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inria-00444654v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. An Experiment in Distributed Program Design, Using Control Enrichment
icdcs, 1982, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale FL, USA, United States
inria-00444648v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. Une proposition pour Microrèzo,: Girolle, un protocole d'appel de procèdure distante
Gènie Logiciel : le second souffle,?'', Journèes Bigre 1983, 1983, Le Cap d'Agde, France, France
inria-00589980v1  Conference papers
Radu HoraudRobert Bolles. 3DPO Strategy for Matching Three-Dimensional Objects in Range Data
Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Mar 1984, Atlanta, United States. pp.78--85, ⟨10.1109/ROBOT.1984.1087222⟩
inria-00589979v1  Conference papers
Radu HoraudRobert Bolles. Finding Model Objects in Range Data
6th Europeean Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI '84), Sep 1984, Pisa, Italy. pp.649--652
hal-02447228v1  Conference papers
Jean-Claude BermondGerard Memmi. A graph theoretical characterization of minimal deadlocks in Petri nets
Graph theory with applications to algorithms and computer science, Wiley, 1985, Kalamazoo,MI, United States. pp.73-87
hal-00835482v1  Conference papers
Anne BoyerJoseph Di MartinoJean-Paul Haton. Un algorithme de reconnaissance de mots enchaînés avec contraintes syntaxiques
JEP - Actes 14èmes Journées d'Etudes sur la Parole - 1985, Jun 1985, Paris, France
inria-00589981v1  Conference papers
Radu Horaud. Spatial Object Perception from an Image
Proceedings of the 9th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI '85), Aug 1985, Los Angeles, United States. pp.1116--1119
inria-00444651v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. Structure and Encapsulation in Distributed Systems: the Proxy Principle
Int. Conf. on Distr. Comp. Sys. (ICDCS), IEEE, 1986, Cambridge, MA, USA, United States. pp.198--204
hal-00953982v1  Conference papers
Yves ChiaramellaBruno DefudeMarie-France BruandetDalila Kerkouba. IOTA: a full test information retrieval system
ACM conference on research and development in information retrieval., 1986, Pisa, Italy. pp.207--213
hal-01248236v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. SOS: a distributed Object-Oriented Operating System
SIGOPS European Workshop on ``Making Distributed Systems Work'', 1986, Amsterdam, the, Netherlands. ⟨10.1145/503956.503997⟩
hal-00835479v1  Conference papers
Anne BoyerJoseph Di MartinoJean-Paul Haton. Reconnaissance de la parole multi-locuteur par programmation dynamique
JEP - Actes 15èmes Journées d'Etudes sur la Parole - 1986, May 1986, Aix-en-Provence, France
hal-00835476v1  Conference papers
Joseph Di Martino. Reconnaissance de la parole continue par programmation dynamique
JEP - Actes 15èmes Journées d'Etudes sur la Parole - 1986, May 1986, Aix-en-Provence, France
inria-00589983v1  Conference papers
Radu Horaud. Combining Image and Spatial Reasoning for Model Retrieval
7th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI '86), Jul 1986, Brighton, United Kingdom. pp.529--538
inria-00589984v1  Conference papers
Thomas SkordasRadu Horaud. Planning a Strategy for Recognizing Partially Occluded Parts
8th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR '86), Oct 1986, Paris, France. pp.1080--1083
hal-00583870v1  Conference papers
Bernard CarréGérard Comyn. On multiple classification, points of view and object evolution
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, 1987, Grenoble, France. pp.49-62
inria-00444597v1  Conference papers
Philippe GautronMarc Shapiro. Two extensions to C++: A Dynamic Link Editor and Inner data
C++ Workshop, USENIX, 1987, Santa Fe, NM, US, United States
hal-00857113v1  Conference papers
Bertrand HochetPatrice QuintonYves Robert. Systolic solutions of linear systems over GF(p) with partial pivoting
IEEE 8-th Symposium on Computer Arithmetic, 1987, Unknown, pp.161-168
hal-00857112v1  Conference papers
Michel CosnardYves Robert. Implementing the nullspace algorithm over GF(p) on a ring of processors
2-nd Int. Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, 1987, Bogazici University, Istanbul, pp.92-110
hal-00857119v1  Conference papers
Michel CosnardYves RobertMaurice Tchuente. Matching parallel algorithms with architectures: a case study
Highly parallel computers, 1987, Unknown, pp.127-144
hal-00835470v1  Conference papers
Anne BoyerJean-Paul HatonJoseph Di Martino. Dynamic time warping and vector quantization in isolated and connected word recognition
ECST - European Conference on Speech Technology - 1987, 1987, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. pp.2436-2439
hal-02193998v1  Conference papers
Max DauchetS. TisonThierry HeuillardPierre Lescanne. Decidability of the Confluence of Ground Term Rewriting Systems.
LICS 1987 - Second Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science, Jun 1987, Ithaca, New York, United States
hal-02973251v1  Conference papers
Jean-Claude BermondJean-Claude KönigMichel Raynal. Genaral and efficient decentralized consensus protocols
Proceedings International workshop, Jul 1987, Amsterdam, Netherlands. pp.41-56
hal-00835095v1  Conference papers
Joseph Di Martino. On multi-level machines for continuous speech recognition
IJCAI - Tenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligent - 1987, Aug 1987, Milan, Italy. pp.836-839
inria-00444598v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. The Design of a Distributed Object-Oriented Operating System for Office Applications
Proc. Esprit Technical Week 1988, 1988, Brussels, Belgium, Belgium
hal-01248233v1  Conference papers
Mesaac MakpangouMarc Shapiro. The SOS Object-Oriented Communication Service
Proc. 9th Int. Conf. on Computer Communication, 1988, Tel Aviv, Israel
hal-01248234v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. Domains and dynamic loading: reconciling autonomy and integration
SIGOPS European Workshop on ``Autonomy or interdependence in distributed systems?'', 1988, Cambridge, United Kingdom. ⟨10.1145/504092.504127⟩