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hal-02370231v1  Conference papers
Weihai YuVictorien ElvingerClaudia-Lavinia Ignat. A Generic Undo Support for State-Based CRDTs
OPODIS 2019 - Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems, Dec 2019, Neuchâtel, Switzerland. ⟨10.4230/LIPIcs.OPODIS.2019.14⟩
hal-02564103v1  Conference papers
Mathilde OllivierSébastien BardinRichard BonichonJean-Yves Marion. How to kill symbolic deobfuscation for free (or: unleashing the potential of path-oriented protections)
ACSAC '19: 2019 Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, Dec 2019, San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States. pp.177-189, ⟨10.1145/3359789.3359812⟩
hal-02374286v1  Conference papers
Deng TangBimal MandalSubhamoy Maitra. Vectorial Boolean Functions with Very Low Differential-Linear Uniformity Using Maiorana-McFarland Type Construction
INDOCRYPT 2019 - The 20th International Conference on Cryptology in India, Dec 2019, Hyderabad, India. ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-35423-7_17⟩
hal-02316572v1  Conference papers
Adrien DufrauxEmmanuel VincentAwni HannunArmelle BrunMatthijs Douze. Lead2Gold: Towards exploiting the full potential of noisy transcriptions for speech recognition
ASRU 2019 - IEEE Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop, Dec 2019, Singapour, Singapore
hal-02388234v1  Conference papers
Elena AndreevaVirginie LallemandAntoon PurnalReza ReyhanitabarArnab Roy et al.  Forkcipher: A New Primitive for Authenticated Encryption of Very Short Messages
ASIACRYPT 2019 - 25th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, Dec 2019, Kobe, Japan. pp.153-182, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-34621-8_6⟩
hal-02388349v1  Conference papers
Luca de FeoSimon MassonChristophe PetitAntonio Sanso. Verifiable Delay Functions from Supersingular Isogenies and Pairings
Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2019 - 25th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, Dec 2019, Kobe, Japan. pp.248-277, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-34578-5_10⟩
hal-02401684v1  Conference papers
Dimitri DelabroyeSimon DelamareDavid LoupLucas Nussbaum. Remplacer un routeur par un serveur Linux : retour d'expérience des passerelles d'accès à Grid'5000
JRES - Journées Réseaux de l'Enseignement et de la Recherche, Dec 2019, Dijon, France
hal-02295951v1  Conference papers
Hubert NourtelChristophe CerisaraSamuel Cruz-Lara. Deep unsupervised system log monitoring
PROFES 2019 - 20th International Conference on Product-Focused Software Process Improvement, Nov 2019, Barcelona, Spain
hal-02267475v1  Conference papers
Bruno Guillaume. Graph Matching for Corpora Exploration
JLC 2019 - 10èmes Journées Internationales de la Linguistique de corpus, Nov 2019, Grenoble, France
hal-02993098v1  Conference papers
Enrico NatalizioRoberto Zema NicolaLuigi Di Puglia PuglieseFrancesca Guerriero. Download and Fly: An Online Solution for the UAV 3D Trajectory Planning Problem in Smart Cities
DIVANet '19: Proceedings of the 9th ACM Symposium on Design and Analysis of Intelligent Vehicular Networks and Applications., ACM, Nov 2019, Miami Beach, United States. pp.49-56, ⟨10.1145/3345838.3356012⟩
hal-02402950v1  Conference papers
Alexandru VulpeAli PaikanRazvan CraciunescuPouyan ZiafatiSofoklis Kyriazakos et al.  IoT Security Approaches in Social Robots for Ambient Assisted Living Scenarios
The 22nd International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications, Nov 2019, Lisbon, Portugal
hal-03180561v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles Lamirel. Future Digital Libraries will heavily rely on Machine Learning
8th International Library and Information Professionals Summit, (I-LIPS 2019) on Empowering Libraries with emerging Technologies for Common Sustainable Future, Nov 2019, Lucknow, India
hal-02413950v1  Conference papers
Abir Ismaili-AlaouiOuafae KasmiAmine BaïnaKarim BaïnaKhalid Benali et al.  Priority-based Event Management using Fuzzy Logic for an IoT-BPM Architecture
SOCA 2019 - The 12th IEEE International Conference on Service Oriented Computing and Applications, Nov 2019, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
hal-02406758v1  Conference papers
Sény DiattaGuillaume MorozMarc Pouget. Reliable Computation of the Singularities of the Projection in R3 of a Generic Surface of R4
MACIS 2019 - Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences, Nov 2019, Gebze-Istanbul, Turkey
hal-02405752v1  Conference papers
Viviane LedouxGuillaume Moroz. Evaluation of Chebyshev polynomials on intervals and application to root finding
Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences 2019, Nov 2019, Gebze, Turkey
hal-03180548v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles Lamirel. Methods for Diachronic Analysis of Scientific Data
Conference on Scientometrics & Evaluation (CCSE2019), Nov 2019, Chengdu, China
hal-02269043v1  Conference papers
Vincent ChevalSteve KremerItsaka Rakotonirina. Exploiting Symmetries When Proving Equivalence Properties for Security Protocols
CCS'19 - 26th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Nov 2019, London, United Kingdom
hal-02942767v1  Conference papers
Neeraj Kumar SinghYamine Aït-AmeurDominique MéryDavid NavarrePhilippe Palanque et al.  Formal Development of Multi-Purpose Interactive Application (MPIA) for ARINC 661
7th International Workshop on Formal Techniques for Safety-Critical Systems (FTSCS 2019), Nov 2019, Shenzhen, China. pp.21-39, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-46902-3_2⟩
hal-02401738v1  Conference papers
Lucas Nussbaum. An overview of Fed4FIRE testbeds -- and beyond?
GEFI - Global Experimentation for Future Internet Workshop, Nov 2019, Coimbra, Portugal
hal-02418826v1  Conference papers
Karën Fort. Productions participatives de corpus annotés : des modèles encore incertains
Colloque Jeunes Chercheurs PRAXILING, Nov 2019, Montpellier, France
hal-02971306v1  Conference papers
Théo DocquierYe-Qiong SongVincent ChevrierLudovic PontnauAbdelaziz Ahmed-Nacer. Generating substation network simulations from substation configuration description files
13th Junior Researcher Workshop on Real-Time Computing (JRWRTC), Nov 2019, Toulouse, France
hal-03179724v1  Conference papers
Pascal CuxacJean-Charles LamirelNicolas Kieffer. SKEEFT: indexing method taking into account the structure of the document
15th International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics and 20th COLLNET meeting, Nov 2019, Dalian, China
hal-03180542v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles LamirelPascal Cuxac. From massive databases to the Web of data: disambiguation and alignment of geographical entities in scientific texts
15th International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics and 20th COLLNET meeting, Nov 2019, Dalian, China
hal-02391973v1  Conference papers
Maria-Elisa Ruiz-EcharteaIsaure Chauvot de BeauchêneDavid Ritchie. EROS-DOCK for Pairwise and Multi-body Protein-Protein Docking
Journée MASIM2019 (Méthodes Algorithmiques pour les Structures et Interactions Macromoléculaires), Nov 2019, Paris, France
hal-02384704v1  Conference papers
Virgile DaugéSylvain Contassot-VivierLaurent Ciarletta. NAPS: a Nomadic and Accurate Positioning System
Aerial Swarms | IROS 2019, Nov 2019, Macau, China
hal-02181962v1  Conference papers
Vincent GaudillièreGilles SimonMarie-Odile Berger. Camera Pose Estimation with Semantic 3D Model
IROS 2019 - 2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Nov 2019, Macau, Macau SAR China. ⟨10.1109/IROS40897.2019.8968180⟩
hal-02277053v1  Conference papers
Leonardo RibeiroClaire GardentIryna Gurevych. Enhancing AMR-to-Text Generation with Dual Graph Representations
2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and 9th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing, Nov 2019, Hong Kong, China. pp.3181--3192, ⟨10.18653/v1/D19-1314⟩
hal-02277069v1  Conference papers
Anastasia ShimorinaClaire Gardent. Surface Realisation Using Full Delexicalisation
2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and 9th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing, Nov 2019, Hong Kong, China. pp.3084-3094, ⟨10.18653/v1/D19-1305⟩
hal-02277063v1  Conference papers
Angela FanClaire GardentChloé BraudAntoine Bordes. Using Local Knowledge Graph Construction to Scale Seq2Seq Models to Multi-Document Inputs
2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and 9th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing, Nov 2019, Hong Kong, China. ⟨10.18653/v1/D19-1428⟩
hal-02459998v1  Conference papers
Anastasia ShimorinaClaire Gardent. LORIA / Lorraine University at Multilingual Surface Realisation 2019
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Multilingual Surface Realisation (MSR 2019), Nov 2019, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China. pp.88-93, ⟨10.18653/v1/D19-6312⟩
hal-02944663v1  Conference papers
Sandra RasoamiaramananaGilles Macario-RatMarine Minier. White-Box Traitor-Tracing from Tardos Probabilistic Codes
SecITC 2019: Innovative Security Solutions for Information Technology and Communications, Nov 2019, Bucharest, Romania. pp.125-141, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-41025-4_9⟩
hal-02400379v1  Conference papers
Dominique Méry. Verification by Construction of Distributed Algorithms
Theoretical Aspects of Computing - 2019 - 16th International Colloquium, Oct 2019, Mammamet, Tunisia. pp.22-38, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-32505-3_2⟩
hal-02460312v1  Conference papers
Emilie ColinClaire Gardent. Generating Text from Anonymised Structures
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Natural Language Generation, Oct 2019, Hong Kong, China. pp.112 - 117
hal-02549818v1  Conference papers
Enka BlanchardSiargey Kachanovich. A note on the inflating enclosing ball problem
Bordeaux Graph Workshop, Oct 2019, Bordeaux, France
hal-02549827v1  Conference papers
Enka BlanchardSiargey Kachanovich. Counting authorised paths in constrained control-flow graphs
Bordeaux Graph Workshop, Oct 2019, Bordeaux, France
hal-02348588v1  Conference papers
Pauline MauriceJernej CamernikDasa GorjanBenjamin SchirrmeisterJonas Bornmann et al.  Evaluation of PAEXO, a novel passive exoskeleton for overhead work
44ème Congrès de la Société de Biomécanique, Oct 2019, Poitiers, France
hal-02266200v1  Conference papers
Nyoman JuniartaMiguel CouceiroAmedeo Napoli. A Unified Approach to Biclustering Based on Formal Concept Analysis and Interval Pattern Structures
DS 2019 - 22nd International Conference on Discovery Science, Oct 2019, Split, Croatia
hal-02550719v1  Conference papers
Enka Blanchard. Password typo correction using discrete logarithms
IC-CSCE 2019 - 8th International Conference on Computer Science and Communication Engineering, Oct 2019, Pristine, Kosovo
hal-02984963v1  Conference papers
Manuel AtenciaJérôme DavidJérôme EuzenatAmedeo NapoliJérémy Vizzini. A guided walk into link key candidate extraction with relational concept analysis
ISWC 2019 : 18th International Semantic Web Conference, Oct 2019, Auckland, New Zealand
hal-02469663v1  Conference papers
Chahrazed LabbaAzim RoussanalyAnne Boyer. Towards an automated Framework for benchmarking Learning Record Stores: Performance Requirements and Scalability
3rd Annual Learning & Student Analytics Conference (LSAC 2019), Oct 2019, Nancy, France
hal-03122473v1  Conference papers
Lydia Boudjeloud-Assala. How to evaluate a subspace visual projection in interactive visual systems? A position paper
IEEE VIS 2019 - EVIVA-ML workshop on EValuation of Interactive VisuAl Machine Learning systems, Oct 2019, Vancouver, Canada
hal-02271338v1  Conference papers
Nouha OthmanRim FaïzKamel Smaïli. Manhattan Siamese LSTM for Question Retrieval in Community Question Answering
The 18th International Conference on Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of Semantics, Oct 2019, Rhodès, Greece
hal-02192794v1  Conference papers
Tatiana MakhalovaSergei KuznetsovAmedeo Napoli. Майнинг множеств признаков на основе сжатия: вероятностный подход
Proceedings of the 17th Russian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence; Institute of Control Sciences Academician VA Trapeznikov; Ulyanovsk State Technical University; Federal Research Center “Computer Science and Control”, Oct 2019, Ulyanovsk, Russia. pp.164-172
hal-02125985v2  Conference papers
Lauréline PerotinAlexandre DéfossezEmmanuel VincentRomain SerizelAlexandre Guérin. Regression versus classification for neural network based audio source localization
WASPAA 2019 - IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics, IEEE, Oct 2019, New Paltz, United States
hal-02398007v1  Conference papers
Pierre RolinDenis MoalicRémi BadonnelOlivier BergerJihane Fouzai. A collection of MOOCs to create digital programs
OOFHEC 2019: the Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference, Oct 2019, Madrid, Spain. pp.86-99