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inria-00075875v1  Reports
Michaël RusinowitchJieh Hsiang. On word problems in equational theories
[Research Report] RR-0678, INRIA. 1987, pp.20
inria-00075870v1  Reports
Nicole LevyAlina PiganiolJeanine Souquières. Specifying with SACSO
[Research Report] RR-0683, INRIA. 1987
inria-00075867v1  Reports
Claude KirchnerPierre Lescanne. Solving disequations
[Research Report] RR-0686, INRIA. 1987
inria-00075652v1  Reports
Hubert ComonPierre Lescanne. Equational problems and disunification
[Research Report] RR-0904, INRIA. 1988
inria-00075605v1  Reports
Claude Kirchner. Order-sorted equational unification
[Research Report] RR-0954, INRIA. 1988
inria-00075538v1  Reports
Xiaolan Xie. Optimal control in a failure prone manufacturing system
[Research Report] RR-1020, INRIA. 1989, pp.25