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halshs-00359173v1  Book sections
Audrey KnaufStéphane Goria. Spécification des métiers et compétences impliqués dans le dispositif régional d'intelligence économique
Ludovic François. Intelligence Territoriale : L'intelligence économique appliquée au territoire, Lavoisier, pp.71-86, 2008, TEC & DOC
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Stéphane Grumbach. デジタル・コントロールと地球エコシステム:東アジアにおいてアンソロポシーンのガバナンスはデザインされうるか
寺田 匡宏、ダニエル・ナイルズ. M. Terada and D. Niles (eds.), Questioning the Anthropocene: From the view point of bottom up and region (tentative title), Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, forthcomig (to be published in 2020).(寺田匡宏、ダニエル・ナイルズ(編)『アンソロポシーンを問う:実践と地域の視点から(仮)』京都大学学術出版会、(刊行予定、2020年)), Kyoto University Press, 2021, 人新世を問う 環境、人文、アジアの視点
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Sarah BonnetKarine HuberGuy JoncourMagalie RenéFrederic Stachurski et al.  2. Biologie des tiques
Tiques et maladies à tiques - Biologie, écologie évolutive, épidémiologie, IRD Editions, 338 p., 2016, Collection Didactiques, 9 782709 921008
hal-02464616v1  Book sections
Jennifer EdmondLaurent Romary. 3. Academic Publishing
Digital Technology and the Practices of Humanities Research, Open Book Publishers, pp.49-80, 2020, 978-1-78374-841-9. ⟨10.11647/OBP.0192.03⟩
hal-03524639v1  Book sections
Ritaban RoyIndu JoshiAbhijit DasAntitza Dantcheva. 3D CNN Architectures and Attention Mechanisms for Deepfake Detection
Springer International Publishing. Handbook of Digital Face Manipulation and Detection, In press
hal-01007491v1  Book sections
Prunier FlorentF. DarveLuc SibilleFrançois Nicot. 3D Continuous and Discrete Modeling of Bifurcations in Geomaterials
Multiscale Modeling of Heterogenous Materials, ISTE - Wileys Pubs, pp.153-176, 2008, ⟨10.1002/9780470611364.ch9⟩
inria-00615632v1  Book sections
Gérard SubsolBertrand MafartAlain SilvestreM.A. de Lumley. 3D Image Processing for the Study of the Evolution of the Shape of the Human Skull: Presentation of the Tools and Preliminary Results
Mafart, Bertrand and Delingette, Hervé and Subsol, Gérard. Three-Dimensional Imaging in Paleoanthropology and Prehistoric Archaeology, BAR International Series 1049, pp.37--45, 2002
hal-00934864v1  Book sections
Anthony TalvasMaud MarchalGabriel CirioAnatole Lécuyer. 3D Interaction Techniques for Bimanual Haptics in Virtual Environments
Multi-finger Haptic Interaction, Springer, pp.31-53, 2013, ISBN 978-1-4471-5204-0
hal-03457378v1  Book sections
Lonni BesançonWolfgang AignerMagdalena BoucherTim DwyerTobias Isenberg. 3D Mobile Data Visualization
Mobile Data Visualization, Chapman and Hall/CRC, pp.111-150, 2021, ⟨10.1201/9781003090823-4⟩
inria-00548594v1  Book sections
Fred RothgangerSvetlana LazebnikCordelia SchmidJean Ponce. 3D object modeling and recognition from photographs and image sequences
Jean Ponce and Martial Hebert and Cordelia Schmid and Andrew Zisserman. Towards category-Level object recognition, 4170, Springer-Verlag, pp.105--126, 2006, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), 978-3-540-68794-8
inria-00590273v2  Book sections
Avinash SharmaRadu HoraudDiana Mateus. 3D Shape Registration Using Spectral Graph Embedding and Probabilistic Matching
Olivier Lezoray and Leo Grady. Image Processing and Analysing With Graphs: Theory and Practice, CRC Press, pp.441-474, 2012
hal-02164770v1  Book sections
Jean-Baptiste BarreauEmmanuel LanoëRonan Gaugne. 3D Sketching of the Fortified Entrance of the Citadel of Aleppo from a Few Sightseeing Photos
Horst Kremers. Digital Cultural Heritage, Springer International Publishing, pp.359-371, 2020, 978-3-030-15200-0. ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-15200-0_24⟩
hal-00848513v1  Book sections
Aurobrata GhoshRachid Deriche. 4th Order Symmetric Tensors and Positive ADC Modelling
Anna Vilanova and Carl-Fredrik Westin and Bernhard Burgeth. Visualization and Processing of Tensors and Higher Order Descriptors for Multi-Valued Data (Dagstuhl Seminar 11501), Springer, 2013
inria-00000901v1  Book sections
Olivier FestorIsabelle Réchiniac. 6Net : An IPv6 Deployment Guide : Contribution to Chapter 7 Network Management
Martin Dunmore. 6Net : An IPv6 Deployment Guide, The 6Net consortium, 2005
hal-02464622v1  Book sections
Jennifer EdmondFrank FischerLaurent RomaryToma Tasovac. 9. Springing the Floor for a Different Kind of Dance
Digital Technology and the Practices of Humanities Research, Open Book Publishers, pp.207-234, 2020, 978-1-78374-841-9. ⟨10.11647/OBP.0192.09⟩
hal-01405593v1  Book sections
Guillaume Kon Kam KingJulyan ArbelIgor Prünster. A Bayesian nonparametric approach to ecological risk assessment
Argiento, R.; Lanzarone, E.; Antoniano Villalobos, I.; Mattei, A. Bayesian Statistics in Action, 194, pp.151--159, 2017, Bayesian Statistics in Action
hal-01762573v2  Book sections
Fabien LotteCamille JeunetJelena MladenovićBernard N'KaouaLéa Pillette. A BCI challenge for the signal processing community: considering the user in the loop
Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Brain-Machine Interfaces, IET, pp.1-33, 2018, 978-1-78561-398-2
hal-01651751v1  Book sections
Frédéric Alexandre. A behavioral framework for information representation in the brain
Ahmed A. Moustafa. Computational Models of Brain and Behavior, Wiley, pp.403-412, 2017, 978-1-119-15906-3
hal-03097284v2  Book sections
Filippo AntonazzoChristophe BiernackiChristine Keribin. A binned technique for scalable model-based clustering on huge datasets
Book of Short Papers of the 5th international workshop on Models and Learning for Clustering and Classification MBC2 2020, Catania, Italy, pp.11-16, 2021
inria-00293867v1  Book sections
Thierry FloquetJean-Pierre Barbot. A canonical form for the design of unknown input sliding mode observers
Christopher Edwards and Enric Fossas Collet and Leonid Fridman. Advances in Variable Structure and Sliding Mode Control, 334, Spinger Verlag, 2006, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences
hal-03005383v1  Book sections
James HoeyIvan LaneseNaoki NishidaIrek UlidowskiGermán Vidal. A Case Study for Reversible Computing: Reversible Debugging of Concurrent Programs
Reversible Computation: Extending Horizons of Computing - Selected Results of the COST Action IC1405, pp.108 - 127, 2020, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-47361-7_5⟩
hal-00940099v1  Book sections
Frédéric AlauzetDavid Marcum. A Closed Advancing-Layer Method with Changing Topology Mesh Movement for Viscous Mesh Generation
Sarrate, Josep and Staten, Matthew. Proceedings of the 22nd International Meshing Roundtable, Springer International Publishing, pp.241-261, 2014, 978-3-319-02334-2. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-02335-9_14⟩
hal-01022816v1  Book sections
Nicolas HadererFawaz ParaisoChristophe RibeiroPhilippe MerleRomain Rouvoy et al.  A Cloud-based Infrastructure for Crowdsourcing Data from Mobile Devices
Wenjun Wu. Cloud-based Software Crowdsourcing, Springer, pp.243-265, 2015, 978-3-662-47011-4
inria-00499604v1  Book sections
Vincent MartinMonique Thonnat. A Cognitive Vision Approach to Image Segmentation
Paula Fritzsche. Tools in Artificial Intelligence, InTech Education and Publishing, pp.265-294, 2008, 978-953-7619-03-9
hal-00009615v1  Book sections
Matthieu Quignard. A Collaborative Model of Argumentation in Dyadic Problem-Solving Interactions
Frans van Eemeren & Peter Houtlosser. Argumentation in Practice, John Benjamins, pp.69-86, 2005, Controversies
hal-00826051v1  Book sections
Samuel DelepoulleFrançois RouselleChristophe RenaudPhilippe Preux. A comparison of two machine learning approaches for Photometric Solids Compression
Plemenos, Dimitri; Miaoulis, Georgios. Intelligent Computer Graphics, 321, Springer, pp.145-164, 2010, Studies in Computational Intelligence
hal-01260074v1  Book sections
Bernt ØksendalAgnès SulemTusheng Zhang. A comparison theorem for backward SPDEs with jumps
Zhen-Qing Chen; Niels Jacob; Masatoshi Takeda; Toshihiro Uemura. Festschrift Masatoshi Fukushima, World Scientific, pp.8, 2015, 978-981-4596-52-7
hal-01171250v1  Book sections
Freddy LimpensFabien GandonMichel Buffa. A Complete Life-Cycle for the Semantic Enrichment of Folksonomies
Springer. Advances In Knowledge Discovery and Management, Springer, 2013, 978-3-642-35855-5. ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-35855-5⟩