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inria-00073862v1  Reports
Victor Zinoviev. On the Solution of Equations of Degree
[Research Report] RR-2829, INRIA. 1996
hal-01152588v4  Conference papers
Théo ZimmermannHugo Herbelin. Automatic and Transparent Transfer of Theorems along Isomorphisms in the Coq Proof Assistant
Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, 2015, Washington, D.C., United States
hal-01174081v1  Journal articles
Sergiy ZhukFrank JasonIsabelle HerlinRobert Shorten. Data assimilation for linear parabolic equations: minimax projection method
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2015, 37 (3), pp.A1174-A1196. ⟨10.1137/13094709X⟩
inria-00202462v1  Conference papers
Ning ZhouWeiming DongJiaxin WangJean-Claude Paul. Modeling and Visualization of Flower Color Patterns
Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics (CAD-CG'07), School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University, Oct 2007, Beijing, China. pp.150 - 155, ⟨10.1109/CADCG.2007.4407872⟩
inria-00517956v1  Journal articles
Wen ZhengJun-Hai YongJean-Claude Paul. Simulation of bubbles
Graphical Models, Elsevier, 2009, 71 (6), pp.229-239. ⟨10.1016/j.gmod.2009.08.001⟩
inria-00517972v1  Conference papers
Wen ZhengJun-Hai YongJean-Claude Paul. Simulation of bubbles
Proceedings of the 2006 ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics symposium on Computer animation, Sep 2006, Vienna, Austria
inria-00517962v1  Journal articles
Wen ZhengJun-Hai YongJean-Claude Paul. Visual Simulation of Multiple Unmixable Fluids
Journal of Computer Science and Technology, Iberoamerican Science & Technology Education Consortium, 2007, 22 (1), pp.156-160. ⟨10.1007/s11390-007-9021-y⟩
hal-00627327v1  Journal articles
Ting ZhaoDongming WangHoon Hong. Solution Formulas for Cubic Equations Without or With Constraints
Journal of Symbolic Computation, Elsevier, 2011, 46 (8), pp.904-918. ⟨10.1016/j.jsc.2011.02.001⟩
tel-00516709v1  Theses
Hehua Zhang. Domain-specific modeling and verification language EDOLA
Software Engineering [cs.SE]. Tsinghua university, 2009. Chinese
lirmm-00753791v1  Conference papers
Chongsheng ZhangFlorent MassegliaXiangliang Zhang. Modeling and Clustering Users with Evolving Profiles in Usage Streams
TIME'2012: 19th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning, Sep 2012, United Kingdom. pp.133-140
lirmm-00753807v1  Conference papers
Chongsheng ZhangFlorent MassegliaXiangliang Zhang. Discovering Highly Informative Feature Set Over High Dimensions
ICTAI: International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, Nov 2012, Athens, Greece. pp.1059-1064, ⟨10.1109/ICTAI.2012.149⟩
inria-00612414v1  Conference papers
Hehua ZhangYu JiangHung William N.N.Xiaoyu SongMing Gu. Domain-driven Probabilistic Analysis of Programmable Logic Controllers
13th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods(ICFEM 2011), Oct 2011, Durham, United Kingdom
inria-00516164v1  Conference papers
Hehua ZhangMing GuXiaoyu Song. Specifying time-sensitive systems with TLA+
COMPSAC 2010 : 34th Annual IEEE Computer Software and Applications Conference, Jul 2010, Seoul, South Korea. pp.425-430
hal-01093913v2  Journal articles
Zhifei ZhangAlain SarletteZhihao Ling. Integral Control on Lie Groups
Systems and Control Letters, Elsevier, 2015, 80, pp.9-15
inria-00365991v2  Journal articles
Qinghua ZhangMichel SorineMehdi Admane. Inverse Scattering for Soft Fault Diagnosis in Electric Transmission Lines
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2011, 59 (1), pp.141 - 148
hal-01395593v1  Conference papers
Zhifei ZhangZhihao LingAlain Sarlette. Integral control on nonlinear spaces: two extensions
IFAC conference on Nonlinear Control Systems (NOLCOS), International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), Aug 2016, Monterey, United States
inria-00515531v1  Journal articles
Hui ZhangJun-Hai YongJean-Claude Paul. Adaptive geometry compression based on 4-point interpolatory subdivision schemes with labels
International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Taylor & Francis, 2007, 16p
hal-01096687v1  Conference papers
Yuanrui ZhangFrédéric MalletYixiang Chen. Timed Automata Semantics of Spatio-Temporal Consistency Language STeC
International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering, Sep 2014, Changsa, China. pp.201-208, ⟨10.1109/TASE.2014.10⟩
hal-00769786v1  Journal articles
El Moukthtar ZemmouriHicham BehjaAbdelaziz MarzakBrigitte Trousse. Ontology-Based Knowledge Model for Multi-View KDD Process
International journal of mobile computing and multimedia communications, IGI Global, 2012, 4 (3), pp.21-33. ⟨10.4018/jmcmc.2012070102⟩
hal-00769796v1  Conference papers
El Moukthtar ZemmouriHicham BehjaBrahim OuhbiBrigitte TrousseAbdelaziz Marzak et al.  Goal-Driven Approach to Model Interaction between Viewpoints of a Multi-View KDD process
4th Conference on next generation networks & Services, Dec 2012, Faro, Portugal
hal-00940784v1  Conference papers
El Moukthtar ZemmouriHicham BehjaAbdelaziz MarzakBrigitte Trousse. Intégration des connaissances de domaine dans un processus d'ECD multi-vues
4èmes Journées Francophones sur les Ontologies, Jun 2011, Montréal, Canada