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hal-00169287v1  Conference papers
Antoine Courtay. La consommation des interconnexions dans les SOC
GDR SOC SIP, Jun 2007, Paris, France. pp.La consommation des interconnexions dans les SOC
hal-00467821v1  Conference papers
Luis Daniel Benavides NavarroMario SüdholtRémi DouenceJean-Marc Menaud. Invasive Patterns for Distributed Programs
Distributed Objects, Middleware, and Applications, Nov 2007, Portugal. pp.772-789
inria-00119491v1  Conference papers
Bernard GirauAmine Boumaza. Embedded harmonic control for dynamic trajectory planning on FPGA
The IASTED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Apllications - AIA 2006, Feb 2007, Innsbruck, Australia
inria-00116936v2  Conference papers
Manuel LothPhilippe PreuxManuel Davy. A Unified View of TD Algorithms; Introducing Full-Gradient TD and Equi-Gradient Descent TD
European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Apr 2007, Bruges, Belgium, Belgium
inria-00166538v1  Conference papers
Jérémy FixNicolas P. RougierFrédéric Alexandre. A Top-down attentional system scanning multiple targets with saccades
From Computational Cognitive Neuroscience to Computer Vision : CCNCV 2007, Mar 2007, Bielefeld, Germany
inria-00166540v1  Conference papers
Jérémy Fix. A computational approach to the control of voluntary saccadic eye movements.
The 1st International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics : ICCN 2007, 2007, Shanghai, China
inria-00166535v1  Book sections
Jérémy FixJulien VitayNicolas P. Rougier. A distributed computational model of spatial memory anticipation during a visual search task
M.V. Butz and others. Anticipatory Behavior in Adaptive Learning Systems: From Brains to Individual and Social Behavior, LNAI 4520, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2007
hal-00411240v1  Conference papers
Michaël Di LoretoCatherine BonnetJ.-J. Loiseau. Stabilisation des systèmes linéaires à retards de type neutre
JD-JN-MACS 2007 : 2ièmes Journées Doctorales/Journées Nationales MACS, Jul 2007, Reims, France
inria-00161092v1  Conference papers
Frédéric Blanqui. Computability Closure: Ten Years Later
Colloquium in honor of Jean-Pierre Jouannaud, Jun 2007, Cachan, France. ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-73147-4_4⟩
inria-00161019v1  Conference papers
Gurvan Le Guernic. Automaton-based Confidentiality Monitoring of Concurrent Programs
Computer Security Foundations Symposium, Jul 2007, S. Servolo island, Venice, Italy
hal-00361066v1  Conference papers
Cyril FaucherJean-Yves Lafaye. Model-Driven Engineering for implementing the ISO 19100 series of international standards
CoastGIS 07, the 8th International Symposium on GIS and Computer Mapping for Coastal Zone Management, Oct 2007, Santander, Espagne. pp.424-433
inria-00118309v1  Conference papers
Sabine BarratSalvatore Tabbone. A progressive learning method for symbols recognition
22nd Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing - SAC 2007, Mar 2007, Seoul, South Korea. pp.627-631
hal-00168194v1  Book sections
Noëlle Carbonell. Contributions of “ambient” multimodality to Universal Access
Constantine Stephanidis. The Universal Access Handbook, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc., 35 p., 2007, Human Factors and Ergonomics
hal-00168254v1  Conference papers
Jérôme SimoninMarius HateganNoëlle Carbonell. Plate-forme Magicien d'Oz pour l'étude de l'apport des ACAs à l'interaction
Second Workshop sur les Agents Conversationnels Animés - WACA'2006, Oct 2007, Toulouse, France. pp. 41-50
inria-00168313v1  Conference papers
Rodolphe CharrierChristine BourjotFrançois Charpillet. Deterministic Nonlinear Modeling of Ant Algorithm with Logistic Multi-Agent System
International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems - AAMAS'07, May 2007, Honolulu Hawaii, United States. pp.920-922, ⟨10.1145/1329125.1329293⟩
inria-00168429v1  Conference papers
Pierrick GaudryEmmanuel Thomé. The mpFq library and implementing curve-based key exchanges
SPEED: Software Performance Enhancement for Encryption and Decryption, ECRYPT Network of Excellence in Cryptology, Jun 2007, Amsterdam, Netherlands. pp.49-64
inria-00168347v1  Conference papers
Nicolas NavetShu-Heng Chen. Entropy rate and profitability of technical analysis: experiments on the NYSE US 100 stocks
6th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Economics & Finance - CIEF 2007, Jul 2007, Salt-Lake City, United States. pp.501-507, ⟨10.1142/9789812709677_0073⟩
inria-00168269v1  Book sections
Shu-Heng ChenNicolas Navet. Failure of Genetic-Programming Induced Trading Strategies: Distinguishing between Efficient Markets and Inefficient Algorithms
Shu-Heng Chen and Paul P. Wang and Tzu-Wen Kuo. Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance: Volume II, 2, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp.169-182, 2007, 978-3-540-72820-7 (Print) / 978-3-540-72821-4 (Online). ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-72821-4_11⟩
inria-00168530v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Isabelle PuautNicolas NavetFrançoise Simonot-Lion. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Real-Time and Network Systems (RTNS'07)
Isabelle Puaut and Nicolas Navet and Françoise Simonot-Lion. Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine - Atelier de Reprographie, pp.238, 2007, 2-905267-53-4
inria-00168531v1  Conference papers
Nicolas Navet. Scheduling messages with offsets in automotive networks - a major performance boost
Seminar of the Department of Computer Science of Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), May 2007, Bruxelles, Belgium
inria-00170581v1  Conference papers
Louis-Claude CanonEmmanuel Jeannot. A Comparison of Robustness Metrics for Scheduling DAGs on Heterogeneous Systems
Sixth International Workshop on Algorithms, Models and Tools for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Networks - HeteroPar'07, Sep 2007, Austin, United States. 10 p