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hal-02162293v1  Conference papers
Patrick DerbezPierre-Alain FouqueJérémy JeanBaptiste Lambin. Variants of the AES Key Schedule for Better Truncated Differential Bounds
25th Conference on Selected Areas in Cryptography (SAC 2018), Aug 2018, Calgary, Canada. pp.27-49, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-10970-7_2⟩
inria-00556688v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Alain FouqueGilles Macario-RatLudovic PerretJacques Stern. Total Break of the l-IC Signature Scheme
Public Key Cryptography - PKC 2008, 11th International Workshop on Practice and Theory in Public-Key Cryptography, Mar 2008, Barcelona, Spain. pp.1-17, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-78440-1_1⟩
hal-01094301v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Alain FouqueDamien VergnaudJean-Christophe Zapalowicz. Time/Memory/Data Tradeoffs for Variants of the RSA Problem
Computing and Combinatorics, 19th International Conference, COCOON 2013, Jun 2013, Hangzhou, China. pp.651-662, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-38768-5_57⟩
inria-00103433v1  Conference papers
Olivier ChevassutPierre-Alain FouquePierrick GaudryDavid Pointcheval. The Twist-AUgmented technique for key exchange
9th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Public Key Cryptology - PKC 2006, Apr 2006, New York, USA, pp.410-426
hal-02482253v1  Journal articles
Ghada ArfaouiXavier BultelPierre-Alain FouqueAdina NedelcuCristina Onete. The privacy of the TLS 1.3 protocol
Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, De Gruyter Open, 2019, 2019, pp.190 - 210. ⟨10.2478/popets-2019-0065⟩
hal-02865304v1  Journal articles
Daniel de Almeida BragaPierre-Alain FouqueMohamed Sabt. The Long and Winding Path to Secure Implementation of GlobalPlatform SCP10
IACR Transactions on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, IACR, 2020, 2020 (3), pp.196-218
hal-01410216v1  Conference papers
Gilles BartheSonia BelaïdFrançois DupressoirPierre-Alain FouqueBenjamin Grégoire et al.  Strong Non-Interference and Type-Directed Higher-Order Masking
CCS 2016 - 23rd ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Oct 2016, Vienne, Austria. pp.116 - 129, ⟨10.1145/2976749.2978427⟩
hal-01648080v1  Conference papers
Thomas EspitauPierre-Alain FouqueBenoît GérardMehdi Tibouchi. Side-Channel Attacks on BLISS Lattice-Based Signatures
2017 ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2017), Oct 2017, Dallas, TX, United States. pp.1857-1874, ⟨10.1145/3133956.3134028⟩
hal-01093987v1  Conference papers
Sonia BelaidPierre-Alain FouqueBenoit Gérard. Side-Channel Analysis of Multiplications in GF(2 128 ) Application to AES-GCM
Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2014 - 20th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, Palash Sarkar, Tetsu Iwata, Dec 2014, Kaoshiung, Taiwan. pp.20
inria-00556680v1  Conference papers
Charles BouillaguetPierre-Alain FouqueGaëtan Leurent. Security Analysis of SIMD
Selected Areas in Cryptography, 10th Annual International Workshop, SAC 2010, 2010, Ontario, Canada
hal-01094298v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Alain FouquePierre Karpman. Security Amplification against Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks Using Whitening
Cryptography and Coding - 14th International Conference, Dec 2013, Oxford, United Kingdom. pp.18, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-45239-0_15⟩
hal-01094296v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Alain FouqueMehdi TibouchiJean-Christophe Zapalowicz. Recovering Private Keys Generated with Weak PRNGs
Cryptography and Coding - 14th International Conference, Dec 2013, Oxford, United Kingdom. pp.158 - 172, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-45239-0_10⟩
inria-00556673v1  Conference papers
Jérémy JeanPierre-Alain Fouque. Practical Near-Collisions and Collisions on Round-Reduced ECHO-256 Compression Function
Fast Software Encryption, 18th International Workshop : FSE 2011, Feb 2011, Lyngby, Denmark. pp.107-127, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-21702-9_7⟩
inria-00556681v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Alain FouqueGaëtan LeurentDenis RéalFrédéric Valette. Practical Electromagnetic Template Attack on HMAC
Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems - CHES 2009, 11th International Workshop, 2009, Lausanne, Switzerland. pp.66-80, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-04138-9_6⟩
inria-00556671v1  Conference papers
Charles BouillaguetJean-Charles FaugèrePierre-Alain FouqueLudovic Perret. Practical Cryptanalysis of the Identification Scheme Based on the Isomorphism of Polynomial With One Secret Problem
14th IACR International Conference on Practice and Theory of Public Key Cryptography - PKC 2011, Mar 2011, Taormina, Italy. pp.473-493, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-19379-8_29⟩
inria-00556691v1  Conference papers
Vivien DuboisPierre-Alain FouqueAdi ShamirJacques Stern. Practical Cryptanalysis of SFLASH
Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2007: 27th Annual International Cryptology Conference, 2007, Santa Barbara, California, United States. pp.1-12, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-74143-5_1⟩
inria-00419148v1  Conference papers
Céline ChevalierPierre-Alain FouqueDavid PointchevalSébastien Zimmer. Optimal Randomness Extraction from a Diffie-Hellman Element
Advances in Cryptology -- Proceedings of EUROCRYPT '09, 2009, Cologne, Allemagne, Germany. pp.572--589
inria-00556684v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Alain FouqueGwenaëlle MartinetFrédéric ValetteSebastien Zimmer. On the Security of the CCM Encryption Mode and of a Slight Variant
Applied Cryptography and Network Security : 6th International Conference, ACNS 2008, 2008, New York, United States. pp.411-428, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-68914-0_25⟩
inria-00539539v1  Book sections
Benoît Chevallier-MamesPierre-Alain FouqueDavid PointchevalJulien SternJacques Traoré. On Some Incompatible Properties of Voting Schemes
D. Chaum, R. Rivest, M. Jakobsson, B. Schoenmakers, P. Ryan, and J. Benaloh. Towards Trustworthy Elections, 6000, springer, pp.191--199, 2010, lncs
hal-02162300v1  Conference papers
Patrick DerbezPierre-Alain FouqueBaptiste LambinBrice Minaud. On Recovering Affine Encodings in White-Box Implementations
IACR Transactions on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands