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inria-00076558v1  Reports
M. Nivat. On the synchronization of processes
[Research Report] RR-0003, INRIA. 1980
inria-00076517v1  Reports
M.W. Padberg. Perfect zero-one matrices
[Research Report] RR-0044, INRIA. 1980
inria-00076515v1  Reports
Gérard Berry. On the definition of lambda-calculus models
[Research Report] RR-0046, INRIA. 1980
inria-00076514v1  Reports
S. Kamin. Final data types and their specification
[Research Report] RR-0047, INRIA. 1980
inria-00076467v1  Reports
François BaccelliG. Hebuterne. On queues with impatient customers
[Research Report] RR-0094, INRIA. 1981