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hal-00788780v1  Conference papers
Francieli Zanon BoitoRodrigo KassickPhilippe O. A. NavauxYves Denneulin. A Survey on Applications' I/O Characterization
Proceeding of the IX Workshop de Processamento Paralelo e Distribuido, 2011, Porto Alegre, Brazil
hal-00654691v1  Conference papers
Sangho YiEmmanuel JeannotDerrick KondoDavid P. Anderson. Towards Real-Time, Volunteer Distributed Computing
11th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2011), May 2011, Newport Beach, CA, United States
hal-00788761v1  Journal articles
Sangho YiArtur AndrzejakDerrick Kondo. Monetary Cost-Aware Checkpointing and Migration on Amazon Cloud Spot Instances
IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, IEEE, 2011, 5 (4), pp.512-524. ⟨10.1109/TSC.2011.44⟩
hal-00742597v1  Conference papers
Manuel YguelOlivier Aycard. 3D Mapping of Outdoor Environment Using Clustering Techniques
ICTAI 2011 - 23rd IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, Nov 2011, Boca Raton, Florida, United States. pp.403-408, ⟨10.1109/ICTAI.2011.66⟩
hal-00788768v1  Journal articles
Blaise YenkeJean-François MéhautMaurice Tchuenté. Scheduling of Computing Services on Intranet Networks
IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, IEEE, 2011, 4, pp.207-215. ⟨10.1109/TSC.2011.28⟩
hal-00758512v1  Conference papers
Guangyu WangMichael McguffinFrançois BérardJeremy Cooperstock. Pop-up Depth Views for Improving 3D Target Acquisition
CHI 2011 - Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, May 2011, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. pp.41-48
hal-01354566v1  Poster communications
José ViñuelasGaël KanekoValérie MorinElodie VallinAntoine Coulon et al.  Chromatin is a major player in regulating gene expression stochasticity in higher eukaryotic cells
Stochastic Systems Biology conference, Jul 2011, Ascona, Switzerland. 2011
hal-00796868v1  Conference papers
H. VegasManuel PrietoC. GarciaThierry Gautier. Ranking de listas enlazadas en procesadores multicore
XXII Jornadas de Paralelismo, 2011, La Laguna, Spain
inria-00584320v1  Book sections
Dizan Alejandro Vasquez GoveaThierry FraichardChristian Laugier. Incremental Learning of Statistical Motion Patterns with Growing Hidden Markov Models
Makoto Kaneko and Yoshihiko Nakamura. Robotics Research, 66, Springer Berlin, pp.75-86, 2011, Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics, 978-3-642-14742-5. ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-14743-2_7⟩
hal-00781028v1  Book sections
Cassia TrojahnJérôme EuzenatValentina TammaTerry Payne. Argumentation for reconciling agent ontologies
Atilla Elçi, Mamadou Koné, Mehmet Orgun. Semantic Agent Systems, Springer, pp.89-111, 2011, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-18308-9_5⟩
hal-00930983v1  Conference papers
Bernard Tourancheau. IPv6 for Sensors and Actuators in Buildings
V6 World Congress 2011, Feb 2011, Paris, France
hal-00930981v1  Conference papers
Bernard Tourancheau. Introduction aux objets intelligents interconnectés ou M2M
Séminaire IN'Tech - Internet du futur : objets intelligents interconnectés ou M2M, Jan 2011, Grenoble, France
hal-00760248v1  Conference papers
Franck Tarpin-Bernard. Efficacité des serious games pour la stimulation/rééducation cognitive
ASSISTH 2011 - Conférence internationale sur l'accessibilité et les aystèmes de suppléance aux personnes en situations de handicap, Jan 2011, Paris, France. pp.20-29
tel-00750199v1  Habilitation à diriger des recherches
Eric Tannier. Evolution Combinatoire, Algorithmique des Chromosomes
Bio-Informatique, Biologie Systémique [q-bio.QM]. Université Claude Bernard - Lyon I, 2011
hal-00607281v1  Conference papers
Gabriel SynnaevePierre Bessière. A Bayesian Model for RTS Units Control applied to StarCraft
Computational Intelligence and Games, Aug 2011, Seoul, South Korea. pp.000
hal-00641323v1  Conference papers
Gabriel SynnaevePierre Bessière. A Bayesian Model for Plan Recognition in RTS Games applied to StarCraft
Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference (AIIDE 2011), Oct 2011, Palo Alto, United States. pp.79--84
hal-00607277v1  Conference papers
Gabriel SynnaevePierre Bessière. A Bayesian Model for Opening Prediction in RTS Games with Application to StarCraft
Computational Intelligence and Games, Aug 2011, Seoul, South Korea. pp.000
hal-00786321v1  Conference papers
Pascal SotinBertrand JeannetFranck VédrineEric Goubault. Policy Iteration within Logico-Numerical Abstract Domains
Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis, ATVA'11, Nov 2011, Taipei, Taiwan. pp.290-305, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-24372-1_21⟩
hal-00786327v1  Conference papers
Pascal SotinBertrand Jeannet. Precise Interprocedural Analysis in the Presence of Pointers to the Stack
European Symposium on Programming, ESOP'11, Apr 2011, Sarrebrueck, Germany. pp.459-479, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-19718-5_24⟩
hal-01354428v1  Poster communications
François SmekensJean Michel LétangNicolas FreudBruno SixouGuillaume Beslon. Optimization of proton therapy ballistics using a genetic algorithm
Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group, PTCOG, May 2011, Philadelphia (US), United States. 2011
hal-00781043v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Pavel ShvaikoIsabel CruzJérôme EuzenatTom HeathMing Mao et al.  Proc. 6th ISWC workshop on ontology matching (OM)
Pavel Shvaiko, Isabel Cruz, Jérôme Euzenat, Tom Heath, Ming Mao, Christoph Quix. No commercial editor., pp.1-264, 2011
hal-00760378v1  Conference papers
Adriano ScodittiThomas VincentJoëlle CoutazRenaud BlanchNadine Mandran. TouchOver: Decoupling Positioning from Selection on Touch-based Handheld Devices
IHM 2011 - Conférence Francophone sur l'Interaction Homme-Machine, Oct 2011, Nice - Sophia Antipolis, France. pp.37-40, ⟨10.1145/2044354.2044362⟩
hal-00760028v1  Conference papers
Adriano ScodittiRenaud BlanchJoëlle Coutaz. A Novel Taxonomy for Gestural Interaction Techniques Based on Accelerometers
IUI 2011 - International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, Feb 2011, Palo Alto, CA, United States. pp.63-72, ⟨10.1145/1943403.1943414⟩
hal-00760972v1  Conference papers
Adriano Scoditti. A novel Taxonomy for Gestural Interaction Techniques: Considerations for automotive Environments
3rd International Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces for Automotive Applications (MIAA), Feb 2011, Palo Alto, CA, United States
tel-00637917v1  Habilitation à diriger des recherches
Alan Schmitt. Static Analyses for Manipulations of Hierarchically Structured Data
Software Engineering [cs.SE]. Université de Grenoble, 2011
hal-00781027v1  Conference papers
François ScharffeJérôme Euzenat. Linked data meets ontology matching: enhancing data linking through ontology alignments
Proc. 3rd international conference on Knowledge engineering and ontology development (KEOD), Oct 2011, Paris, France. pp.279-284
inria-00563693v1  Conference papers
Leonardo ScandoloThierry Fraichard. An Anthropomorphic Navigation Scheme for Dynamic Scenarios
ICRA 2011 - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, May 2011, Shanghai, China. pp.809-814, ⟨10.1109/ICRA.2011.5979772⟩
hal-01479652v1  Journal articles
Ihab SbeityLeonardo BrennerMohamed Dbouk. Generating a Performance Stochastic Model from UML Specifications
International Journal of Computer Science Issues, IJCSI Press, 2011, 8 (1), pp.13-21
hal-00788766v1  Journal articles
Ihab SbeityBrigitte PlateauMohamed Dbouk. Stochastic Bounds for Microprocessor Systems Availability
International Arab Journal of Information Technology, Colleges of Computing and Information Society (CCIS), 2011, 8
hal-00760430v1  Conference papers
Quentin SauretJérémie FranconeLaurence Nigay. Interaction sur Dispositifs Mobiles : glisser-déposer devant/derrière bi-manuel
IHM 2011 - Conférence Francophone sur l'Interaction Homme-Machine, Oct 2011, Nice - Sophia Antipolis, France. 4p
hal-00763624v1  Conference papers
Bahjat SafadiGeorges Quénot. Re-ranking by Local Re-scoring for Video Indexing and Retrieval
CIKM 2011 - International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Oct 2011, Glasgow, United Kingdom. pp.2081-2084, ⟨10.1145/2063576.2063895⟩
hal-00764524v1  Conference papers
Bahjat SafadiGeorges Quénot. Apprentissage actif avec une méthode de réordonnancement pour l'indexation et la recherche de vidéos
CORIA 2011 - COnférence en Recherche d'Information et Applications, Mar 2011, Avignon, France. pp.231-245
hal-00763562v1  Conference papers
Bahjat SafadiGeorges Quénot. Re-ranking for Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval
ECIR 2011 - European Conference on IR Research, Apr 2011, Dublin, Ireland. pp.708-711, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-20161-5_76⟩
hal-00764049v1  Conference papers
Bahjat SafadiGeorges Quénot. LIG at MediaEval 2011 affect task: use of a generic method
MediaEval 2011 - Workshop on MediaEval Benchmarking Initiative for Multimedia Evaluation, Sep 2011, Pisa, Italy. 2p
hal-00746980v1  Conference papers
Bahjat SafadiNadia DerbasAbdelkader HamadiFranck ThollardGeorges Quénot et al.  Quaero at TRECVID 2011: Semantic Indexing and Multimedia Event Detection
TRECVID 2011 - TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation workshop, NIST, Nov 2011, Gaithersburg, MD, United States. 10p