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hal-01256593v1  Book sections
Samuel Cruz-LaraAlexandre DenisNadia BellalemLotfi Bellalem. Handbook on 3D3C Platforms: Applications and Tools for Three Dimensional Systems for Community, Creation and Commerce
Yesha Sivan. Handbook on 3D3C Platforms: Applications and Tools for Three Dimensional Systems for Community, Creation and Commerce, Springer International Publishing, pp.507, 2016, 978-3-319-22040-6. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-22041-3⟩
hal-01389948v2  Conference papers
Sébastien RimbertLaurent Bougrain. Comparison Between Discrete and Continuous Motor Imageries: toward a Faster Detection
International Brain Computer Interface Meeting 2016, May 2016, California, United States
hal-01287636v1  Conference papers
Cecilia Lindig-LeónNathalie GayraudLaurent BougrainMaureen Clerc. Comparison of Hierarchical and Non-Hierarchical Classification for Motor Imagery Based BCI Systems
The Sixth International Brain-Computer Interfaces Meeting, May 2016, Pacific Groove, United States
hal-01408998v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Maureen ClercLaurent BougrainFabien Lotte. Brain-Computer Interfaces 2
Maureen Clerc; Laurent Bougrain; Fabien Lotte. France. Wiley-ISTE, 2016
hal-01408991v1  Books
Maureen ClercLaurent BougrainFabien Lotte. Brain-Computer Interfaces 1
Maureen Clerc; Laurent Bougrain; Fabien Lotte. Wiley-ISTE, 2016, Maureen Clerc, 978-1-84821-826-0
inria-00128214v1  Conference papers
Ustun YildizClaude Godart. Enhancing Secured Service Interoperability with decentralized Orchestration
First International Workshop on Security Technologies for Next Generation Collaborative Business Applications - SECOBAP'07 (ICDE'07 Workshops), IEEE, Apr 2007, Istanbul, Turkey. pp.725-733
inria-00121792v1  Conference papers
Clara BertolissiClaude Kirchner. The Rewriting Calculus as a Combinatory Reduction System
Tenth International Conference on Foundations of Software Science and Computations Structures - FoSSaCS 2007, Mar 2007, Braga, Portugal. pp.78-92, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-71389-0_7⟩
inria-00129355v1  Conference papers
Ustun YildizClaude Godart. Dynamic Decentralized Service Orchestrations
3rd International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, WEBIST 2007, Open University of Catalonia, Mar 2007, Barcelona, Spain. pp.36-45
inria-00129419v1  Conference papers
Claude KirchnerRadu KopetzPierre-Etienne Moreau. Anti-Pattern Matching
16th European Symposium on Programming - ESOP'07, Mar 2007, Braga, Portugal. pp.110-124, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-71316-6_9⟩
inria-00131878v1  Conference papers
Charles RobertRanmi Adigun. Wild, Wild Wikis: A way forward
The Fifth International Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing - C5 '07, Jan 2007, Kyoto, Japan. pp.31-35
hal-00123884v2  Conference papers
Samuel ColinArnaud LanoixJeanine Souquières. Trustworthy interface compliancy: data model adaptation using B refinement
Formal Foundations of Embedded Software and Component-Based Software Architectures (FESCA), Satellite workshop of ETAPS, Mar 2007, Braga, Portugal. 13 p
hal-00123999v1  Conference papers
Arnaud LanoixDenis HateburMaritta HeiselJeanine Souquières. Enhancing Dependability of Component-based Systems
Reliable Software Technologies Ada-Europe 2007, 2007, Genève, Switzerland. pp.41--54
hal-01379218v1  Conference papers
Shiling WangFrancis ColasMing LiuFrancesco MondadaStéphane Magnenat. Localization of inexpensive robots with low-bandwidth sensors
13th International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems, Nov 2016, London, United Kingdom
inria-00119491v1  Conference papers
Bernard GirauAmine Boumaza. Embedded harmonic control for dynamic trajectory planning on FPGA
The IASTED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Apllications - AIA 2006, Feb 2007, Innsbruck, Australia
hal-01843162v1  Conference papers
Gilles TagnePatrick HenaffNicolas Grégori. Measurement and analysis of physical parameters of the handshake between two persons according to simple social contexts
2016 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Oct 2016, Daejeon, France. ⟨10.1109/IROS.2016.7759125⟩
hal-01399458v1  Conference papers
Maxime CompastiéRémi BadonnelOlivier FestorRuan HeMohamed Kassi-Lahlou. A Software-Defined Security Strategy for Supporting Autonomic Security Enforcement in Distributed Cloud
CloudCom 2016 - IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science, Dec 2016, Luxembourg, Luxembourg. pp.4, ⟨10.1109/CloudCom.2016.0079⟩
hal-01399254v1  Conference papers
Esther GalbrunPauli Miettinen. Analysing Political Opinions Using Redescription Mining
Proceedings of the Data Mining in Politics worshop at ICDM 2016, DMiP'16, Dec 2016, Barcelona, Spain
hal-01399294v1  Conference papers
Janis KalofoliasEsther GalbrunPauli Miettinen. From Sets of Good Redescriptions to Good Sets of Redescriptions
ICDM’16 - 16th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, Dec 2016, Barcelona, Spain
inria-00139660v1  Conference papers
Nicolas FressengeasHervé Frezza-BuetJens GustedtStéphane Vialle. An Interactive Problem Modeller and PDE Solver, Distributed on Large Scale Architectures
Third International Workshop on Distributed Frameworks for Multimedia Applications - DFMA '07, Jun 2007, Paris, France
inria-00186085v1  Conference papers
Hazel EverettDaniel LazardSylvain LazardMohab Safey El Din. The Voronoi Diagram of Three Lines
23rd Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG'07), Hee-Kap Ahn, Otfried Cheong, and Kyung-Yong Chwa, Jun 2007, Gyeongju, South Korea. pp.255-264, ⟨10.1145/1247069.1247116⟩