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inria-00074372v1  Reports
Manuel SerranoPierre Weis. 1+1=1 : an optimizing Caml compiler
[Research Report] RR-2301, INRIA. 1994
inria-00444629v1  Conference papers
Marc Shapiro. A Binding Protocol for Distributed Shared Objects
icdcs, 1994, Poznan, Poland, Poland. pp.134--141, ⟨10.1109/ICDCS.1994.302403⟩
inria-00532676v1  Conference papers
Isaac CohenLaurent D. Cohen. A Hyperquadric Model for {2-D} and {3-D} Data Fitting
Proceedings of the International Conference on Pattern Recognition, IEEE-IAPR, 1994, Jerusalem, Israel. ⟨10.1109/ICPR.1994.576961⟩
inria-00381525v1  Conference papers
Hugo Herbelin. A Lambda-calculus Structure Isomorphic to Gentzen-style Sequent Calculus Structure
Computer Science Logic, Sep 1994, Kazimierz, Poland. pp.61--75
inria-00444635v1  Conference papers
David PlainfosseMarc Shapiro. A Survey of Distributed Garbage Collection Techniques
Second Closed BROADCAST Workshop, Broadcast Basic Research Action, 1994, Bruxelles, Belgique, Belgium. pp.211--249
inria-00074296v1  Reports
Bruno Salvy. Algorithms seminar, 1993--1994
[Research Report] RR-2381, INRIA. 1994
inria-00532675v1  Conference papers
Serge BenayounNicholas AyacheIsaac Cohen. An Adaptive Model for 2-D and 3-D dense non rigid motion computation
Proceedings of the International Conference on Pattern Recognition, IEEE-IAPR, 1994, Jerusalem, Israel
hal-00311606v1  Journal articles
Christine FrickerPhilippe RobertEllen SaadaDanielle Tibi. Analysis of some networks with interaction
Annals of Applied Probability, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), 1994, 4 (4), pp.1112-1128
hal-00974276v1  Conference papers
Ch. AndréDaniel GafféMarie-Agnès Peraldi-Frati. Apports récents de la programmation synchrone en surveillance
Journées Surveillance, Sûreté, Supervision, GR Automatique, Dec 1994, Paris, France. pp.126-144
inria-00509482v1  Conference papers
Daniel AugotFrançoise Levy-Dit-Vehel. Bounds on the minimum distance of the duals of BCH codes
1994 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Jun 1994, Trondheim, Norway. pp.43, ⟨10.1109/ISIT.1994.394928⟩
inria-00074471v1  Reports
Jean-Philippe Tarel. Calibration de camera fondée sur les ellipses
[Rapport de recherche] RR-2200, INRIA. 1994, pp.30
hal-00668859v1  Conference papers
Philippe CodognetDaniel Diaz. clp(B): Combinig Simplicity and Efficiency in Boolean Constraint Solving
Programming Language Implementation and Logic Programming, 1994, Madrid, Spain. pp.244-260, ⟨⟩