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inria-00266457v1  Book sections
Alexandre SeuretThierry FloquetJean-Pierre RichardSarah Spurgeon. Observer design for systems with non small and unknown time-varying delay
J.J. Loiseau, W. Michiels, S.I. Niculescu, R. Sipahi. Topics in Time-Delay Systems: Analysis, Algorithms and Control, Springer Verlag, pp.233-242, 2009, LNCIS, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, 978-3-642-02896-0. ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-02897-7_20⟩
hal-00344234v1  Journal articles
Carlos Canudas de WitJonathan Jaglin. Energy-aware and entropy coding for Networked Controlled Linear Systems
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, Wiley, 2009, 19 (16), pp.1851-1870. ⟨10.1002/rnc.1419⟩
inria-00367666v1  Conference papers
Luc MalraitSara BouchenakNicolas Marchand. Fluid Modeling and Control for Server System Performance and Availability
39th annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks, Jun 2009, Estoril, Portugal
hal-00368148v1  Conference papers
Cédric BerbraDaniel SimonSylviane GentilSuzanne Lesecq. Hardware in the loop networked control and diagnosis of a quadrotor drone
7th IFAC Symposium on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety of Technical Processes (SAPROCESS'09), Jul 2009, Barcelone, Spain
hal-00368537v1  Conference papers
Luc MalraitNicolas MarchandSara Bouchenak. Modeling and Control of Server Systems: Application to Database Systems
European Control Conference, ECC'09, Aug 2009, Budapest, Hungary
hal-00373300v1  Journal articles
Andreas PuschOlivier MartinSabine Coquillart. HEMP--hand-displacement-based pseudo-haptics: A study of a force field application and a behavioural analysis
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Elsevier, 2009, 67 (3), pp.256-268
inria-00385260v1  Conference papers
Emilie RocheOlivier SenameDaniel Simon. LPV/Hinf control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
European Control Conference, ECC'09, Aug 2009, Budapest, Hungary
hal-00385893v1  Journal articles
Alexandre SeuretChris EdwardsSarah SpurgeonEmilia Fridman. Static output feedback sliding mode control design via an artificial stabilizing delay
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009, 54 (2), pp.256 - 265
hal-00386275v1  Conference papers
Alexandre Seuret. Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functionals Parameterized with Polynomials
6th IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design (ROCOND\'09), Jun 2009, Haifa, Israel. ⟨10.3182/20090616-3-IL-2002.00037⟩
hal-00386337v1  Conference papers
Olivier MartinJean-Dominique Gascuel. Reactive Balance Control in Immersive Visual Flows: 2D vs. 3D Virtual Stimuli
CT14 - 14th Annual CyberTherapy and CyberPsychology Conference, Jun 2009, Villa Caramora, Lago Maggiore, Italy. pp.61, ⟨10.3389/conf.neuro.14.2009.06.061⟩
hal-00391611v1  Conference papers
Alexandre SeuretKarl Henrik Johansson. Networked control under time-synchronization errors
8th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay systems, Sep 2009, Sinaia, Romania
hal-00391642v1  Conference papers
Katerina Stankova. On Dynamic Optimal Toll Design Problem with Traffic-flow Dependent Tolls and Drivers' Joint Route and Departure Time Choices
2009 IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control, Jul 2009, Saint Petersburg, Russia. 6 p
hal-00391651v1  Conference papers
Alexandre SeuretDimos V. DimarogonasKarl Henrik Johansson. Consensus of double integrator multi-agents under communication delay
8th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems, Sep 2009, Sinaia, Romania
hal-00438816v2  Conference papers
Riccardo CeccarelliCarlos Canudas de WitPhilippe MoulinA. Sciarretta. Model-based Adaptive Observers for Intake Leakage Detection in Diesel Engines
American Control Conference (ACC 2009), Jun 2009, Saint Luis, Missouri, United States. pp.1128-1133
hal-00394983v1  Conference papers
Riccardo CeccarelliPhilippe MoulinCarlos Canudas de Wit. Robust Strategy for Intake Leakage Detection in Diesel Engines
IEEE Application Control Conference, MSC, Jul 2009, Saint Petersbourg, Russia. pp.s/n
hal-00394981v1  Journal articles
Carlos Canudas de WitFabio Gomez EsternFrancisco Rubio. Delta-Modulation Coding Redesign for Feedback-Controlled Systems
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009, 56 (7), pp.2684-2696. ⟨10.1109/TIE.2009.2020079⟩
hal-00397802v1  Conference papers
Alain KibangouGérard Favier. Tensor-based Identification of the Structure of Block-Oriented Nonlinear Systems
15th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, SYSID 2009, Jul 2009, Saint-Malo, France. pp.6
hal-00397808v1  Conference papers
Alain KibangouGérard Favier. Non-iterative solution for PARAFAC with a Toeplitz matrix factor
17th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO-2009), Aug 2009, Glasgow, United Kingdom. pp.691-695
hal-00399972v2  Conference papers
Carolina Albea-SanchezCarlos Canudas de WitFrancisco Gordillo. Control and Stability Analysis for the Vdd-hopping Mechanism
IEEE MSC, Conference on Control and Applications, Jul 2009, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. pp.320--325
hal-00403253v1  Conference papers
Lara Briñon ArranzAlexandre SeuretCarlos Canudas de Wit. Translation Control of a Fleet Circular Formation of AUVs under Finite Communication Range
48th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, CDC 2009, Dec 2009, Shanghai, China. pp.6
hal-00404397v1  Patents
Sylvain DurandNicolas Marchand. Dispositif de commande d'alimentation d'un calculateur
France, N° de brevet: 09/01576. Département Automatique. 2009
hal-00404480v1  Conference papers
Brandon MooreCarlos Canudas de Wit. Formation Control via Distributed Optimization of Alignment Error
48th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, CDC 2009, Dec 2009, Shanghai, China
hal-00403252v2  Conference papers
Alexandre Seuret. Stability analysis for sampled-data systems with a time-varying period
48th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, CDC 2009, Dec 2009, Shangai, China. pp.6