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inria-00098943v1  Reports
Isabelle GnaedigHélène KirchnerThomas Genet. Induction for Termination
[Intern report] 99-R-338 || gnaedig99a, 1999, pp.21
inria-00107693v1  Conference papers
Laurent BougrainFrédéric Alexandre. Unsupervised Connectionist Clustering Algorithms for a better Supervised Prediction : Application to a radio communication problem
International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, International Neural Networks Society, 1999, Washington, USA, 6 p
inria-00107746v1  Conference papers
Laurent BougrainFrédéric Alexandre. Recurrent Neural Networks for mobile phone cell planning using topological information
Fifth International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks - EANN'99, 1999, Warsaw, Poland, pp.195-199
inria-00098949v1  Conference papers
D. BlampainSylviane DescotteJean-Luc HussonHans RohdeLaurent Romary et al.  Le projet européen DHYDRO : la normalisation à l'épreuve d'un forum terminologique
Conférence sur la Coopération dans le Domaine de la Terminologie en Europe, 1999, Paris, France. 8 p
inria-00522005v1  Journal articles
Pierre-Yves DurandJacques ChanliauJean-Pierre ThomesseFrançois CharpilletLaurent Romary et al.  Une nouvelle ère en dialyse péritonéale : la télémédecine intelligente
Bulletin de Dialyse Péritonéale de Langue Française, Registre de Dialyse Péritonéale de Langue Française, 1999, 9 (1, S17)
inria-00522004v1  Journal articles
Pierre-Yves DurandJacques ChanliauAgnès MariotMichèle KesslerJean-Pierre Thomesse et al.  Télémédecine et Dialyse
Bulletin de Dialyse Péritonéale de Langue Française, Registre de Dialyse Péritonéale de Langue Française, 1999, 9 (3), pp.12-18
inria-00098929v1  Conference papers
Laurent Romary. Representation and normalization of multilingual dictionaries
Workshop from Information to Knowledge Using Astronomical Databases, 1999, Strasbourg, France
inria-00098819v1  Conference papers
Frédéric WolffLaurent Romary. A contextual analysis of referring gestures
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces - IUI'99, 1999, Los Angeles, CA, United States
inria-00098928v1  Conference papers
Laurent Romary. Designing an editorial platform for a multilingual terminology the experience provided by the DHYDRO project
The 4th EUROLAN Summer School on Human Language Technology, 1999, Iasi, Roumania
inria-00098757v1  Conference papers
Nicolas RougierFrédéric Alexandre. Spatial Knowledge Transfer Between Models of Hippocampus and Associative Cortex
International Joint Conference on Neural Networtks, 1999, Washington, D. C., 5 p
inria-00107691v1  Conference papers
Nicolas Rougier. Mémoires déclarative et procédurale pour la navigation autonome d'un animat
Intelligence Artificielle Située, Jean-Arcady Meyer et Alexis Drogoul, 1999, none, 18 p
inria-00098756v1  Conference papers
Nicolas RougierHervé Frezza-BuetFrédéric Alexandre. Neuronal mechanisms for sequence learning in behavioral modeling
Sixteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Workshop : Neural, Symbolic, and Reinforcement Methods for Sequence Learning, 1999, Stockholm, Sweden, 6 p
inria-00107825v1  Conference papers
Noëlle CarbonellPierre Dauchy. Empirical data on the use of speech and gestures in a multimodal human-computer environment
8th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction - HCI 1999, 1999, Munich, Germany. pp.446-450
inria-00107824v1  Conference papers
Noëlle Carbonell. Multimodality : a primary requisite for achieving an information society for all
8th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction - HCI 1999, 1999, Munich, Germany. pp.898-902
inria-00098887v1  Conference papers
Olivier BournezOded MalerAmir Pnueli. Orthogonal Polyhedra: Representation and Computation
Hybrid Systems: Computation & Control - HSCC'99, 1999, Berg en Dal, Pays Bas, pp.46-60
inria-00107694v1  Journal articles
Gérôme CanalsPascal MolliClaude Godart. Support for End User Participation using Replicated Versions and Group Communication
ACM SIGGROUP Bulletin, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 1999, 20 (1), pp.5-9. ⟨10.1145/327556.327598⟩
inria-00107842v1  Reports
Dominique ColnetEmmanuel StapfOlivier Zendra. NICE ELKS 2000 proposal
[Intern report] 99-R-359 || colnet99c, 1999, 29 p
inria-00072990v1  Reports
David PlaistedGregory Kucherov. The Complexity of Some Complementation Problems
[Research Report] RR-3681, INRIA. 1999, pp.15
inria-00098745v1  Conference papers
Olivier GrisvardBertrand Gaiffe. Command Dialogue Management
8th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction - HCI International'99, Fraunhofer IAO & University od Stuttgart, 1999, Munich, Germany, 2 p
inria-00098746v1  Conference papers
Olivier GrisvardBertrand Gaiffe. An Event-Based Dialogue Model and its Implementation in MultiDial2
6th European Conference on Speech Communication & Technology - EUROSPEECH'99, Technical University of Budapest & Scientific Society for Telecommunications, 1999, Budapest, Hungary, 4 p
inria-00098905v1  Journal articles
Manuel MunierKhalid BenaliClaude Godart. DisCOO, a really distributed system for cooperation
Networking and Information Systems Journal, Editions Hermès, 1999, 2 (5-6), pp.605-637
inria-00108049v1  Conference papers
Erwan KerrienMarie-Odile BergerEric MaurincommeLaurent LaunayRégis Vaillant et al.  Fully automatic 3D/2D subtracted angiography registration
International Conference for Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention - MICCAI'99, 1999, Cambridge, England, pp.664--671
inria-00098965v1  Journal articles
Bruno GaujalNicolas Navet. Traffic Shaping in Real-Time Distributed Systems: a Low-Complexity Approach
Computer Communications, Elsevier, 1999, 22 (17), pp.1562-1573
inria-00107748v1  Conference papers
Gladys DiazJean-Pierre Thomesse. Multimedia systems and real-time systems : some analogies and similarities
3rd World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and informatics & 5th International Conference on Information Systems Analysis & Synthesis - SCI'99 / ISAS'99, IIIS : International Institut of Informatics & Systemics, 1999, Orlando/USA, pp.426 - 433
inria-00098938v1  Reports
Jean-Pierre ThomesseOlivier Jaray. Time distribution and synchronization
[Intern report] 99-R-273 || thomesse99g, 1999, 12 p
inria-00110354v1  Conference papers
Emmanuel Nauer. De l'importance de la normalisation en bibliométrie
Les systèmes d'information élaborée, 1999, Ile Rousse, France
inria-00098939v1  Reports
Sorin Stratulat. A General Framework to Build Multi-logic Implicit Induction Provers
[Intern report] 99-R-310 || stratulat99a, 1999, 32 p
inria-00100818v1  Journal articles
Olivier Bournez. Achilles and the tortoise climbing up the hyper-arithmetical hiearchy
Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier, 1999, 210 (1), pp.21-71
inria-00098837v1  Conference papers
Catherine Pilière. A confluence Result for a Typed lambda-Calculus of Exception Handling with Fixed-point
12th International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory - FCT'99, 1999, Iasi, Romania, pp.421-432
inria-00110348v1  Conference papers
Emmanuel Nauer. Les problèmes de variations terminologiques dans l'indexation de références bibliographiques
Journées Internationales de Linguistique Appliquée - JILA'99, LILLA, 1999, Nice, France, 3 p
inria-00098877v1  Conference papers
Karim LimamPierre VernelJacques BesseDominique Colnet. Design of a customisable processor IP
International Workshop on IP Based Synthesis & System Design, 1999, Grenoble, France, France. pp.181-184
inria-00098807v1  Conference papers
Eitan AltmanSandjai BhulaiBruno GaujalArie Hordijk. Optimal Routing to M parallel queues with no buffers
33rd Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, & Computing, 1999, Allerton, Illinois/USA, 10 p
inria-00107817v1  Conference papers
Arnaud Simon. Relations et treillis de Galois
Septième journées de la Société Francophone de Classification - SFC'99, Loria, 1999, Nancy, France, pp.299--306
inria-00098983v1  Conference papers
Marie-Dominique MorchAndré SchaaffMalika Smaïl. Querying Heterogeneous Databases : a user oriented system for collecting and structuring genome information
Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology 1999 - ISMB'99, 1999, Heidelberg, Germany, pp.30
inria-00098842v1  Conference papers
Michel CosnardEmmanuel JeannotTao Yang. SLC : Symbolic Scheduling for Executing Parameterized Task Graphs on Multiprocessors
International Conférence on Parallel Processing - ICPP'99, 1999, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, 25 p
inria-00107797v1  Conference papers
Jean-François AubryFrançoise Simonot-Lion. Approche pluridisciplinaire de la sûreté des systèmes
3ème Congrès International Pluridisciplinaire - QUALITA'99, 1999, Paris/France, 6 p
inria-00098844v1  Conference papers
Olivier ZendraDominique Colnet. Towards safer aliasing with the Eiffel language
Intercontinental Workshop on Aliasing in Object-Oriented Systems IWAOOS'99 - ECOOP'99 workshop reader, 1999, Lisbonne, Portugal, pp.153
inria-00110394v1  Book sections
Wilhelm SchaefferAlfonso FugettaClaude GodartJens Jahnke. Architectural Views and Alternatives
J.C Derniame, ,B.A. Kaba, D. Wastell. Software Process: Principles, Methodology, and Technology, 1500 (1500), Springer-Verlag, pp.95-116, 1999, Lecture notes in Computer Science
inria-00098894v1  Journal articles
Philippe CoucaudOlivier ZendraDominique Colnet. Gestion mémoire: manuelle ou automatique ?
Programmez !, Magazine Programmez, 1999, pp.54-57
inria-00110389v1  Book sections
Claude GodartHala Skaf-MolliNourredine BelkatirAntonio CarzanigaEstublier Jacky et al.  Cooperation Control in PSEE
J.C Derniame, ,B.A. Kaba, D. Wastell. Software Process: Principles, Methodology, and Technology, 1500 (1500), Springer-Verlag, pp.117-166, 1999, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
inria-00098814v1  Conference papers
Jacques Lonchamp. DOTS: A Generic Infrastructure for Decision-oriented Collaborative Task Support
18th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling - ER'99, 1999, Paris, France, pp.233-247
inria-00098782v1  Conference papers
Jean-Pierre ThomesseMiguel Leon-Chavez. Main Paradigms as a Basis for Current Fieldbus Concepts
Conference Fieldbus Technology - FET'99, 1999, Magdeburg/Germany, 15 p
inria-00563279v1  Poster communications
Olivier ZendraDominique Colnet. Optimized late binding: the SmallEiffel example
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA), 1999, Denver, United States
inria-00147379v1  Conference papers
Tawfik Es-SqalliJacques GuyardEric Dillon. Using MeDLey for the Grid-Decomposition Methods
International Conference on Parallel & Distributed Processing Techniques & Applications - PDPTA'99, 1999, Las Vegas, Nevada/USA, pp.1868-1873
inria-00099018v1  Journal articles
Alexander BockmayrFriedrich EisenbrandMark HartmannAndreas S. Schulz. On the Chvátal Rank of Polytopes in the 0/1 Cube
Discrete Applied Mathematics, Elsevier, 1999, 98 (1-2), pp.21-27
inria-00072840v1  Reports
Horatiu CirsteaClaude Kirchner. Introduction to the Rewriting Calculus
[Research Report] RR-3818, INRIA. 1999, pp.50
inria-00098875v1  Conference papers
Florent JacquemardMichaël RusinowitchLaurent Vigneron. Compiling and narrowing cryptographic protocols
Workshop on Verification and Modelling, Françoise Bellegarde and Olga Kouchnarenko, 1999, Besançon, France, 1 p
inria-00098815v1  Conference papers
Laurence Danlos. Event Coreference Between Two Sentences
Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Computational Semantics - IWCS'99, 1999, Tilburg, Pays-Bas, 16 p
inria-00098947v1  Reports
Jean-Pierre ThomesseGregory Prince. Event Management and Real Time constraints model
[Intern report] 99-R-272 || thomesse99c, 1999, 12 p
inria-00098932v1  Reports
Frédéric Landragin. Rapports entre oral et écrit
[Interne] 99-R-054 || landragin99a, 1999, 9 p
inria-00098879v1  Journal articles
Jean-Marie Pierrel. Parler n'est pas suffisant", point de vue sur les interfaces orales
Pour la science, Société Pour la Science 1999
inria-00099011v1  Journal articles
Guy Perrier. Labelled Proof Nets for the Syntax and Semantics of Natural Languages
Logic Journal of the IGPL, Oxford University Press (OUP), 1999, 7 (5), pp.629-654
inria-00098765v1  Conference papers
Hervé Frezza-BuetFrédéric Alexandre. Modeling prefrontal functions for robot navigation
International Joint Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, 1999, none, 6 p
inria-00098903v1  Conference papers
Jean-Luc HussonPatrice Lopez. Integrating Speech Recognition and Natural Language LTAG Techniques with Weighted Synchonized Automata
International Workshop Speech & Computer - SPECOM'99, 1999, Moscow, Russia, 6 p
inria-00072978v1  Reports
Bruno GaujalStefan Haar. Non-Ambiguous Petri Nets
[Research Report] RR-3691, INRIA. 1999
inria-00098912v1  Conference papers
Didier Fass. Les 4P de la Portabilité de Réalité Virtuelle : Théorie et Expérience
Journées ReViCo : Réalité Virtuelle et Cognition, Ecole nationale supérieurer des télécommunications Paris, 1999, Paris, France, pp.57 - 70
inria-00108060v1  Conference papers
Abdel Halim MahdiHenri AmetMarie-Claude Portmann. Genetic algorithms for the 2D cutting problem
Proceedings of the international Conference on Industrial Engineering & Production Management - IEPM99, FUCAM, 1999, Glasgow, GB, pp.540-549
inria-00098865v1  Conference papers
Antony VignierBenoit SonntagMarie-Claude Portmann. A decomposition Method based on priority rules for a parallel-machine scheduling problem
Proceedings of the International conference on Industrial Engineering & Production Management - IEPM'99, FUCAM, 1999, Glasgow, Scotland, pp.163-172
inria-00098796v1  Journal articles
Sylvain Petitjean. Algebraic Geometry & Computer Vision: Polynomial Systems, Real & Complex Roots
Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Springer Verlag, 1999, 10 (3), pp.191-220
inria-00098972v1  Conference papers
Samir TataGérôme CanalsClaude Godart. Specifying Interactions in Cooperative Applications
Eleventh International Conference on Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering, 1999, Kaiserslautern Germany
inria-00098776v1  Conference papers
Jean Lieber. Reformulations and Adaptation Decomposition
International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning - ICCBR'99, Lieber, Jean et Melis, Erica et Mille, Alain et Napoli, Amedeo, 1999, Munich, Germany, 7 p
inria-00098804v1  Book sections
Laurence Danlos. Discours causal et rôles thématiques
ouvrage coordonné par M. Plénat. Des structures linguistiques à leur interprétation, mélanges en l'honneur d'André Borillo, Rodopi, 12 p, 1999
inria-00098813v1  Conference papers
Béatrice FuchsJean LieberAlain MilleAmedeo Napoli. Towards a Unified Theory of Adaptation in Case-Based Reasoning
Third International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning - ICCBR'99, 1999, Seeon Monastery, Germany, pp.104-117
inria-00099004v1  Conference papers
Slim OuniYves Laprie. Design of hypercube codebooks for the acoustic-to-articulatory inversion respecting the non-linearities of the articulatory-to-acoustic mapping
6th European Conference on Speech Communication & Technology - EUROSPEECH'99, 1999, Budapest, Hungary, pp.141-144
inria-00107827v1  Conference papers
Sandrine RobbeNoëlle CarbonellPierre Dauchy. Contraintes d'expression orales et gestuelles en situation d'interaction multimodale