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hal-00835120v1  Book sections
Joseph Di Martino. Dynamic Time Warping Algorithms for Isolated and Connected Word Recognition
Renato De Mori and Ching Y. Suen. New Systems and Architectures for Automatic Speech Recognition and Synthesis, 16, Springer Verlag, pp.405-418, 1985, NATO ASI Series, 978-3-642-824494. ⟨10.10071978-3-642-82447-0⟩
hal-01479998v1  Book sections
Michael ZockAbdellatif LarouiGil Francopoulo. DIAM: une autre manière d'apprendre la langue de Molière.
Monique Baron and Jean François Nicaud. Journées EIAO du PRC-GDR Intelligence Artificielle, pp.283--296, 1990
hal-00416585v1  Book sections
Nadia BellalemLaurent Romary. Langue et geste pour le dialogue homme-machine finalisé
Caelen, Jean and Zreik, Khaldoun. Le Communicationnel pour Concevoir, Europia Productions, pp.185-201, 1995
inria-00468494v1  Book sections
Laurent Romary. Mets ça ici" où quand "ici" dépend de "ça". L'interprétation de "ici" dans les énoncés de positionnement.
Jean Vivier. Psychologie du dialogue homme-machine en langage naturel, Europia, 1996, Cognition, 978-2-909285-06-5- 266
inria-00488852v1  Book sections
Laurent RomaryBertrand Gaiffe. Langue, dialogue finalisé et cognition spatiale
Michel Denis. Langage et Cognition Spatiale, Masson, 19p., 1997
hal-00416589v1  Book sections
Bertrand GaiffeAnne ReboulLaurent Romary. Les SN définis : anaphore, anaphore associative et cohérence
De Mulder, W. and Tasmowski-De-Ryck, L. and Vetters, C. Relations anaphoriques et (in)cohérence, Rodopi, pp.69-97, 1997
inria-00098589v1  Book sections
Anne Reboul. BewuBtsein und die wesentliche Quasi-Indices
none. Indexicalität und BewuBtsein, Springer Verlag, 33 p, 1998
inria-00098590v1  Book sections
Anne Reboul. Foundations of reference and predication
Haspelmath, M. and König, E. and Oesterreich, W. and Raible, W. Language Typology and Language Universals, Walter de Gruyter, 41 p, 1998
inria-00098588v1  Book sections
Anne Reboul. l'expression : sentiments, art et connaissance
Borillo, M. and Pouivet, R. and Virbel, J. Esthétique cognitive, Hermes, 10 p, 1998
inria-00098583v1  Book sections
Anne ReboulJacques Moeschler. Communication
Houde, G. and Kayser, D. and Koenig, O. and Proust, J. and Rastier, F. Vocabulaire des sciences cognitives : neuro-sciences cognitives, psychologie, intelligence artificielle, linguistique et philosophie de l'esprit, PUF, 3 p, 1998
inria-00098582v1  Book sections
Anne ReboulJacques Moeschler. Pertinence
Houde, G. and Kayser, D. and Koenig, O. and Proust, J. and Rastier, F. Vocabulaire des sciences cognitives : neuro-sciences cognitives, psychologie, intelligence artificielle, linguistique et philosophie de l'esprit, PUF, 3 p, 1998
inria-00107516v1  Book sections
Karl Tombre. Analysis of Engineering Drawings: State of the Art and Challenges
Tombre, Karl and Chhabra, Atul K. Graphics Recognition -- Algorithms and Systems, Springer Verlag, pp.257-264, 1998, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
inria-00098597v1  Book sections
Anne Reboul. Reference, agreement, evolving reference and the theory of mental representations
Coene, M. and De Mulder, W. and Dendale, P. and d'Hulst, Y. and Vetters, C. Hommages à Liliane Tasmowski-De Ryjck, Unipress, 15 p, 1998
inria-00098591v1  Book sections
Anne Reboul. Is Polyphony the Solution to a Number of Philosophico-Linguistic Problems?
Zuber, R. Essays in honor of Oswald Ducrot, 24 p, 1998
inria-00098633v1  Book sections
Christian Ah-Soon. A Constraint Network for Symbol Detection in Architectural Drawings
Tombre, Karl and Chhabra, Atul K. Graphics Recognition - Algorithms and Systems - GREC'97, Springer-Verlag, pp.80-90, 1998, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
hal-00521658v1  Book sections
Jean-Marie PierrelLaurent Romary. Quelles références dans les dialogues homme-machine ?
G. Sabah, J. Vivier, A. Vilnat, J.M. Pierrel, L. Romary, A. Nicolle. Machine, langue et dialogue, Presses de l'Harmattan, 1998, Figures de l'Interaction
inria-00098433v1  Book sections
Gladys DiazZoubir MammeriJean-Pierre Thomesse. Distributed Multimedia Applications, Systems and Platforms
Nagib Callaos, 15 p, 1998, Parallel and Distributed System: Theory and Applications
inria-00098593v1  Book sections
Anne Reboul. Le linguiste, le zoologue et le cognitiviste : vers une vision réaliste de la référence
Moeschler, J. and Reichler-Béguelin, M.J. Référence temporelle et nominale, Peter Lang, 25 p, 1998
inria-00098571v1  Book sections
Laureano Gonzalez-VegaFabrice RouillierMarie-Françoise RoyGuadaluppe Trujillo. Symbolic Recipes for Real Solutions
Cohen, A.M.; Cuypers, H.; Sterk, H. Some Tapas of Computer Algebra, 4, Springer, pp.121-167, 1998, Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics, 3-540-63480-0. ⟨10.1007/978-3-662-03891-8_6⟩
inria-00098587v1  Book sections
Anne Reboul. I and you: personal identity and simple identity
Knuf, J. Time, space and identity: essays on deixis, Lawrence Erlbaum, 24 p, 1998
inria-00098418v1  Book sections
Hélène Kirchner. Orderings in Automated Theorem Proving
Hoffman, Frederick. Mathematical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence, American Mathematical Society, pp.55-95, 1998, Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics
inria-00108039v1  Book sections
Olivier BournezMichael Branicky. On matrix mortality in low dimensions
V. Blondel, E. Sontag, M. Vidyasagar, J. Willems. Open Problems in Mathematical Systems Theory and Control, Springer-Verlag, pp.67-70, 1998
inria-00098475v1  Book sections
Anita WasilewskaLaurent Vigneron. Rough Algebras & Automated Deduction
L. Polkowski & A. Skowron. Rough Sets in Knowledge Discovery, Springer Verlag, pp.261-275, 1998
inria-00098570v1  Book sections
Laureano Gonzalez-VegaFabrice RouillierMarie-Françoise Roy. Symbolic Recipes for Polynomial System Solving
A.M. Cohen, H. Cuypers and H. Sterk. Some Tapas of Computer Algebra, 4, Springer, pp.34-65, 1998, Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics, 3-540-63480-0. ⟨10.1007/978-3-662-03891-8_2⟩
inria-00098444v1  Book sections
Fabrice Rouillier. Real Root Counting For some Robotics problems
Merlet, J.P. Solid Mechanics & its Applications, 9 p, 1998
inria-00098839v1  Book sections
Matthieu CourrierFrançoise Simonot-LionYe-Qiong Song. Microscopic modeling of support system for in-vehicle embedded systems
Franz J. Rammig (Ed). Distributed and parallel embedded systems, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp.139-148, 1999, IFIP
inria-00110394v1  Book sections
Wilhelm SchaefferAlfonso FugettaClaude GodartJens Jahnke. Architectural Views and Alternatives
J.C Derniame, ,B.A. Kaba, D. Wastell. Software Process: Principles, Methodology, and Technology, 1500 (1500), Springer-Verlag, pp.95-116, 1999, Lecture notes in Computer Science