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inria-00100964v1  Book sections
Christian ArtiguesCyril BriandMarie-Claude PortmannFrançois Roubellat. Pilotage d'atelier basé sur un ordonnancement flexible
Patrick Pujo et Jean-Paul Kieffer. Méthodes du pilotage des systèmes de production, Hermes Lavoisier, pp.61-97, 2002, IC2 Productique
inria-00100936v1  Journal articles
Mireille Bousquet-MélouGilles Schaeffer. Walks in the slit plane
Probability Theory and Related Fields, Springer Verlag, 2002, 124 (3), pp.305-344
inria-00098828v1  Conference papers
Roberto Reyna-RojasDaniel EstèveDominique Martinez. An integrated vision system: object detection and localization
3rd International Workshop on design of mixed mode integrated circuits & applications, Jul 1999, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
inria-00101037v1  Conference papers
Olivier FestorGuillaume DoyenEmmanuel Nataf. Supervision et réseaux P2P
Ecole thématique Calcul Distribué, Méta-Computing, Globalisation des Ressources - GRID'2002, Dec 2002, Aussois, France, 9 p
inria-00100841v1  Conference papers
Yassine BenayedDominique FohrJean-Paul HatonGérard Chollet. Recognition and Rejection Performance in Wordspotting Systems Using Hidden Markov modeling techniques
International Workshop speech and computer - SPECOM'2002, Sep 2002, St-Petersburg, Russia, 4 p
inria-00100835v1  Conference papers
Yassine BenayedDominique FohrJean-Paul HatonGérard Chollet. Keyword Spotting using Support Vector Machines
Fifth International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue - TSD'2002, Sep 2002, Brno, Czech Republic, 8 p
hal-01431508v1  Conference papers
Eddy CaronFrédéric DesprezFrédéric LombardJean-Marc NicodMartin Quinson et al.  A Scalable Approach to Network Enabled Servers
8th International EuroPar Conference, 2002, Paderborn, Germany. pp.4
hal-01431513v1  Book sections
Eddy CaronFrédéric DesprezEric FleuryFrédéric LombardJean-Marc Nicod et al.  Une approche hiérarchique des serveurs de calculs
Françoise Baude. Calcul réparti à grande échelle, Hermès Science Paris, pp.23, 2002, 2-7462-0472-X
inria-00101024v1  Conference papers
Eric DeplagneClaude Kirchner. Deduction versus Computation: the Case of Induction
Sixth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation - AISC'2002, Jul 2002, Marseille, France, pp.4-6
inria-00099003v1  Conference papers
Laurent Juban. Dichotomy Theorem for the Generalized Unique Satisfiability Problem
12th International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory - FCT'99, 1999, Iasi, Romania, pp.327-337
inria-00100870v1  Conference papers
Antonio CapobiancoNoëlle Carbonell. Contextual Online Help: a Contribution to the Implementation of Universal Access
First Cambridge Workshop on Universal Access and Assistive Technologies - CWUAAT'2002, Mar 2002, Cambridge, United Kingdom. pp.131-140
inria-00098948v1  Reports
Jean-Pierre ThomesseGregory Prince. Timing consideration for electronic device description
[Intern report] 99-R-274 || thomesse99f, 1999, 13 p
inria-00098818v1  Conference papers
Olivier FestorPaul FestorLaurent AndreyNizar Ben Youssef. Integration of WBEM-based Management Agents in the OSI Framework
IFIP IEE Int. Conference on Integrated Network Management, IFIP IEEE, 1999, Boston, USA, 15 p
inria-00098968v1  Journal articles
Hala Naja. Multiview databases for building modelling
Automation in Construction, Elsevier, 1999, 8 (5), pp.567-579. ⟨10.1016/S0926-5805(98)00116-2⟩
inria-00100996v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles Faugère. A new efficient algorithm for computing Gröbner bases without reduction to zero
Eighth Rhine Workshop on Computer Algebra -RWCA 2002, 2002, Mannheim, Germany
inria-00100920v1  Conference papers
Ye-Qiong SongAnis KoubaaFrançois Simonot. Switched Ethernet For Real-Time Industrial Communication: Modelling And Message Buffering Delay Evaluation
4th IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems - WFCS'2002, Aug 2002, Vasteras/Sweden, pp.27-35
inria-00110389v1  Book sections
Claude GodartHala Skaf-MolliNourredine BelkatirAntonio CarzanigaEstublier Jacky et al.  Cooperation Control in PSEE
J.C Derniame, ,B.A. Kaba, D. Wastell. Software Process: Principles, Methodology, and Technology, 1500 (1500), Springer-Verlag, pp.117-166, 1999, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
inria-00098829v1  Conference papers
Amine BermakDominique Martinez. Digital VLSI implementation of a multi-precision neural network classifier
6th International Conference on Neural Information Processing - ICONIP'99, Nov 1999, Perth, Australia, 6 p
inria-00098971v1  Directions of work or proceedings
André SchaffFrancis LepageJean-Pierre Thomesse. Colloque Francophone sur l'Ingénierie des Protocoles - CFIP'99
Hermès Science Publications, 494 p, 1999
inria-00100919v1  Books
Dongming Wang. Méthodes d'élimination avec applications
Science Press, Pékin, XVI-302 p, 2002
inria-00098981v1  Conference papers
Hélène KirchnerPeter David Mosses. Algebraic Specifications, Higher-Order Types, and Set-Theoretic Models
AMAST'98 - 7th International Conference on Algebraic Methodology & Software Technology, Jan 1999, Amazonia, Brazil. pp.373--388, ⟨10.1007/3-540-49253-4_27⟩
inria-00098815v1  Conference papers
Laurence Danlos. Event Coreference Between Two Sentences
Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Computational Semantics - IWCS'99, 1999, Tilburg, Pays-Bas, 16 p
inria-00100962v1  Conference papers
Riad AggouneMarie-Claude Portmann. A New Heuristic for the Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Availability Constraints
International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization - CO'02, Apr 2002, Paris, France, 1 p
inria-00108049v1  Conference papers
Erwan KerrienMarie-Odile BergerEric MaurincommeLaurent LaunayRégis Vaillant et al.  Fully automatic 3D/2D subtracted angiography registration
International Conference for Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention - MICCAI'99, 1999, Cambridge, England, pp.664--671