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hal-01480003v1  Journal articles
Michael ZockGil FrancopouloAbdellatif Laroui. SWIM: a Natural Interface for the Scientifically Minded Language Learner
Computers and the Humanities, Springer Verlag, 1989, 23 (4/5), pp.411-422
inria-00099785v1  Journal articles
Imed ZitouniKamel SmaïliJean-Paul Haton. Statistical Language Modeling Based on Variable-Length Sequences
Computer Speech and Language, Elsevier, 2003, 17 (1), pp.27-41
inria-00100648v1  Journal articles
Imed Zitouni. Modélisation du langage pour les systèmes de reconnaissance de la parole : Application à MAUD
In Cognito - Cahiers Romans de Sciences Cognitives, In Cognito, INPG, 46 Avenue Felix Viallet, 38031 Grenoble Cedex, 2001, pp.43-44
inria-00098446v1  Journal articles
Djemel ZiouAntoine Tabbone. Edge Detection Techniques-An Overview
Распознавание образов и анализ изображен / Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis: Advances in Mathematical Theory and Applications, MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica (МАИК Наука/Интерпериодика), 1998, 8 (4), pp.537-559
hal-00917750v1  Journal articles
Paul Zimmermann. Wester's test suite in MuPAD 1.3
SAC Newsletter, SAC, 1996
hal-00917747v1  Journal articles
P. Zimmermann. Function Composition and Automatic Average Case Analysis
Discrete Mathematics, Elsevier, 1995, 139, pp.443-453
hal-00917751v1  Journal articles
Paul Zimmermann. Calcul formel : l'embarras du choix
Gazette des Mathématiciens, Société Mathématique de France, 1997, 73, pp.39--43
hal-00917749v1  Journal articles
P. Zimmermann. New features in MuPAD 1.2.2
MathPAD, Paderborn University, 1995, 5 (1), pp.27--38
hal-00917746v1  Journal articles
Paul Zimmermann. Wester's test suite in MuPAD 1.2.2
Computer Algebra Nederland Nieuwsbrief, CWI, 1995, pp.53--64
hal-00917745v1  Journal articles
Paul Zimmermann. Gaïa: a package for the random generation of combinatorial structures
MapleTech, Waterloo Maple Software, 1994, 1 (1), pp.38-46
hal-00917754v1  Journal articles
Paul Zimmermann. $10^{2098959}$
La Gazette du CINES, CINES, 2003
inria-00100543v1  Journal articles
Paul Zimmermann. Arithmétique en précision arbitraire
Réseaux et systèmes répartis, calculateurs parallèles, Hermès science, 2001, 13 (4-5), 29 p
inria-00000536v1  Journal articles
Paul Zimmermann. MPFR : vers un calcul flottant correct ?
Interstices, INRIA, 2005
inria-00099720v1  Journal articles
Shlomo ZilbersteinFrançois CharpilletPhilippe Chassaing. Optimal Sequencing of Contract Algorithms
Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, Springer Verlag, 2003, 39 (1), pp.1-18. ⟨10.1023/A:1024412831598⟩
inria-00099184v1  Journal articles
Jianyang Zhou. Introduction to the constraint language NCL
Journal of Logic Programming, Elsevier, 2000, 45 (1-3), pp.71-103
inria-00521845v1  Journal articles
Ning ZhouWeiming DongWang JiaxinJean-Claude Paul. Simulating Human Visual Perception in Nighttime Illumination
Tsinghua Science and Technology, IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 2009, 14 (1), pp.133-138. ⟨10.1016/S1007-0214(09)70019-7⟩
hal-01277569v1  Journal articles
Shizhe ZhouJiang ChangyunSylvain Lefebvre. Topology-constrained Synthesis of Vector Patterns
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Association for Computing Machinery, 2014, 33 (6), ⟨10.1145/2661229.2661238⟩
inria-00189386v4  Journal articles
Gang ZhengArnaud TonnelierDominique Martinez. Voltage-stepping schemes for the simulation of spiking neural networks
Journal of Computational Neuroscience, Springer Verlag, 2009, 26 (3), pp.409-423. ⟨10.1007/s10827-008-0119-1⟩
inria-00100929v1  Journal articles
Olivier ZendraDominique Colnet. Coping with aliasing in the GNU Eiffel Compiler implementation
Software: Practice and Experience, Wiley, 2001, Special Issue: Aliasing in object-oriented systems, 31 (6), pp.601-613. ⟨10.1002/spe.373⟩
inria-00098461v1  Journal articles
Olivier ZendraDominique ColnetPhilippe Coucaud. SmallEiffel : l'Eiffel à Très Grande Vitesse
Programmez !, Magazine Programmez, 1998, pp.64--67
inria-00444056v1  Journal articles
Samih ZeinAntoine LejayMadalina Deaconu. An Efficient Algorithm to Simulate a Brownian Motion Over Irregular Domains
Communications in Computational Physics, Global Science Press, 2010, 8 (4), pp.901-916. ⟨10.4208/cicp.240209.031209a⟩
hal-00646572v1  Journal articles
Lu YueThomas NolteIan BateLiliana Cucu-Grosjean. A New Way about using Statistical Analysis of Worst-Case Execution Times
ACM SIGBED Review, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2011, 8 (3), pp.11-14. ⟨10.1145/2038617.2038619⟩
hal-00232688v1  Journal articles
Marc YorBernard RoynetteJoseph Najnudel. A remarkable σ-finite measure on C(R+, R) related to many Brownian penalisations
Comptes Rendus. Mathématique, Académie des sciences (Paris), 2007, 345 (8), pp.459-466. ⟨10.1016/j.crma.2007.09.015⟩
hal-01086097v1  Journal articles
Cheng-Zhong XuGauthier Sallet. Multivariable boundary PI control and regulation of a fluid flow system
Mathematical Control and Related Fields, AIMS, 2014, 4 (4), pp.501 - 520. ⟨10.3934/mcrf.2014.4.501⟩
inria-00098908v1  Journal articles
Laurent WendlingA. Paries. Directed Acyclic Graph Compression of Labelled Trees
Machine Graphics & Vision, Instytut podstaw informatyki (Pologne), 1999, 8 (2), pp.169-174
inria-00100804v1  Journal articles
Laurent WendlingAntoine TabbonePascal Matsakis. Fast and Robust Recognition of Orbit and Sinus Drawings Using Histograms of Forces
Pattern Recognition Letters, Elsevier, 2002, 23 (14), pp.1687-1693
inria-00100177v1  Journal articles
Laurent WendlingAntoine Tabbone. A New Way to Detect Arrows in Line Drawings
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2004, 26 (7), pp.935-941
inria-00099943v1  Journal articles
Dongming Wang. A Simple Method for Implicitizing Rational Curves and Surfaces
Journal of Symbolic Computation, Elsevier, 2004, 38 (1), pp.899-914. ⟨10.1016/j.jsc.2004.02.004⟩
inria-00186815v1  Journal articles
Benjamin WackClement Houtmann. Strong Normalization in two Pure Pattern Type Systems
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2008, Rewriting calculi, higher-order reductions and patterns, 18 (3), pp.431-465. ⟨10.1017/S0960129508006749⟩
inria-00000108v1  Journal articles
Thomas VoegtlinPeter Ford Dominey. Linear Recursive Distributed Representations
Neural Networks, Elsevier, 2005, 18 (7), pp.878-895
inria-00000222v1  Journal articles
Thomas Voegtlin. Recursive Principal Components Analysis
Neural Networks, Elsevier, 2005, 18 (8), pp.1051--1063
inria-00103493v1  Journal articles
Thomas VoegtlinDominique Martinez. Effect of Asynchronous GABA Release on the Oscillatory Dynamics of Inhibitory Coupled Neurons
Neurocomputing, Elsevier, 2007, Computational Neuroscience: Trends in Research 2007, Computational Neuroscience 2006, 70 (10-12), pp.2079-2084. ⟨10.1016/j.neucom.2006.10.093⟩
inria-00338250v1  Journal articles
Thomas Voegtlin. Adaptive Synchronization of Activities in a Recurrent Network
Neural Computation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press), 2009, 21 (6), pp.1749-1775
hal-00983773v3  Journal articles
Denis Villemonais. Minimal quasi-stationary distribution approximation for a birth and death process
Electronic Journal of Probability, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), 2015, 20 (30), pp.1-18. ⟨10.1214/EJP.v20-3482⟩
hal-00681601v1  Journal articles
Denis Villemonais. Uniform tightness for time-inhomogeneous particle systems and for conditional distributions of time-inhomogeneous diffusion processes
Markov Processes And Related Fields, Polymat Publishing Company, 2013, 19 (3), pp.543 - 562
hal-00849184v1  Journal articles
Pierre-Frédéric VillardFranck VidalLlyr Ap CenyddRichard HolbreyS. Pisharody et al.  Interventional radiology virtual simulator for liver biopsy
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, Springer Verlag, 2013, pp.1-13. ⟨10.1007/s11548-013-0929-0⟩
inria-00098614v1  Journal articles
Laurent Vigneron. Automated Deduction Techniques for Studying Rough Algebras
Fundamenta Informaticae, Polskie Towarzystwo Matematyczne, 1998, 33 (1), pp.85-103
inria-00100446v1  Journal articles
Rakesh VermaMichaël RusinowitchDenis Lugiez. Algorithms and Reductions for Rewriting Problems
Fundamenta Informaticae, Polskie Towarzystwo Matematyczne, 2001, 46 (3), pp.257-276
inria-00108036v1  Journal articles
Marie-Danielle VazquezPierre BouchetHubert GerardBernard FoliguetJean-Laurent Mallet et al.  Differentiated aspect of female and male mouse mesonephroi
International Journal of Developmental Biology, University of the Basque Country Press, 1998, 42 (4), pp.621-624
inria-00000700v1  Journal articles
Mark van den BrandPierre-Etienne MoreauJurgen Vinju. A generator of efficient strongly typed abstract syntax trees in Java
IEE Proceedings - Software Engineering, Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), 2005, IEE Proceedings - Software Engineering, 152 (2), pp.70--87
inria-00101029v1  Journal articles
Mark G. J. van den BrandJ. HeeringP. KlintP.A. Olivier. Compiling language definitions: The ASF+SDF compiler
ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS), ACM, 2002, 24 (4), pp.334-368. ⟨10.1145/567097.567099⟩
inria-00176899v1  Journal articles
Ernest ValvenyPhilippe DoschAdam WinstanleyZhou YuYang Su et al.  A general framework for the evaluation of symbol recognition methods
International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition, Springer Verlag, 2007, 9 (1), pp.59-74. ⟨10.1007/s10032-006-0033-x⟩
hal-00602039v1  Journal articles
Pierre ValloisCharles Tapiero. Memory-based persistence in a counting random walk process
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Elsevier, 2007, 386 (1), pp.303-317. ⟨10.1016/j.physa.2007.08.027⟩
hal-00644649v1  Journal articles
Pierre ValloisJean-Marie Monnez. A novel immunoassay using recombinant allergens simplifies peanut allergy diagnosis
International Archives of Allergy and Immunology, Karger, 2011, 154, pp.216-226
hal-00644653v1  Journal articles
Pierre Vallois. Wich distributions have the Matsumoto-Yor property ?
Electronic Journal of Probability, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), 2011, 16, pp.556-566
hal-00591746v1  Journal articles
Pierre ValloisCharles Tapiero. A Claims Persistence Process and Insurance
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, Elsevier, 2009, 44 (3), pp.367-373. ⟨10.1016/j.insmatheco.2008.11.009⟩
hal-01150832v1  Journal articles
Jean-Baptiste TylczThierry BastogneHamanou BenachourDenise BechetEric Bullinger et al.  A model-based pharmacokinetics characterization method of engineered nanoparticles for pilot studies
IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2015, 14 (4), pp.368-377. ⟨10.1109/TNB.2015.2418792⟩
hal-01205739v1  Journal articles
Jean-Baptiste TylczThierry BastogneAlexia BourguignonCéline FrochotMuriel Barberi-Heyob. Realtime tracking of the photobleaching trajectory during photodynamic therapy
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2017, 64 (8), pp.1742-1749. ⟨10.1109/TBME.2016.2620239⟩
hal-01095684v1  Journal articles
Marius TucsnakGeorge Weiss. From exact observability to identification of singular sources
Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems, Springer Verlag, 2014, 26 (3), pp.435-462. ⟨10.1007/s00498-014-0124-z⟩
inria-00100211v1  Journal articles
Jesse Tseng. Directionality and the Complementation of Dutch Adpositions
Belgian Journal of Linguistics, John Benjamins Publishing, 2004, 18, pp.167-194
inria-00100528v1  Journal articles
Alain TrognonDaniel Coulon. La modélisation des raisonnements générés dans les interlocutions
Langages, Armand Colin (Larousse jusqu'en 2003), 2001, 144, pp.58-77
inria-00578733v1  Journal articles
Asterios ToutiosSlim OuniYves Laprie. Estimating the control parameters of an articulatory model from electromagnetic articulograph data
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Acoustical Society of America, 2011, Speech Production, 129 (5), pp.3245-3257. ⟨10.1121/1.3569714⟩
inria-00100202v1  Journal articles
Yannick Toussaint. Extraction de connaissances à partir de textes structurés
Document Numérique, Lavoisier, 2004, 8 (3), pp.11-34
hal-00139383v1  Journal articles
Vincent Torri. Numerical and dynamical analysis of undulation instability under shear stress
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series S, American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2005, 5 (2), pp.423-460
inria-00000583v2  Journal articles
Arnaud Tonnelier. On the number of limit cycles in piecewise linear Liénard systems
International journal of bifurcation and chaos in applied sciences and engineering , World Scientific Publishing, 2005, 15 (4), pp.1417-1422
hal-00390718v1  Journal articles
Arnaud Tonnelier. Stabilization of pulse waves through inhibition in a feedforward neural network
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, Elsevier, 2005, 210, pp.118-137
inria-00103500v1  Journal articles
Arnaud TonnelierHana BelmabroukDominique Martinez. Event-driven simulations of nonlinear integrate-and-fire neurons
Neural Computation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press), 2007, 19 (12), pp.3226-3238. ⟨10.1162/neco.2007.19.12.3226⟩
inria-00000581v2  Journal articles
Arnaud Tonnelier. Categorization of neural excitability using threshold models
Neural Computation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press), 2005, 17 (7), pp.1447-1455
hal-01673332v6  Journal articles
Milica TomasevicDenis Talay. A new McKean-Vlasov stochastic interpretation of the parabolic-parabolic Keller-Segel model: The one-dimensional case
Bernoulli, Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability, 2020, 26 (2), pp.1323-1353. ⟨10.3150/19-BEJ1158⟩
inria-00099668v1  Journal articles
Cesare TinelliChristophe Ringeissen. Unions of Non-Disjoint Theories and Combinations of Satisfiability Procedures
Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier, 2003, 290 (1), pp.291-353
hal-00328409v1  Journal articles
Samy TindelAurélien Deya. Rough Volterra equations 2: convolutional generalized integrals
Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Elsevier, 2011, 121 (8), pp.1864-1899. ⟨10.1016/j.spa.2011.05.003⟩