / Virtual, Germany. pp.155-166, ⟨10.1145/3373718.3394746⟩
hal-02400051v1  Journal articles
Anurag AnshuPeter HøyerMehdi MhallaSimon Perdrix. Contextuality in multipartite pseudo-telepathy graph games
Journal of Computer and System Sciences, Elsevier, 2020, 107, pp.156-165. ⟨10.1016/j.jcss.2019.06.005⟩
hal-02798556v3  Conference papers
Lou LeeDenis JouvetKatarina BartkovaYvon KeromnesMathilde Dargnat. Étude comparative de corrélats prosodiques de marqueurs discursifs français et anglais selon leur fonction pragmatique
6e conférence conjointe Journées d'Études sur la Parole (JEP, 33e édition), Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles (TALN, 27e édition), Rencontre des Étudiants Chercheurs en Informatique pour le Traitement Automatique des Langues (RÉCITAL, 22e édition). Volume 1 : Journées d'Études sur la Parole, 2020, Nancy, France. pp.335-343
hal-02389159v3  Conference papers
Nicolas FurnonRomain SerizelIrina IllinaSlim Essid. DNN-Based Distributed Multichannel Mask Estimation for Speech Enhancement in Microphone Arrays
ICASSP 2020 - 45th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, May 2020, Barcelona, Spain
hal-02634875v1  Journal articles
Sergei NikolaevStéphane Cotin. Estimation of boundary conditions for patient-specific liver simulation during augmented surgery
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, Springer Verlag, 2020, 15 (7), pp.1107-1115. ⟨10.1007/s11548-020-02188-x⟩
hal-03090771v1  Reports
Jens GustedtRobert Seacord. Deferred cleanup and error handling in C
[Research Report] RR-9385, Inria Nancy - Grand Est. 2020, pp.19
hal-03090851v1  Conference papers
Amélie ElmerichAngelique AmelotShinji MaedaYves LaprieJean Francois Papon et al.  F1 and F2 measurements for French oral vowel with a new pneumotachograph mask
ISSP 2020 - 12th International Seminar on Speech Production, Dec 2020, Providence / Virtual, United States
hal-03021720v1  Conference papers
Gaël GuibonMarine CourtinKim GerdesBruno Guillaume. When Collaborative Treebank Curation Meets Graph Grammars
LREC 2020 - 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, May 2020, Marseille, France
hal-02400081v1  Journal articles
Emmanuel JeandelSimon PerdrixRenaud Vilmart. Completeness of the ZX-Calculus
Logical Methods in Computer Science, Logical Methods in Computer Science Association, 2020, 16 (2), pp.11:1 -- 11:72. ⟨10.23638/LMCS-16(2:11)2020⟩
hal-03076311v1  Conference papers
William BabonnaudPhilippe de Groote. Lexical selection, coercion, and record types
LENLS17 : Logic & Engineering of Natural Language Semantics, Nov 2020, Online, Japan
hal-02355115v2  Conference papers
Brij Mohan Lal SrivastavaNathalie VauquierMd SahidullahAurélien BelletMarc Tommasi et al.  Evaluating Voice Conversion-based Privacy Protection against Informed Attackers
ICASSP 2020 - 45th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE Signal Processing Society, May 2020, Barcelona, Spain. pp.2802-2806
hal-02151093v4  Journal articles
Nicolas DavidPaul Zimmermann. A New Ranking Function for Polynomial Selection in the Number Field Sieve
Contemporary mathematics, American Mathematical Society, 2020, 75 Years of Mathematics of Computation, 754, pp.315-325. ⟨10.1090/CONM/754/15139⟩
hal-02943018v1  Journal articles
Miguel CouceiroLucien HaddadVictor Lagerkvist. A Survey on the Fine-grained Complexity of Constraint Satisfaction Problems Based on Partial Polymorphisms
Journal of Multiple-Valued Logic and Soft Computing, Old City Publishing, In press
hal-02975379v2  Conference papers
Matthieu ZinsGilles SimonMarie-Odile Berger. 3D-Aware Ellipse Prediction for Object-Based Camera Pose Estimation
3DV 2020 - International Virtual Conference on 3D Vision, Nov 2020, Fukuoka / Virtual, Japan
hal-02999312v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Alexander RaschkeDominique MéryFrank Houdek. Rigorous State-Based Methods - 7th International Conference, {ABZ} 2020, Ulm, Germany, May 27-29, 2020, Proceedings
Alexander Raschke; Dominique Méry; Frank Houdek. ABZ 2020, May 2020, ULM, Germany. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (12071), Springer, 2020, Rigorous State-Based Methods - 7th International Conference, 2020, Ulm, Germany, May 27-29, 2020, Proceedings, 978-3-030-48076-9
hal-02541391v1  Conference papers
Lakhdar MeftahRomain RouvoyIsabelle Chrisment. Capturing Privacy-preserving User Contexts with IndoorHash
DAIS 2020 - 20th IFIP International Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems, Jun 2020, Valletta, Malta. ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-50323-9_2⟩
hal-03085699v1  Book sections
Sébastien FerréMarianne HuchardMehdi KaytoueSergei KuznetsovAmedeo Napoli. Formal Concept Analysis: From Knowledge Discovery to Knowledge Processing
Pierre Marquis; Odile Papini; Henri Prade. A Guided Tour of Artificial Intelligence Research, 2, Springer International Publishing, pp.411-445, 2020, AI Algorithms, 978-3-030-06167-8. ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-06167-8_13⟩
hal-03122451v1  Conference papers
Alexandre BlanschéLydia Boudjeloud-Assala. Biclustering itératif par une approche évolutionnaire
EGC 2020 Extraction et Gestion des Connaissances, Jan 2020, Brussels, Belgique
hal-02891766v1  Journal articles
Rémi PannequinMelanie JouaitiMohamed BoutayebPhilippe LucasDominique Martinez. Automatic tracking of free-flying insects using a cable-driven robot
Science Robotics, American Association for the Advancement of Science 2020, 5 (43), pp.eabb2890. ⟨10.1126/scirobotics.abb2890⟩
hal-02784752v4  Conference papers
Maxime AmblardChuyuan LiChloé BraudCaroline DemilyNicolas Franck et al.  Investigation par méthodes d'apprentissage des spécificités langagières propres aux personnes avec schizophrénie
6e conférence conjointe Journées d'Études sur la Parole (JEP, 33e édition), Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles (TALN, 27e édition), Rencontre des Étudiants Chercheurs en Informatique pour le Traitement Automatique des Langues (RÉCITAL, 22e édition). Volume 2 : Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles, Jun 2020, Nancy, France. pp.12-26