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inria-00098884v1  Conference papers
Pierre TellierIsabelle Debled-Rennesson. 3D Discrete Normal Vectors
International Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery - DGCI'99, 1999, Marne-la-Vallée, France, pp.447-458
inria-00100760v1  Reports
Olivier FestorRob EvansBernard TuyRalf Wolter. 6NET Network Management Initial Architecture
[Contract] A02-R-081 || festor02a, 2002, 19 p
inria-00100860v1  Conference papers
Dominique PoulalhonGilles Schaeffer. A bijection for loopless triangulations of a polygon with interior points
International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics - FPSAC'02, Foda, O. and Guttmann, T., Jul 2002, Melbourne, Australie, France. 12 p
inria-00071533v1  Reports
Damien StehléPaul Zimmermann. A Binary Recursive Gcd Algorithm
[Research Report] RR-5050, INRIA. 2002
inria-00098761v1  Conference papers
Yann BonifaceFrédéric AlexandreStéphane Vialle. A bridge between two paradigms for parallelism : Neural Networks and general purpose MIMD computers.
International Joint Conference on Neural Networtks - IJCNN'99, 1999, Washington, DC, 6 p
inria-00108113v1  Conference papers
Virginie Govaere. A Combination of Representation Styles for the Acquirement of Speech Abilities
Artificial Intelligence in Education, S.P. Lajoie & M.Vivet, 1999, none, pp.371-378
inria-00098760v1  Conference papers
Raphael CouturierBertrand CouturierDominique Méry. A compiler for parallel Unity programs using OpenMp
Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques & Applications - PDPTA'99, Jul 1999, Las Vegas, USA, 21 p
inria-00098837v1  Conference papers
Catherine Pilière. A confluence Result for a Typed lambda-Calculus of Exception Handling with Fixed-point
12th International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory - FCT'99, 1999, Iasi, Romania, pp.421-432
inria-00100735v1  Conference papers
Bruno Scherrer. A connectionist architecture that adpats its representation to complex tasks
International Joint Conference on Neural Networks - IJCNN 2002, 2002, Hilton hawaiian Village, Honolulu, HI, 6 p
inria-00100768v1  Conference papers
Quang-Huy Nguyen. A constructive decision procedure for equalities modulo AC
16th International Workshop on Unification - UNIF 16, Jul 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark, 5 p
inria-00098819v1  Conference papers
Frédéric WolffLaurent Romary. A contextual analysis of referring gestures
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces - IUI'99, 1999, Los Angeles, CA, United States
inria-00107593v1  Conference papers
Yves LaprieAnne Bonneau. A copy synthesis method to pilot the Klatt synthesiser
International Conference on Speech and Language Processing, Sep 2002, Denver, USA, 4 p
inria-00098865v1  Conference papers
Antony VignierBenoit SonntagMarie-Claude Portmann. A decomposition Method based on priority rules for a parallel-machine scheduling problem
Proceedings of the International conference on Industrial Engineering & Production Management - IEPM'99, FUCAM, 1999, Glasgow, Scotland, pp.163-172
inria-00107592v1  Conference papers
Xavier RebeufGerardo SatrianoFrançoise Simonot-Lion. A Distributed Algorithm for the Validation of Timed State Machines
6th International Conference On Principles Of DIstributed Systems - OPODIS'02, 2002, Reims/France, 12 p
inria-00100810v1  Conference papers
Hassen SallayRadu StateOlivier Festor. A Distributed Management platform for Integrated Multicast Monitoring
8th IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium - NOMS'2002, Mar 2002, Florence, Italie, 13 p
inria-00100816v1  Conference papers
Philippe de Groote. A dynamic programming approach to categorial deduction
16th International Conference on Automated Deduction - CADE-16, 1999, Trento, Italy, pp.1--15
inria-00101025v1  Conference papers
Sandy MaumusAmedeo NapoliRafik TaouilSophie Visvikis-Siest. A first study of the central role of the analyst in the knowledge discovery process in biology
Poster session at the 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology - ISMB'02, Aug 2002, Edmonton, Canada, 1 p
inria-00107582v1  Conference papers
Florence Le BerAmedeo Napoli. A Galois lattice for qualitative spatial reasoning and representation
ECAI Workshop on Advances in Formal Concept Analysis for Knowledge Discovery in Databases - FCAKDD'2002, Jul 2002, Lyon, France, 12 p
inria-00098939v1  Reports
Sorin Stratulat. A General Framework to Build Multi-logic Implicit Induction Provers
[Intern report] 99-R-310 || stratulat99a, 1999, 32 p
inria-00101069v1  Reports
Olivier Bournez. A Generalization of Equational Proof Theory?
[Intern report] A02-R-333 || bournez02e, 2002, 2 p
inria-00100885v1  Conference papers
Olivier Bournez. A Generalization of Equational Proof Theory?
Second Joint International Workshop on Process Algebras and Performance Modeling / Probabilistic Methods In Verification - PAPM-PROBMIV'02, Jul 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark, pp.207-208
inria-00100718v1  Conference papers
Abdel BelaïdLaurent Pierron. A generic approach for OCR performance evaluation
Electronic Imaging, SPIE, 2002, San Jose, California, 5 p
inria-00100729v1  Conference papers
Iadine ChadèsBruno ScherrerFrançois Charpillet. A Heuristic Approach for Solving Decentralized-POMDP : Assessment on the Pursuit Problem
ACM Symposium on Applied Computing - SAC'2002, Mar 2002, Madrid, Spain, 6 p
inria-00100961v1  Conference papers
Riad AggouneMarie-Claude Portmann. A heuristic approach for the job shop scheduling problem with availability constraints
XV Conference of the European Chapter on Combinatorial Optimization - ECCO'2002, ECCO, May 2002, Lugano, Switzerland, 1 p
inria-00100741v1  Conference papers
Isabelle RéchiniacOlivier Festor. A Hierarchical Topology Discovery Service for IPv6 Networks
Network Operations and Management Symposium - NOMS 2002, IEEE/IFIP, 2002, Florence, Italie, 14 p
inria-00108065v1  Conference papers
Antony VignierBenoit SonntagMarie-Claude Portmann. A hybrid method for a parallel machine scheduling problem
International Conference on Emerging Technologies on Factory & Automation - ETFA'99, IEEE, 1999, Barcelona, Spain, pp.671-678
hal-01434758v1  Conference papers
Nathalie RevolFabrice Rouillier. A library for arbitrary precision interval arithmetic
10th GAMM - IMACS International Symposium on Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetic, and Validated Numerics (scan2002), 2002, Paris, France
inria-00099014v1  Conference papers
Yann BonifaceFrédéric AlexandreStéphane Vialle. A library to implement neural networks on MIMD machines
Euro-Par'99 Parallel Processing, CERFACS & ENSEEIHT - IRIT., 1999, Toulouse, France, pp.935-938
inria-00100959v1  Conference papers
Guillaume ThisselinAntony Vignier. A lower bound computation for the "farmer problem
International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization - CO'2002, Apr 2002, none, 1 p
inria-00100861v1  Conference papers
Olivier PerrinClaude Godart. A Mail and XML based Protocol to Support Workflow Interoperability
20th IASTED International Conference on Applied Infomatics ,International Symposium on Software Engineering, Databases and Applications - AI 2002, IASTED, 2002, Innsbruck, Austria, 8 p
inria-00099441v1  Conference papers
Nacer Boudjlida. A Mediator-Based Architecture for Capability Management
6th IASTED International Conference Software Engineering and Applications - SEA'2002, 2002, Cambridge, USA, pp.45-50
inria-00098987v1  Conference papers
Maritta HeiselJeanine Souquières. A Method for Requirements Elicitation and Formal Specification
18th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling - ER'99, 1999, Paris, France, pp.309-324
inria-00099415v1  Conference papers
Mercedes MartinezJean-Claude DerniamePablo de la Fuente. A method for the dynamic generation of virtual versions of evolving documents
ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (Special track on Digital Libraries) - SAC'2002, ACM, 2002, Madrid, Spain, pp.476-482, ⟨10.1145/508791.508880⟩
inria-00098856v1  Journal articles
Claude KirchnerHubert ComonMehmet DincbasJean-Pierre Jouannaud. A Methodological View of Constraint Solving
Constraints, Springer Verlag, 1999, 4 (4), pp.337-361
inria-00098969v1  Journal articles
Mohamed AfifyYifan GongJean-Paul Haton. A Minimum Cross-Entropy Approach to Hidden Markov Model Adaptation
IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1999, 6 (6), pp.132-134
inria-00100792v1  Conference papers
Nicolas BiriDidier Galmiche. A Modal Linear Logic for Distribution and Mobility - extended abstract
Workshop on Linear Logic - FLOC'02, 2002, Copenhagen, Danemark, 6 p
inria-00147568v1  Conference papers
Philippe KislinAmos Abayomi DavidOdile Thiery. A model of information retrieval problem in Economic Intelligence context
6th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics - SCI'2002, IIIS, 2002, Orlando, USA, pp.148-153
inria-00098984v1  Conference papers
David LangloisKamel Smaïli. A New Based Distance Language Model for a Dictation Machine: application to MAUD
6th European Conference on Speech Communication & Technology - EUROSPEECH'99, 1999, Budapest, Hungary, pp.1779-1782
inria-00100825v1  Conference papers
David BellotAnne BoyerFrançois Charpillet. A new definition of qualified gain in a data fusion
The Fifth International Conference on Information Fusion - FUSION'2002, 2002, Annapolis, Maryland, USA, 8 p
inria-00100997v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles Faugère. A new efficient algorithm for computing Gröbner bases without reduction to zero
Workshop on application of Groebner Bases 2002, 2002, Catania, Spain
inria-00100996v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles Faugère. A new efficient algorithm for computing Gröbner bases without reduction to zero
Eighth Rhine Workshop on Computer Algebra -RWCA 2002, 2002, Mannheim, Germany
inria-00100995v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles Faugère. A new efficient algorithm for computing Gröbner bases without reduction to zero F5
International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation Symposium - ISSAC 2002, Jul 2002, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France. pp.75-83, ⟨10.1145/780506.780516⟩
inria-00100962v1  Conference papers
Riad AggouneMarie-Claude Portmann. A New Heuristic for the Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Availability Constraints
International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization - CO'02, Apr 2002, Paris, France, 1 p
inria-00107626v1  Conference papers
Bertrand GaiffeBenoît CrabbéAzim Roussanaly. A New Metagrammar Compiler
Sixth International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Frameworks - TAG+6, May 2002, Venice, Italy, 5 p
inria-00100859v1  Conference papers
Laurent NoéGregory Kucherov. A new method of finding similarity regions in DNA sequences
European Conference on Computational Biology - ECCB'2002, Oct 2002, Saarbrücken, Germany, pp.173-174
inria-00098909v1  Journal articles
Pascal MatsakisLaurent Wendling. A New Way to Represent the Relative between Areal Objects
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1999, 21 (7), pp.634-643
inria-00101066v1  Reports
Dominique PoulalhonGilles Schaeffer. A note on Bipartite Eulerian Planar Maps
[Intern report] A02-R-213 || poulalhon02a, 2002, 5 p
inria-00107587v1  Conference papers
Anne BonneauParham Mokhtari. A phonetically-guided diagnosis of auditory deficiency based on synthetic speech stimuli
6th European Conference on Speech Communication & Technology - EUROSPEECH'99, Technical University of Budapest & The Scientific Society for Telecommunications, 1999, Budapest, Hungary, pp.559-562
inria-00100876v1  Conference papers
Anne BonneauParham Mokhtari. A platform for the diagnosis of auditory deficiency
4th International Workshop on Enterprise Networking and Computing in Health Care Industry - Healthcom 2002, Jun 2002, Nancy, France, 4 p
inria-00101044v1  Journal articles
Yves BertotNicolas MagaudPaul Zimmermann. A Proof of GMP Square Root
Journal of Automated Reasoning, Springer Verlag, 2002, 29 (3-4), pp.225--252. ⟨10.1023/A:1021987403425⟩
inria-00107631v1  Conference papers
Laszlo Szathmary. A proposition for a multi-dimensional classification-based system for corporate knowledge management
The 2nd EKMF Management Summer School - KMSS'2002, INRIA, Sep 2002, Sophia Antipolis, France, pp.129-134
inria-00099439v1  Conference papers
Laurent Bougrain. A pruned higher-order network for knowledge extraction
International Joint Conference on Neural Networks - IJCNN'02, May 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 4 p
inria-00098816v1  Journal articles
Guy Perrier. A PSPACE-complete fragment of second-order linear logic
Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier, 1999, 224 (1-2), pp.267-289
hal-01431508v1  Conference papers
Eddy CaronFrédéric DesprezFrédéric LombardJean-Marc NicodMartin Quinson et al.  A Scalable Approach to Network Enabled Servers
8th International EuroPar Conference, 2002, Paderborn, Germany. pp.4
inria-00100948v1  Conference papers
Guillaume ThisselinAntony Vignier. A Scheduling Problem with Multiple Purposes and Unrelated Resources ("The Farmer Problem")
Eighth International Workshop on Project Management and Scheduling - PMS 2002, Apr 2002, Valencia, Spain, 4 p
inria-00099434v1  Conference papers
Ghassan ChaddoudIsabelle ChrismentAbdelkader Lahmadi. A Secure SSM Architecture
IEEE International Conference on Networks - ICON'2002, Aug 2002, Singapore, 13 p
inria-00102167v1  Conference papers
Olfa MosbahiLeila Jemni Ben AyedSamir Ben AhmedJacques Jaray. A Specification and Validation Technique Based on STATEMATE and FNLOG
4th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods - ICFEM 2002, Oct 2002, Shanghai, China. pp.216-220, ⟨10.1007/3-540-36103-0_23⟩
inria-00098988v1  Journal articles
Didier GalmicheGiorgio DelzannoMaurizio Martelli. A Specification Logic for Concurrent Object-oriented Programming
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, Cambridge University Press (CUP), 1999, 9 (3), pp.253-286
hal-01153734v1  Journal articles
Viviana BonoMichele BugliesiMariangiola Dezani-CiancagliniLuigi Liquori. A Subtyping for Extensible, Incomplete Objects
Fundamenta Informaticae, Polskie Towarzystwo Matematyczne, 1999, 38 (4), pp.325--364
inria-00100762v1  Journal articles
Sylvain Petitjean. A Survey of Methods for Recovering Quadrics in Triangle Meshes
ACM Computing Surveys, Association for Computing Machinery, 2002, 34 (2), pp.211-262. ⟨10.1145/508352.508354⟩
inria-00100849v1  Conference papers
Umapada PalAbdel BelaïdB. B. Chaudury. A System for Bangla Handwritten Numeral Recognition
International Conference on Knowledge Based Computer Systems - KBCS 2002, 2002, Navi Mumbai, India
inria-00098957v1  Conference papers
Eric MeyerJeanine Souquières. A systematic approach to transform OMT diagrams to a B specification
World Congress on Formal Methods in the Development of Computing Systems - FM'99, 1999, Toulouse, France, pp.875-895
inria-00098769v1  Conference papers
Manuel MunierKhalid BenaliClaude Godart. A transactional approach for cross-organizational cooperation
Global Telecommunications Conference, 1999. GLOBECOM '99, May 1999, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, pp.1926 - 1931, ⟨10.1109/GLOCOM.1999.832501⟩
inria-00101038v1  Journal articles
Vladimir Y. LuninNatasha LuninaA. PodjarnyAlexander BockmayrAlexandre Urzhumtsev. Ab initio phasing starting from low resolution
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, De Gruyter, 2002, 217 (12), pp.668-685
inria-00098918v1  Conference papers
Dominique CansellDominique Méry. Abstract Animator for Temporal Specifications
Workshop on Modelling & Verification, Françoise Bellegarde, Olga Kouchnarenko & Jacques Julliand, 1999, Besançon, France
inria-00098953v1  Conference papers
Dominique CansellDominique Méry. Abstract animator for temporal specifications Application to TLA
International Symposium on Static Analysis - SAS'99, Gilberto Fil & Agostino Cortesi, 1999, Venise, Italie, pp.284-299
inria-00107627v1  Conference papers
Nachum DershowitzClaude Kirchner. Abstract Canonical Inference Systems
16th International Workshop on Unification - UNIF'2002, Jul 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20 p
inria-00100818v1  Journal articles
Olivier Bournez. Achilles and the tortoise climbing up the hyper-arithmetical hiearchy
Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier, 1999, 210 (1), pp.21-71
inria-00098886v1  Conference papers
Jean-Pierre Finance. Acteurs de l'Université et technologies de l'Information et de la Communication
Les Entretiens de Nancy, Acteurs de l'Université et technologies de l'Information et de la Communication, Conférence des Présidents d'Université, 1999, Nancy
inria-00100766v1  Conference papers
Olivier BuffetAlain DutechFrançois Charpillet. Adaptive Combination of Behaviors in an Agent
European Conference on Artificial Intelligence - ECAI'02, 2002, Lyon, France, pp.48-52
inria-00072188v1  Reports
Emmanuel Jeannot. Adaptive Online Data Compression
[Research Report] RR-4400, INRIA. 2002, pp.7
inria-00100877v1  Conference papers
Emmanuel JeannotBjorn KnuttsonMats Bjorkman. Adaptive Online Data Compression
Eleventh IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing - HPDC 11, Jul 2002, Edinburgh, Scotland, 10 p
inria-00098784v1  Conference papers
Olivier ZendraDominique Colnet. Adding external iterators to an existing Eiffel class library
32th conference on Technology of Object-Oriented Languages & Systems - TOOLS Pacific'99, Nov 1999, Melbourne, Australia, pp.188 - 199, ⟨10.1109/TOOLS.1999.809425⟩
inria-00099361v1  Conference papers
Daniela GrigoriHala Skaf-MolliFrançois Charoy. Adding Flexibility in a Cooperative Workflow Execution Engine
8th International Conference on High Performance Computing & Networking Europe - HPCN Europe 2000, May 2002, Amsterdam, Hollande, pp.227-236
inria-00099404v1  Conference papers
Hacène CherfiYannick Toussaint. Adéquation d'indices statistiques à l'interprétation de règles d'association
6èmes Journées internationales d'Analyse statistique des Données Textuelles - JADT 2002, 2002, Saint-Malo, France, pp.233-244
inria-00100971v1  Conference papers
Freddy DeppnerOlivier Dupuis. Affectation de ressources humaines dans un environnement multi-ressources
4ème Congrès de la Société Française de Recherche Opérationnelle et Aide à la Décision, Irène Charon et Olivier Hudry, Feb 2002, Paris, France, pp.125-126
inria-00098821v1  Conference papers
Mudumbai RanganathanLaurent AndreyVirginie GaltierVirginie Schaal. AGNI : encore une plate-forme à agents mobiles !
Colloque Francophone sur l'Ingénierie des Protocoles - CFIP'99, 1999, Nancy, France, 14 p