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inria-00078461v1  Journal articles
Christine Azevedo CosteRodolphe Héliot. Rehabilitation of Functional Posture and Walking: Coordination of healthy and Impaired Limbs
Journal of Automatic Control, Elektrotehnički fakultet, Beograd, 2005, 15 - supplément, pp.11-15
lirmm-00100349v1  Conference papers
David GuiraudChristine Azevedo CosteKen YoshidaPhilippe PoignetSamer Mohammed et al.  Towards Modelling the Human Sensory Motor System
MCBMS’06: 6th IFAC Symposium on Modelling and Control in Biomedical Systems, Sep 2006, Reims, France. pp.399-404
lirmm-00105984v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CosteRodolphe Héliot. Réhabilitation Fonctionnelle de la Posture et de la Marche : Vers une Coordination des Membres Valides et Déficients
JTSB '05 : Journée Thématique de la Société de Biomécanique (JTSB). "Biomécanique du Mouvement et Handicap Moteur"., May 2005, Lyon, France
lirmm-00106068v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CosteKen Yoshida. Towards a Model-Based Estimator of Muscle Length and Force using Muscle Afferent Signals for Real Time FES Control
EUROCON: International Conference on "Computer as a Tool", Nov 2005, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro
lirmm-00106446v1  Conference papers
Michael GreyM. BabaninChristine Azevedo CosteJ.B. NielsenThomas Sinkjaer. Loss of Ground Support Produces a Decrement in SOL EMG during Human Walking
Neuroscience: 35th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, Nov 2005, Wasington, USA
lirmm-00108663v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CosteJ. UshibaJ. van DoornikT. Sinkjaer. Vertical Accelerations of the Support: Contribution of Ia Afferents in Soleus EMG Variations
Motor Control Research Symposium Aalborg/Copenhagen, May 2004, Sandbjerg, Denmark
lirmm-00109136v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo Coste. Le Contrôle Postural chez L'Homme : Approches Comportementale et Neurophysiologique
Séminaire Croisé INRIA Sophia - Antipolis DEMAR / EPIDAURE, 2004, France
lirmm-00128011v1  Conference papers
Milan DjilasChristine Azevedo CosteKenichi YoshidaGuy Cathébras. Interpretation of ENG signal for FES closed-loop control
IFESS: International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, Sep 2006, Sendai, Japan
lirmm-00135959v1  Conference papers
Claire SimonDidier DelignèresDavid GuiraudCharles FattalChristine Azevedo Coste. Postural Strategies Emerging in Complete Paraplegic Patients Verticalized with Functional Electrical Stimulation
ISPGR'06: International Society for Posture and Gait Research, Jul 2007, Burlington, Vermont, USA, pp.NA
lirmm-00165445v1  Conference papers
Rodolphe HéliotStrahinja DosenChristine Azevedo CosteBernard EspiauDejan B. Popovic. Online adaptation of optimal control of externally controlled walking of a hemiplegic individual
CNE'07: 3rd International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, May 2007, Kohala Coast, HI, United States. pp.36-39, ⟨10.1109/CNE.2007.369605⟩
lirmm-00165447v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CosteGoran BijelicLaszlo SchwirtlichD. Popovic. Treating drop-foot in hemiplegics: the role of matrix electrode
MEDICON'07: 11th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, Jun 2007, Lubljana, Slovenia, pp.4
lirmm-00165450v1  Conference papers
Rodolphe HéliotBernard EspiauChristine Azevedo CosteDejan B. Popovic. FES-based training and gait evaluation of strokepatients using a microsensor on their valid leg
ISPGR'07: 18th meeting of the International Society for Posture and Gait Research, Jul 2007, Burlington, United States
lirmm-00176547v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CosteDavid GuiraudGaël PagesLaurent MaïmounCharles Fattal et al.  Description of Postural Coordination Patterns During FES-Assisted Standing in Complete Paraplegia
9th Vienna International Workshop on Functional Electrical Simulation, Oct 2007, Krems, Austria. pp.140-143
lirmm-00189892v1  Conference papers
Mitsuhiro HayashibeDavid GuiraudChristine Azevedo CostePhilippe Poignet. Experimental Identification of Skeletal Muscle Biomechanical Parameters with Sigma Point Kalman Filter
IFESS: International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, Nov 2007, Philadelphia, United States
lirmm-00268479v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CostePhilippe PoignetBernard Espiau. Moving Horizon Control for Biped Robots Without Reference Trajectory
ICRA: International Conference on Robotics and Automation, May 2002, Washington, DC, United States. pp.2762-2767
lirmm-00268643v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CostePhilippe PoignetBernard Espiau. On line Optimal Control for Biped Robots
IFAC'02: World Congress, 2002, Barcelona, Spain
lirmm-00268645v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CostePhilippe Poignet. Commande predictive pour la marche d'un robot bipède sous actionné
CIFA: Conférence Internationale Francophone d'Automatique, Jul 2002, Nantes, France
lirmm-00320539v1  Conference papers
Laforet JeremyDavid GuiraudChristine Azevedo CosteDavid Andreu. Towards bladder function modeling: FES induced detrusor activity modelling
IFESS: International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, Sep 2008, Freiburg, Germany
lirmm-00331880v1  Patents
Rodolphe HéliotChristine Azevedo Coste. Dispositif et Procédé de Suivi du Mouvement d'un Etre Vivant
France, N° de brevet: FR 2908293 (B1) WO 2008058966 (A1). 2009
lirmm-00363937v1  Book sections
Christine Azevedo CosteJérôme FrogerJacques Pelissier. Modifications musculaires après lésion neurologique centrale
Neuro-Orthopédie des Membres après Cérébrolésion Grave, Masson, pp.N/A, 2009, 978-2-294-70751-3
lirmm-00367927v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo Coste. Technical considerations when designing FES applications
FESAIR: Workshop on Functional Electrical Stimulation, Applications in rehabilitation (IFESS), France
lirmm-00375306v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles CeccatoMathieu de SèzeChristine Azevedo CosteJean-René Cazalets. Trunk Activity in Human, from Posture to Locomotion
ISPGR'09: International Society for Posture and Gait Research Conference, Jun 2009, Bologne, Italy. pp.O47
lirmm-00376055v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CosteRodolphe HéliotCharles Fattal. Rôle du tronc dans les transferts assis-debout : Application chez le paraplégique
Journée Nationale de Rééducation de Hauteville - "Le Complexe Lombo-Pelvi-Fémoral & Rééducation", Apr 2009, Hauteville-Lompnes, France
lirmm-00405360v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CosteJean-Yves HogrelLouis Viollet. Low Frequency Electrical Stimulation in Spinal Muscular Atrophy: a Case Study Report
IFESS: International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, Sep 2009, Seoul, South Korea
lirmm-00407768v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles CeccatoChristine Azevedo CosteJean-René Cazalets. Using the trunk acceleration to detect gait initiation
IFESS: International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, Sep 2009, Seoul, South Korea
lirmm-00407771v1  Poster communications
Jean-Charles CeccatoChristine Azevedo CosteJean-René Cazalets. Real time control of a CPG-based model of the human trunk in different walking conditions
EMBC: Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, Sep 2009, Minneapolis, MN, United States. 31th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, pp.1388-1391, 2009, ⟨10.1109/IEMBS.2009.5334115⟩
lirmm-00411814v1  Journal articles
Milan DjilasChristine Azevedo CosteDavid GuiraudKenichi Yoshida. Interpretation of muscle spindle afferent nerve response to passive muscle stretch recorded with thin-film longitudinal intrafascicular electrodes
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009, 17 (5), pp.445-453
lirmm-00429407v1  Conference papers
David GuiraudChristine Azevedo CosteCharles Fattal. Functional Electrical Stimulation for Spinal Cord Injured Patients
Approche pluridisciplinaire de la motricité humaine, Oct 2009, Lyon, pp.313-314
lirmm-00473033v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo Coste. Correction du pied tombant par stimulation électrique. Vers une adaptation en continu des patrons d'activation.
Journée Nationale de l'AHREK (Association Hautevilloise pour la Recherche et l'Étude en Kinésithérapie), France
lirmm-00495391v1  Poster communications
Jovana JovicChristine Azevedo CostePhilippe FraisseMourad BenoussaadCharles Fattal. Optimizing FES-Assisted Sit to Stand Transfer Initiation in Paraplegic Individuals Using Trunk Movement Information
ISEK'10: The XVIII Congress of the International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology, Jun 2010, Aalborg, Denmark. 2010
lirmm-00502332v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CosteJérôme Froger. Correction du syndrome de pied tombant par stimulation électrique fonctionnelle
ISPO'10: International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics Conference, France. pp.N/A
lirmm-00503037v1  Journal articles
Christine Azevedo CosteDavid GuiraudCharles Fattal. Verticalisation assistée par stimulation électrique chez le paraplégique
Sciences et Technologies pour le Handicap, Lavoisier, 2010, Numéro Spécial Handicap et Mouvement, pp.20
lirmm-00506095v1  Poster communications
Christophe MichelRégis NouvianChristine Azevedo CosteJean-Luc PuelJérôme Bourien. A Computational Model of the Primary Auditory Neuron Activity
EMBC: Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, Aug 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 32nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, pp.722-725, 2010, ⟨10.1109/IEMBS.2010.5626273⟩
lirmm-00506246v1  Conference papers
Laforet JeremyChristine Azevedo CosteDavid AndreuDavid Guiraud. Modeling and simulation of bladder artificial control
BioRob: Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics, Sep 2010, Tokyo, Japan. pp.265-269, ⟨10.1109/BIOROB.2010.5627007⟩
lirmm-00556909v1  Conference papers
Maud PasquierBernard EspiauChristine Azevedo Coste. Signal-Based Segmentation of Human Locomotion using Embedded Sensor Network
ICASSP'11: The 36th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Czech Republic. pp.4
lirmm-00588923v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo CosteJérôme Froger. Quelle place pour la SEF dans la rééducation de l'hémiplégie vasculaire ?
Entretiens de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation, France
lirmm-00588924v1  Conference papers
Christine Azevedo Coste. Neuroprothèses et contrôle artificiel du mouvement humain
Société Francophone d'Analyse du Mouvement Chez l'Enfant et l'Adulte (SOFAMEA), France
lirmm-00588925v1  Poster communications
Jovana JovicVincent BonnetPhilippe FraisseCharles FattalChristine Azevedo Coste. Improving Valid and Deficient Body Segment Coordination to Improve FES-ASSISTED SIT-TO-STAND in Paraplegic Subjects
ICORR: International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics, Jun 2011, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. 12th International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics, 2011
lirmm-00597209v1  Journal articles
Christine Azevedo Coste. La stimulation électrique au service du corps
Interstices, INRIA, 2011, DocSciences, Informatique et Médecine (13), pp.9
lirmm-00617233v1  Conference papers
Paweł MaciejaszChristine Azevedo CosteDavid AndreuDavid Guiraud. Investigation of Fibre Size Stimulation Selectivity Using Earthworm Model
IFESS: International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, Sep 2011, Sao Paulo, Brazil
lirmm-00636909v1  Conference papers
Antonio Padilha Lanari BoChristine Azevedo CostePhilippe PoignetChristian GenyCharles Fattal. On the Use of FES to Attenuate Tremor by Modulating Joint Impedance
CDC-ECC: Conference on Decision and Control - European Control Conference, Dec 2011, Orlando, Florida, United States. pp.6
lirmm-00646687v1  Poster communications
Maud PasquierBernard EspiauChristine Azevedo Coste. Automatic Segmentation of Long-Term Locomotion Data: Application to 6-Days Desert Race Involving a Wireless Sensor Network
ISPGR'11: International Society of Posture and Gait Research Conference, Japan. pp.N/A, 2011
lirmm-00649354v1  Book sections
Charles FattalNicolas BiardDavid GuiraudChristine Azevedo CosteLuc Bauchet. Chapitre 24 : Comprendre la lésion médullaire traumatique et ses conséquences motrices. Implications en recherche fondamentale et clinique.
Samuel Pouplin. Accompagnement de la personne blessée médullaire en ergothérapie, Solal éditeur, pp.373-385, 2011, 978-2-35327-120-7
lirmm-00653692v1  Poster communications
Cheikh NiangPom CharrasStéphane ArgonChristine Azevedo CosteHugues Duffau et al.  Awake Surgery: Skills of Neurosurgeon Matter but Those of Patient Too. How to Optimize Functional Brain Mapping by Improving Per-Operatory Testing?
Bardy Lagarde Mottet. SKILLS'11: The International Conference of the European SKILLS Project, Dec 2011, Montpellier, France. 1, 2011, ⟨10.1051/bioconf/20110100067⟩
lirmm-00684918v1  Journal articles
Christine Azevedo CosteHerman van der Kooij. Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics
Paladyn: Journal of Behavioral Robotics, De Gruyter, 2011, 2 (4), pp.N/A
lirmm-00725204v1  Conference papers
Jovana JovicVincent BonnetChristine Azevedo CostePhilippe Fraisse. A Paradigm for the Control of Upright Standing in Paraplegic Patients
EMBC: Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, Aug 2012, San Diego, United States. pp.325-328, ⟨10.1109/EMBC.2012.6345935⟩
lirmm-00726387v1  Journal articles
Christine Azevedo CosteJérôme Froger. Correction du syndrome de pied tombant par stimulation électrique fonctionnelle
Le Journal de l'Orthopédie, IPSO France, 2012, 13 (44), pp.1981-1983
lirmm-00798223v1  Book sections
Rodolphe HéliotKatja MombaurChristine Azevedo Coste. Online CPG-Based Gait Monitoring and Optimal Control of the Ankle Joint for Assisted Walking in Hemiplegic Subjects
Mombaur, Katja; Berns, Karsten. Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Bipedal Walking, 18, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp.53-69, 2013, Cognitive Systems Monographs, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-36368-9_5⟩
lirmm-00875060v1  Conference papers
Claire de LabachelerieChristine Azevedo CosteJerome Froger. Une nouvelle approche pour corriger le pied équin de l'hémiplégique par électro-stimulation fonctionnelle
SOFMER: Société Francophone d'Analyse du Mouvement chez l’Enfant et l’Adulte, Jan 2013, Luxembourg, Luxembourg. pp.e382
lirmm-01006396v1  Conference papers
Vincent BonnetNahéma SyllaAndrea CherubiniAlejandro GonzálezChristine Azevedo Coste et al.  Toward an Affordable and User-Friendly Visual Motion Capture System
EMBC: Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, Aug 2014, Chicago, Illinois, United States. pp.4985-4988, ⟨10.1109/EMBC.2014.6944410⟩
lirmm-01316291v1  Conference papers
Wafa TigraDavid GuiraudDavid AndreuBertrand CouletAnthony Gélis et al.  Exploring selective neural electrical stimulation for upper limb functions restoration
IFESS: International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, Jun 2016, La Grande Motte, France
hal-01350397v1  Journal articles
Christine Azevedo Coste. L'homme qui valait trois milliards
Interstices, INRIA, 2015
lirmm-01515473v1  Journal articles
Vincent BonnetChristine Azevedo CosteThomas RobertPhilippe FraisseGentiane Venture. Optimal External Wrench Distribution During a Multi-Contact Sit-to-Stand Task
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2017, 25 (7), pp.987-997. ⟨10.1109/TNSRE.2017.2676465⟩