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hal-00000840v1  Conference papers
Fabien GaucherErwan JahierFlorence MaraninchiBertrand Jeannet. Automatic State Reaching for Debugging Reactive Programs
the Fifth International Workshop on Automated Debugging (AADEBUG 2003), Sep 2003, Ghent, France
hal-00003125v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Francois DutotLionel Eyraud-DuboisGrégory MouniéDenis Trystram. Models for scheduling on large scale platforms: which policy for which application?
18th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS'04), 2004, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
hal-00002546v2  Conference papers
Luiz Angelo SteffenelGrégory Mounié. Performance Characterisation of Intra-Cluster Collective Communications
16th Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing, 2004, France. pp.254-261
hal-00003292v1  Conference papers
Assia HachichiCyril MartinGaël ThomasSimon PatarinBertil Folliot. Reconfigurations dynamiques de services dans un intergiciel à composants CORBA CCM
1ère Conférence Francophone sur le Déploiement et la (Re)Configuration de Logiciels (DECOR '04), Oct 2004, Grenoble, France. pp.159-170
hal-00003391v1  Conference papers
Sébastien BardinLaure Petrucci. From PNML to counter systems for accelerating Petri Nets with FAST
Workshop on Interchange Formats for Petri Nets, 2004, Bologna, Italy. pp.26-40
hal-00002548v3  Conference papers
Luiz Angelo SteffenelGrégory Mounié. Fast Tuning of Intra-Cluster Collective Communications
EuroPVM/MPI 2004 11th European PVM/MPI Users' Group Meeting, 2004, France. pp.28-35, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-30218-6_12⟩
hal-00002547v3  Conference papers
Luiz Angelo SteffenelGrégory Mounié. Identifying Logical Homogeneous Clusters for Efficient Wide-area Communications
EuroPVM/MPI 2004 11th European PVM/MPI Users' Group Meeting, 2004, France. pp.319-326
sic_00001210v1  Conference papers
Aurèle CrassonJean-Daniel Fekete. Structuration des manuscrits : Du corpus à la région
Semaine du Document Numérique (SDN 2004). Conférence Internationale Francophone sur l'Ecrit et le Document (CIFED 04), Jun 2004, La Rochelle, France. pp.162-168
hal-00001520v3  Conference papers
Pierre-Francois DutotLionel Eyraud-DuboisGrégory MouniéDenis Trystram. Bi-criteria Algorithm for Scheduling Jobs on Cluster Platforms
ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures (SPAA), 2004, France. pp.125-132
inria-00000003v1  Conference papers
Jovan PehcevskiJames ThomS. TahaghoghiAnne-Marie Vercoustre. Hybrid XML Retrieval Revisited
Advances in XML Information Retrieval. Third Workshop of the INitiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval (INEX), Dec 2004, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, ⟨10.1007/11424550_13⟩
inria-00000008v1  Conference papers
Jean-Pierre Merlet. The necessity of optimal design for parallel machines and a possible certified methodology
Robotic Systems for Handling and Assembly, SFB 562, May 2005, Braunschweig
inria-00000026v1  Conference papers
Vincent Lefèvre. The Generic Multiple-Precision Floating-Point Addition With Exact Rounding (as in the MPFR Library)
6th Conference on Real Numbers and Computers 2004 - RNC 6, Nov 2004, Dagstuhl, Germany, pp.135-145
inria-00000028v1  Conference papers
Carlos KavkaMarc Schoenauer. Evolution of Voronoi-based Fuzzy Controllers
PPSN'04, Prof. Xin Yao, 2004, Birmingham, pp.541-550
inria-00000029v1  Conference papers
Sylvain ConchonFrançois Pottier. JOIN(X): Constraint-Based Type Inference for the Join-Calculus
Proceedings of the 10th European Symposium on Programming (ESOP'01), Apr 2001, Genova, pp.221--236
inria-00000031v1  Conference papers
Olivier AumageRutger HofmanHenri Bal. NetIbis: An Efficient and Dynamic Communication System for Heterogeneous Grids
Cluster Computing and Grid 2005, Cardiff University, May 2005, Cardiff/UK
inria-00000032v1  Conference papers
François IngelrestDavid Simplot-RylIvan Stojmenovic. Broadcasting in Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks.
The Second Annual Conference on Wireless On demand Network Systems and Services (WONS 2005)., Jan 2005, St Moritz, Switzerland
inria-00000033v1  Conference papers
François IngelrestDavid Simplot-RylIvan Stojmenovic. Target Transmission Radius over LMST for Energy-Efficient Broadcast Protocol in Ad Hoc Networks.
The 39th IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'04)., Jun 2004, Paris, France