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hal-00195430v1  Book sections
W.E. FitzgibbonMichel Langlais. Simple Models for the Transmission of Microparasites Between Host Populations Living on non Coincident Spatial Domains
P. Magal & S. Ruan. Structured Population Models in Biology and Epidemiology, Springer Verlag, pp.115-164, 2008, Lecture Notes in Mathematics (Mathematical Biosciences Subseries)
hal-00350215v1  Book sections
Charles ConselLaurent Réveillère. A DSL Paradigm for Domains of Services: A Study of Communication Services
Domain-Specific Program Generation, Springer Verlag, pp.165-179, 2004, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, State-of-the-Art Survey
hal-00350206v1  Book sections
Laurent BurgyCharles ConselFabien LatryNicolas PalixLaurent Réveillère. Telephony over ip: Experience and challenges
ERCIM NEws, European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, pp.53-54, 2005
inria-00411019v1  Book sections
Alexandre DenisChristian PérezThierry PriolAndré Ribes. Programming the Grid with Distributed Objects
Craig Lee. Process Coordination and Ubiquitous Computing, CRC Press, 2003, 0849314704
inria-00177149v1  Reports
François Trahay. Gestion de la réactivité des communications réseau
[Rapport de recherche] Universite Bordeaux 1. 2006, pp.31
hal-01271123v1  Book sections
Christine MorinAlexandre DenisRaymond NamystOlivier AumageRenaud Lottiaux. Des réseaux de calculateurs aux grilles de calcul
Akoka, Jacky; Comyn-Wattiau, Isabelle. Encyclopédie de l'informatique et des systèmes d'information, Section 2 - Architectures et syst\`emes distribu\'es, Vuibert, pp.211-239, 2006, Collection informatique
inria-00411008v1  Book sections
Alexandre DenisSébastien LacourChristian PérezThierry PriolAndré Ribes. Programming the grid with components: models and runtime issues
Beniamino Di Martino and Jack Dongarra and Adolfy Hoisie and Laurence T. Yang and Hans Zima. Engineering The Grid: Status and Perspective, American Scientific Publishers, 2006, 1-58883-038-1