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inria-00444654v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. An Experiment in Distributed Program Design, Using Control Enrichment
icdcs, 1982, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale FL, USA, United States
inria-00589980v1  Conference papers
Radu HoraudRobert Bolles. 3DPO Strategy for Matching Three-Dimensional Objects in Range Data
Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Mar 1984, Atlanta, United States. pp.78--85, ⟨10.1109/ROBOT.1984.1087222⟩
inria-00589979v1  Conference papers
Radu HoraudRobert Bolles. Finding Model Objects in Range Data
6th Europeean Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI '84), Sep 1984, Pisa, Italy. pp.649--652
hal-02447228v1  Conference papers
Jean-Claude BermondGerard Memmi. A graph theoretical characterization of minimal deadlocks in Petri nets
Graph theory with applications to algorithms and computer science, Wiley, 1985, Kalamazoo,MI, United States. pp.73-87
inria-00589981v1  Conference papers
Radu Horaud. Spatial Object Perception from an Image
Proceedings of the 9th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI '85), Aug 1985, Los Angeles, United States. pp.1116--1119
inria-00444651v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. Structure and Encapsulation in Distributed Systems: the Proxy Principle
Int. Conf. on Distr. Comp. Sys. (ICDCS), IEEE, 1986, Cambridge, MA, USA, United States. pp.198--204
hal-00953982v1  Conference papers
Yves ChiaramellaBruno DefudeMarie-France BruandetDalila Kerkouba. IOTA: a full test information retrieval system
ACM conference on research and development in information retrieval., 1986, Pisa, Italy. pp.207--213
hal-01248236v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. SOS: a distributed Object-Oriented Operating System
SIGOPS European Workshop on ``Making Distributed Systems Work'', 1986, Amsterdam, the, Netherlands. ⟨10.1145/503956.503997⟩
inria-00589983v1  Conference papers
Radu Horaud. Combining Image and Spatial Reasoning for Model Retrieval
7th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI '86), Jul 1986, Brighton, United Kingdom. pp.529--538
inria-00589984v1  Conference papers
Thomas SkordasRadu Horaud. Planning a Strategy for Recognizing Partially Occluded Parts
8th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR '86), Oct 1986, Paris, France. pp.1080--1083
hal-00583870v1  Conference papers
Bernard CarréGérard Comyn. On multiple classification, points of view and object evolution
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, 1987, Grenoble, France. pp.49-62
inria-00444597v1  Conference papers
Philippe GautronMarc Shapiro. Two extensions to C++: A Dynamic Link Editor and Inner data
C++ Workshop, USENIX, 1987, Santa Fe, NM, US, United States
hal-00857119v1  Conference papers
Michel CosnardYves RobertMaurice Tchuente. Matching parallel algorithms with architectures: a case study
Highly parallel computers, 1987, Unknown, pp.127-144
hal-00857112v1  Conference papers
Michel CosnardYves Robert. Implementing the nullspace algorithm over GF(p) on a ring of processors
2-nd Int. Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, 1987, Bogazici University, Istanbul, pp.92-110
hal-00857113v1  Conference papers
Bertrand HochetPatrice QuintonYves Robert. Systolic solutions of linear systems over GF(p) with partial pivoting
IEEE 8-th Symposium on Computer Arithmetic, 1987, Unknown, pp.161-168
hal-00835470v1  Conference papers
Anne BoyerJean-Paul HatonJoseph Di Martino. Dynamic time warping and vector quantization in isolated and connected word recognition
ECST - European Conference on Speech Technology - 1987, 1987, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. pp.2436-2439
hal-02193998v1  Conference papers
Max DauchetS. TisonThierry HeuillardPierre Lescanne. Decidability of the Confluence of Ground Term Rewriting Systems.
LICS 1987 - Second Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science, Jun 1987, Ithaca, New York, United States
hal-02973251v1  Conference papers
Jean-Claude BermondJean-Claude KönigMichel Raynal. Genaral and efficient decentralized consensus protocols
Proceedings International workshop, Jul 1987, Amsterdam, Netherlands. pp.41-56
hal-00835095v1  Conference papers
Joseph Di Martino. On multi-level machines for continuous speech recognition
IJCAI - Tenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligent - 1987, Aug 1987, Milan, Italy. pp.836-839
inria-00444598v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. The Design of a Distributed Object-Oriented Operating System for Office Applications
Proc. Esprit Technical Week 1988, 1988, Brussels, Belgium, Belgium
hal-01248233v1  Conference papers
Mesaac MakpangouMarc Shapiro. The SOS Object-Oriented Communication Service
Proc. 9th Int. Conf. on Computer Communication, 1988, Tel Aviv, Israel
hal-00857007v1  Conference papers
Giuseppe RadicatiYves Robert. Parallel and vector conjugate gradient-like algorithms for sparse nonsymmetric linear systems
1988 ACM Int. Conference on Supercomputing, 1988, Unknown, pp.478-487
hal-01248234v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. Domains and dynamic loading: reconciling autonomy and integration
SIGOPS European Workshop on ``Autonomy or interdependence in distributed systems?'', 1988, Cambridge, United Kingdom. ⟨10.1145/504092.504127⟩
hal-00857008v1  Conference papers
Michel CosnardJean DupratYves Robert. Parallel triangularization in modular arithmetic
Parallel Processing, 1988, Unknown, pp.207-220
hal-00857010v1  Conference papers
Yves Robert. Systolic algorithms and architectures
Automata networks in computer science, 1988, Unknown, pp.187-228
hal-00857009v1  Conference papers
Yves RobertDenis Trystram. Optimal scheduling algorithms for parallel Gaussian elimination
High Performance Computer Systems, 1988, Unknown, pp.41-52
hal-00835451v1  Conference papers
Anne BoyerJoseph Di MartinoP. DivouxJean-Paul HatonJean-Francois Mari et al.  Statistical methods in multi-speaker automatic speech recognition
ASMDA - 4th International Symposium on Applied stochastic models and data analysis - 1988, 1988, Nancy, France
hal-00756847v1  Conference papers
Mireille Ducassé. Opium+, a Meta-Debugger for Prolog
European Conference on Artificail Intelligence, 1988, Munich, Germany
hal-00756848v1  Conference papers
Mireille DucasséAnna-Maria Emde. A Review of Automated Debugging Systems: Knowledge, Strategies, and Techniques
International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, 1988, Singapour, Singapore
hal-01162532v1  Conference papers
Yves Moinard. Pointwise circumscription is equivalent to predicate completion (sometimes)
Fifth International Conference of Logic Programming (ICLP 88), Aug 1988, Seattle, United States
hal-00765038v1  Conference papers
Jean-Marc JézéquelM. AdamPhilippe IngelsClaude JardMichel Raynal. Proceedings of the Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Algorithms Bonas, France
Experimentation on parallel machines is helpful to analyse distributed algorithms, Sep 1988, North Holland, Netherlands
hal-01307039v1  Conference papers
Isabelle HerlinJean-Pierre Crettez. Texture analysis by a perceptual model
International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Nov 1988, Rome, Italy. pp.764-766, ⟨10.1109/ICPR.1988.28352⟩
hal-00583872v1  Conference papers
Bernard CarréGérard Comyn. Rome, multiple and evolutive object representation.
Fifth AIICSR Conference, 1989, Slovakia. pp.1-1
inria-00538873v1  Conference papers
Aline DeruyverRémi Gilleron. The Reachability Problem for Ground TRS and Some Extensions
Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Theory and Practice of Software Development, TAPSOFT, Vol.1, 1989, Barcelona, Spain. pp.227-243
inria-00444599v1  Conference papers
Marc ShapiroLaurence Mosseri. A simple object storage system
Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Persistent Object Systems : POS-3, 1989, Newcastle NSW, Australia, Australia. pp.320--327
inria-00444604v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. Prototyping a distributed object-oriented OS on Unix
Workshop on Experiences with Building Distributed and Multiprocessor Systems, USENIX, 1989, Ft. Lauderdale FL, USA, United States
inria-00444602v1  Conference papers
Marc ShapiroPhilippe GautronLaurence Mosseri. Persistence and Migration for C++ Objects
ECOOP'89, Proc. of the Third European Conf.on Object-Oriented Programming, The British Computer Society, 1989, Nottingham, GB, United Kingdom. pp.191--204
inria-00444605v1  Conference papers
Marc ShapiroNuno Guimarães. Software Integration in SOMIW : Goals, Accomplishments, and Problems
Esprit'89, 6th Annual Esprit Conf., 1989, Brussels, Belgium
hal-02193919v1  Conference papers
S. Tison. Fair termination is decidable for ground systems
Rewriting Techniques and Applications, RTA-89,, 1989, Chapel Hill, United States. pp.462-476
hal-02193920v1  Conference papers
Jean-Luc CoquidéMax DauchetS. Tison. About connections between syntactical and computational complexity
Fundamentals of Computation Theory, FCT'89, 1989, Szeged, Hungary. pp.105-115
hal-00917731v1  Conference papers
Philippe FlajoletB. SalvyP. Zimmermann. Lambda-Upsilon-Omega: An Assistant Algorithms Analyzer
Applied Algebra, Algebraic Algorithms and Error-Correcting Codes, 1989, Rome, Italy. pp.201-212, ⟨10.1007/3-540-51083-4_60⟩
hal-00857034v1  Conference papers
Yves Robert. Systolic arrays for path-finding problems
Automata Networks, 1989, Unknown, pp.68-81
hal-00857028v1  Conference papers
Abdelhamid BenainiYves Robert. A modular systolic linear array for Gaussian elimination
IFIP Workshop From Systolic Arrays to Neural Networks: Algorithms on Silicon, 1989, Grenoble
hal-00857031v1  Conference papers
Yves Robert. Trends in parallel algorithms design
Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, 1989, Unknown, pp.3-11
hal-01248228v1  Conference papers
Vadim AbrossimovMarc RozierMarc Shapiro. Generic Virtual Memory Management for Operating System Kernels
Symp. on Op. Sys. Principles (SOSP), 1989, Litchfield Park AZ, United States. pp.123--136, ⟨10.1145/74850.74863⟩
hal-01021826v1  Conference papers
Gabriel G. BèsClaire Gardent. French Order Without Order
EACL 1989 - Fourth Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, 1989, Manchester, United Kingdom. pp.249-255
hal-00857029v1  Conference papers
Serge MiguetYves Robert. Dynamic programming on a ring of processors
Hypercube and Distributed Computers, 1989, Unknown, pp.19-33
hal-00857032v1  Conference papers
Yves RobertBernard Tourancheau. Impact of the architecture topology on data allocation strategies for Gaussian elimination on the hypercube
4-th Conf. on Hypercube Concurrent Computers and Applications, 1989, Unknown, pp.693-696
hal-00857030v1  Conference papers
Abdelhamid BenainiYves RobertBernard Tourancheau. A new systolic architecture for the algebraic path problem
Systolic Array Processors, 1989, Unknown, pp.73-82
hal-00857033v1  Conference papers
Yves RobertBernard Tourancheau. LU and QR factorization on the FPS T Series hypercube
CONPAR 88, 1989, Unknown, pp.516-525
inria-00510147v1  Conference papers
François X. SillionClaude Puech. A General Two-Pass Method Integrating Specular and Diffuse Reflection
Proceedings of SIGGRAPH '89, 1989, Boston, United States. pp.335-344
hal-01271152v1  Conference papers
Christine Morin. A fault-Tolerant Implementation of CSP Input-Output Commands
Proc. of The Fourth International Conference on Fault-tolerant Computing Systems, 1989, Baden-Baden, Germany. pp.150--162
inria-00436003v1  Conference papers
Jean-Pierre BanâtreMichel BanâtreChristine Morin. Implementing atomic rendezvous within a transactional framework
Eighth Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems, 1989, Seattle, United States. pp.119-128
hal-00765072v1  Conference papers
Claude JardJean-Marc Jézéquel. A multi-processor Estelle to C compiler to experiment distributed algorithms on parallel machines
9th IFIP International Workshop on Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification, University of Twente, 1989, The Netherlands, Netherlands
hal-01271153v1  Conference papers
Christine Morin. An efficient implementation of the Rendezvous Atomicity property
Parallel Computing 89, 1989, Leiden, The, Netherlands. pp.603--608
inria-00589992v1  Conference papers
Radu HoraudBernard ConioOlivier LeboulleuxBernard Lacolle. An Analytic Solution for the Perspective 4-Point Problem
Proceedings Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Jun 1989, San-Diego, United States. pp.500--507, ⟨10.1109/CVPR.1989.37893⟩
inria-00548468v1  Conference papers
Long QuanRoger Mohr. Using a Linear Viewpoint Determination Algorithm for a Model Based Vision System
6th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis (SCIA '89), Jun 1989, Oulu, Finland. pp.961--968
inria-00423806v1  Conference papers
H. YahiaA. Gagalowicz. Interactive Animation of Object Orientations
PIXIM'89, Sep 1989, Paris, France
hal-00765061v1  Conference papers
Jean-Marc Jézéquel. Building a global time on parallel machines
Proc. of the 3rd International Workshop on Distributed Algorithms, Sep 1989, Nice, France
hal-01180166v1  Conference papers
Jean-Daniel BoissonnatOlivier DevillersMonique Teillaud. An on-line construction of higher-order Voronoi diagrams and its randomized analysis
Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, 1990, Ottawa, Canada. pp.278-281
hal-01820531v1  Conference papers
Mireille ClerboutMichel LatteuxYves Roos. Decomposition of Partial Commutations
Automata, Languages and Programming, 17th International Colloquium, ICALP90, Warwick University, England, UK, July 16-20, 1990, Proceedings, 1990, Unknown, Unknown Region. pp.501--511, ⟨10.1007/BFb0032054⟩
hal-01820532v1  Conference papers
Mireille ClerboutYves Roos. Semi-Commutations and Algebraic Languages
STACS 90, 7th Annual Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, Rouen, France, February 22-24, 1990, Proceedings, 1990, Unknown, Unknown Region. pp.82--94, ⟨10.1007/3-540-52282-4_34⟩
inria-00538874v1  Conference papers
Jean-Luc CoquidéRémi Gilleron. Proofs and reachability problem for ground rewrite systems
Aspects and Prospects of Theoretical Computer Science, 6th International Meeting of Young Computer Scientists, IMYCS'90, 1990, Prag, Czech Republic. pp.120-129
inria-00444608v1  Conference papers
Yvon GourhantMarc Shapiro. FOG/C++: a Fragmented-Object Generator
C++ Conference, Usenix, 1990, San Francisco, CA, USA, United States. pp.63--74
inria-00444612v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. Distributed Object-Support Operating Systems and Garbage Collection
Workshop on Garbage Collection at OOPSLA-ECOOP'90, 1990, Ottawa, Canada, Canada
inria-00444610v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. Object-Support Operating Systems
Workshop on Operating Systems and Object Orientation at ECOOP-OOPSLA 1990, 1990, Ottawa, Canada, Canada
hal-00714302v1  Conference papers
Bernard CarréLeneke DekkerJean-Marc Geib. Multiple and evolutive representation in the rome language, towards an integrated company information system
TOOLS Conference, Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems, 1990, Paris, France. pp.1
inria-00615549v1  Conference papers
Olivier MongaRachid DericheGrégoire MalandainJean-Pierre Cocquerez. Recursive filtering and edge closing: two primary tools for 3-D edge detection
1st European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV'90), 1990, Nice, France, France
inria-00615550v1  Conference papers
Olivier MongaRachid DericheGrégoire MalandainJean-Pierre Cocquerez. 3-D edge detection by recursive filtering and edge tracking
10th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 1990, Atlantic City, USA, United States
hal-00857043v1  Conference papers
Abdelhamid BenainiYves Robert. Spacetime-minimal systolic architectures for Gaussian elimination and the algebraic path problem
Application Specific Array Processors 90, 1990, Unknown, pp.746-757
hal-00857047v1  Conference papers
Serge MiguetYves Robert. Path planning on a distributed memory architecture
5-th Distributed Memory Computing Conference, 1990, Unknown, pp.124-130
hal-00857046v1  Conference papers
Pierre FraigniaudSerge MiguetYves Robert. Complexity of scattering on a ring of processors
5-th Distributed Memory Computing Conference, 1990, Unknown, pp.1343-1347
hal-00857044v1  Conference papers
Yves RobertBernard Tourancheau. Linear algebra algorithms on distributed memory machines
Mathematics in Signal Processing II, 1990, Unknown, pp.665-687
hal-00857045v1  Conference papers
Ken GriggSerge MiguetYves Robert. Complexity of the symmetric matrix-vector product on a distributed memory architecture
5-th Distributed Memory Computing Conference, 1990, Unknown, pp.1324-1333
hal-01271151v1  Conference papers
Christine Morin. Building a Reliable Communication System Using High Speed Stable Storage
Proc of the 5th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences,, 1990, Cappadocia, Turquey, Turkey. pp.471--480
hal-01272465v1  Conference papers
Michel BanâtrePhilippe JoubertChristine MorinGilles MullerBruno Rochat et al.  Stable Transactional Memories and Fault Tolerant Architectures
Proc. of Fourth ACM SIGOPS European Workshop, Fault Tolerance Support in Distributed Systems, 1990, Bologna, Italy
inria-00589995v1  Conference papers
Radu HoraudThomas SkordasFrançoise Veillon. Finding Geometric and Relational Structures in An Image
1st European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV'90), Apr 1990, Antibes, France. pp.374--384, ⟨10.1007/BFb0014886⟩
inria-00548463v1  Conference papers
Marie-Odile BergerRoger Mohr. Towards Autonomy in Active Contour Models
International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR '90), Jun 1990, Atlantic City, United States. pp.847--851, ⟨10.1109/ICPR.1990.118228⟩
hal-01499983v1  Conference papers
Xavier Leroy. Efficient data representation in polymorphic languages
PLILP 1990: Programming Language Implementation and Logic Programming, Aug 1990, Linköping, Sweden. ⟨10.1007/BFb0024189⟩
inria-00589994v1  Conference papers
Laurent HéraultRadu HoraudFrançoise VeillonJean-Jacques Niez. Symbolic Image Matching by Simulated Annealing
4th British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC '90), Sep 1990, Oxford, United Kingdom. pp.319--324
hal-00583865v1  Conference papers
Bernard CarréJean-Marc Geib. The Point of View Notion for Multiple Inheritance
Joint OOPSLA/ECOOP'90 ACM Conference, Oct 1990, Ottawa, Canada. pp.312-321, ⟨10.1145/97945.97983⟩
inria-00000165v2  Conference papers
Willemien Visser. Evocation and elaboration of solutions: Different types of problem-solving actions. An empirical study on the design of an aerospace artifact --- Evocation et élaboration de solutions : différents types d'actions de résolution de problème. Une étude empirique de la conception d'une structure aérospatiale
COGNITIVA 90. At the crossroads of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive science, and Neuroscience, AFCET (Association française pour la cybernétique économique et technique); Association COGNITIVA, Nov 1990, Madrid, Spain. pp.689-696
inria-00548462v1  Conference papers
Long QuanRoger Mohr. Using Geometric Model Guided Active Contour Method for Traffic Sign Detection
IAPR Workshop on Machine Vision Applications (MVA '90), Nov 1990, Tokyo, Japan. pp.417--420
inria-00510146v1  Conference papers
Julie DorseyFrançois X. SillionDonald P. Greenberg. Design and Simulation of Opera Lighting and Projection Effects
SIGGRAPH'91 conference proceedings, 1991, Las Vegas, United States. pp.41-50
inria-00510144v1  Conference papers
Xiao Dong HeKenneth E. TorranceFrançois X. SillionDonald P. Greenberg. A Comprehensive Physical Model for Light Reflection
SIGGRAPH'91 conference proceedings, 1991, Las Vegas, United States
inria-00548450v1  Conference papers
Roger MohrLuce MorinEnrico Grosso. Relative Positioning with Poorly Calibrated Cameras
1st DARPA-ESPRIT Workshop on Applications of Invariance in Computer Vision, 1991, Reykjavik, Iceland. pp.7--45
hal-00583874v1  Conference papers
Bernard CarréLeneke Dekker. Inheriting Object-Oriented Features Through Metaprogramming, a Frame Extrension to ROME
East Europe Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, 1991, Bratislava, Czech Republic. pp.1-1
hal-01820530v1  Conference papers
Yves RoosPierre-André Wacrenier. Composition of Two Semi Commutations
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 1991, 16th International Symposium, MFCS'91, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, September 9-13, 1991, Proceedings, 1991, Unknown, Unknown Region. pp.406--414, ⟨10.1007/3-540-54345-7_84⟩
hal-01820509v1  Conference papers
Anne-Cécile Caron. Linear Bounded Automata and Rewrite Systems: Influence of Initial Configurations on Decision Properties
TAPSOFT'91: Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Theory and Practice of Software Development, Brighton, UK, April 8-12, 1991, Volume 1: Colloquium on Trees in Algebra and Programming (CAAP'91), 1991, Unknown, Unknown Region. pp.74--89, ⟨10.1007/3-540-53982-4_5⟩
inria-00538875v1  Conference papers
Rémi Gilleron. Decision Problems for Term Rewrite Systems and Recognizable Tree Languages
Proceedings of the 8th Annual Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, STACS 91, 1991, Munich, Germany. pp.148--159
inria-00538876v1  Conference papers
Jean-Luc CoquidéMax DauchetRémi GilleronSandor Vágvölgyi. Bottom-Up Tree Pushdown Automata and Rewrite Systems
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications, RTA'91, 1991, Como, Italy. pp.287-298
hal-01180164v1  Conference papers
Olivier DevillersStefan MeiserMonique Teillaud. Fully dynamic Delaunay triangulation in logarithmic expected time per operation
Workshop Algorithms and Data Structures, 1991, Ottawa, Canada. pp.42-53