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inria-00634133v1  Journal articles
Willemien VisserAlexandre Morais. L'utilisation concurrente de différentes méthodes de recueil de données pour l'étude de l'activité de programmation
Psychologie Française, Elsevier Masson, 1988, Psychologie de l'expertise, 33, pp.127-132
hal-01222045v1  Journal articles
Jérémy FreyAurélien AppriouFabien LotteMartin Hachet. Classifying EEG Signals during Stereoscopic Visualization to Estimate Visual Comfort
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2016, 2016, ⟨10.1155/2016/2758103⟩
hal-01055085v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Christian MuehlBrendan AllisonAnton NijholtGuillaume Chanel. Affective brain-computer interfaces: Special Issue editorial
Hill, Jeremy and Nam, Chang. Brain-Computer Interfaces, 1 (2), Taylor & Francis, pp.63-65, 2014, Special Issue: Affective Brain-Computer Interfaces, ⟨10.1080/2326263X.2014.913829⟩
hal-01055084v1  Journal articles
Christian MuehlBrendan AllisonAnton NijholtGuillaume Chanel. A survey of affective brain computer interfaces: principles, state-of-the-art, and challenges
Brain-Computer Interfaces, Taylor & Francis, 2014, Special Issue: Affective Brain-Computer Interfaces, 1 (2), ⟨10.1080/2326263X.2014.912881⟩
hal-01241338v1  Journal articles
Nathalie CastonguayMaxime LussierAurélia BugaiskaCatherine LordLouis Bherer. Executive functions in men and postmenopausal women
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2015, 37 (2), ⟨10.1080/13803395.2014.1000267⟩
hal-02371659v1  Journal articles
Anthony StrockXavier HinautNicolas P. Rougier. A Robust Model of Gated Working Memory
Neural Computation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press), 2019, pp.1-29. ⟨10.1162/neco_a_01249⟩
inria-00482065v3  Conference papers
Alessandro LazaricMohammad GhavamzadehRemi Munos. Analysis of a Classification-based Policy Iteration Algorithm
ICML - 27th International Conference on Machine Learning, Jun 2010, Haifa, Israel. pp.607-614
inria-00482189v1  Conference papers
Alessandro LazaricMohammad GhavamzadehRemi Munos. Finite-Sample Analysis of LSTD
ICML - 27th International Conference on Machine Learning, Jun 2010, Haifa, Israel. pp.615-622
inria-00475214v1  Conference papers
Alessandro LazaricMohammad Ghavamzadeh. Bayesian Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning
ICML - 27th International Conference on Machine Learning, Jun 2010, Haifa, Israel. pp.599-606
hal-00840479v1  Book sections
Nikos VlassisMohammad GhavamzadehShie MannorPascal Poupart. Bayesian Reinforcement Learning
Marco Wiering and Martijn van Otterlo. Reinforcement Learning: State of the Art, Springer Verlag, 2012
hal-00840485v1  Conference papers
Bernardo Avila PiresMohammad GhavamzadehCsaba Szepesvari. Cost-sensitive Multiclass Classification Risk Bounds
International Conference on Machine Learning, Jun 2013, Atlanta, United States
hal-00724780v1  Conference papers
Elena CabrioSerena Villata. Natural Language Arguments: A Combined Approach.
20th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2012), Aug 2012, Montpellier, France
hal-01236697v1  Conference papers
Cristian CardellinoLaura Alonso AlemanySerena VillataElena Cabrio. Improvements in Information Extraction in Legal Text by Active Learning
Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems, Dec 2015, Braga, Portugal. pp.21-30
hal-01654634v1  Journal articles
Pascal ChossatMartin Krupa. Consecutive and non-consecutive heteroclinic cycles in Hopfield networks
Dynamical Systems, Taylor & Francis, 2017, Equivariance and Beyond: M. Golubitsky's 70th Birthday, 32 (1), pp.46-60
hal-00869107v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Narendra Jussien. Dixièmes Journées nationales sur la résolution pratique de problèmes NP-complets (JNPC'04)
Narendra Jussien. Université d'Angers, pp.450, 2004
hal-00869098v1  Books
Narendra Jussien. Précis de Sudoku
Hermes Science, pp.140, 2006, 2746215594
hal-00869095v1  Books
Narendra Jussien. A to Z of sudoku
ISTE, pp.140, 2007, 9781847040008
hal-02594725v1  Conference papers
Alexis JuvenXavier Hinaut. Cross-Situational Learning with Reservoir Computing for Language Acquisition Modelling
2020 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2020), Jul 2020, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
hal-01094640v1  Conference papers
Giovanni NegliaGiuseppe Di BellaLaura GiarrèIlenia Tinnirello. Unidirectional Direct Load Control through Smart Plugs
IEEE 53rd Annual Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2014), Dec 2014, Los Angeles, United States
hal-00643770v1  Conference papers
Pierre FalzonWillemien Visser. Variations in expertise: Implications for the design of assistance systems
HCI'89 - Third International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Sep 1989, Boston, United States. pp.121-128
hal-01820371v1  Poster communications
Bhargav Teja NallapuFrédéric Alexandre. Interaction between the limbic and sensori-motor cortico-basal loops : a systemic framework to explain animal behaviour
SBDM 2018 - Eighth International Symposium on Biology of Decision Making, May 2018, Paris, France
hal-00646860v1  Conference papers
Gabriele CostaFabio MartinelliValérie IssarnyRachid SaadiIlaria Matteucci. Security and Trust
SFM'11 - 11 th International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication and Software, Jun 2011, Bertinoro, Italy. pp.393-416
hal-00643717v1  Conference papers
Willemien Visser. Acquisition de connaissances : L'approche de la psychologie cognitive illustrée par le recueil d'expertise en conception
JAC'90 - la "Journée Acquisition de Connaissances", Centre National d'Etudes des Télécommunications, en collab. avec PRC-GDR IA and APAST, Apr 1990, Lannion, France
hal-00662776v1  Conference papers
Anne-Charlotte PhilippeMaureen ClercThéodore PapadopouloRachid Deriche. A nested cortex parcellation combining analysis of MEG forward problem and diffusion MRI tractography
ISBI - IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging - 2012, May 2012, Barcelona, Spain
hal-02594495v1  Conference papers
Luca PedrelliXavier Hinaut. Hierarchical-Task Reservoir for Anytime POS Tagging from Continuous Speech
2020 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2020), Jul 2020, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
hal-01542504v1  Book sections
Jelena MladenovićJérémie MattoutFabien Lotte. A generic framework for adaptive EEG-based BCI training and operation
Chang S. Nam; Anton Nijholt; Fabien Lotte. Brain-Computer Interfaces Handbook: Technological and Theoretical Advances, 1, CRC Press: Taylor & Francis Group, 2017, Brain-Computer Interfaces Handbook: Technological and Theoretical Advances, 9781498773430
hal-01541939v1  Book sections
Charles ConselLucile DupuyHélène Sauzéon. HomeAssist: An Assisted Living Platform for Aging in Place Based on an Interdisciplinary Approach
Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare and Medical Devices, 16, Springer, pp.165 - 140, 2017, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-60483-1_14⟩
hal-01964524v1  Poster communications
Xavier Hinaut. From Phonemes to Sentence Comprehension: A Neurocomputational Model of Sentence Processing for Robots
SBDM2018 Satellite-Workshop on interfaces between Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience, May 2018, Paris, France
hal-01332209v1  Conference papers
Beishui LiaoNir OrenLeendert van der TorreSerena Villata. Prioritized Norms and Defaults in Formal Argumentation
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Deontic logic and Normative Systems (DEON 2016), Jul 2016, Bayreuth, Germany
hal-02303562v1  Conference papers
Federica TuriMaureen Clerc. Adaptive parameter setting in a code modulated visual evoked potentials BCI
8th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference 2019, Sep 2019, Graz, Austria
hal-01878015v1  Conference papers
Federica TuriNathalie GayraudMaureen Clerc. Zero-calibration cVEP BCI using word prediction: a proof of concept
BCI 2018 - 7th International BCI Meeting, May 2018, Pacific Grove, California, United States
hal-01876428v1  Journal articles
Qingliang ChenPaolo TorroniSerena Villata. Preface of Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems
Fundamenta Informaticae, Polskie Towarzystwo Matematyczne, 2018, 158 (1-3), pp.1-3. ⟨10.3233/FI-2018-1639⟩