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inria-00610934v1  Journal articles
Jianneng CaoPanagiotis KarrasChedy RaïssiKian-Lee Tan. ρ-uncertainty: Inference-Proof Transaction Anonymization
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB), VLDB Endowment, 2010, 3 (1), pp.1033-1044
inria-00107460v3  Journal articles
Antoine Lejay. Yet another introduction to rough paths
Séminaire de Probabilités, Springer-Verlag, 2009, Séminaire de Probabilités XLII / Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1979, pp.1-101. ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-01763-6_1⟩
inria-00448742v1  Journal articles
Laurent NoéGregory Kucherov. YASS: enhancing the sensitivity of DNA similarity search.
Nucleic Acids Research, Oxford University Press, 2005, 33 (Web Server issue), pp.W540-W543. ⟨10.1093/nar/gki478⟩
inria-00099728v1  Journal articles
Jérôme EuzenatAmedeo NapoliJean-François Baget. XML et les objets (objectif XML)
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série L'Objet : logiciel, bases de données, réseaux, Hermès-Lavoisier, 2003, 9 (3), pp.11--37
inria-00001223v1  Journal articles
Vincent CridligHumberto AbdelnurRadu StateOlivier Festor. XBGP-MAN: A XML management architecture for BGP
International Journal of Network Management, Wiley, 2006, 16 (4), pp.295-309. ⟨10.1002/nem.600⟩
inria-00615078v1  Journal articles
L. PicardEric MaurincommeM. SodermanJacques FeldmarRené Anxionnat et al.  X-ray angiography in stereotactic conditions: techniques and interest for interventional neuroradiology
Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, Karger, 1997, 68 (1-4 Pt 1), pp.117-20
hal-00644653v1  Journal articles
Pierre Vallois. Wich distributions have the Matsumoto-Yor property ?
Electronic Journal of Probability, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), 2011, 16, pp.556-566
hal-01283962v1  Journal articles
Efoevi Angelo KoudouPierre Vallois. Which distributions have the Matsumoto-Yor property?
Electronic Communications in Probability, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), 2011, 16, pp.49. ⟨10.1214/ECP.v16-1663⟩
hal-00917750v1  Journal articles
Paul Zimmermann. Wester's test suite in MuPAD 1.3
SAC Newsletter, SAC, 1996
hal-00917746v1  Journal articles
Paul Zimmermann. Wester's test suite in MuPAD 1.2.2
Computer Algebra Nederland Nieuwsbrief, CWI, 1995, pp.53--64
inria-00373784v2  Journal articles
Nicolas ChampagnatPierre-Emmanuel Jabin. Well-posedness in any dimension for Hamiltonian flows with non BV force terms
Communications in Partial Differential Equations, Taylor & Francis, 2010, 35 (5), pp.786-816. ⟨10.1080/03605301003646705⟩
hal-00789315v1  Journal articles
Boris AndreianovFrédéric LagoutièreNicolas SeguinTakéo Takahashi. Well-posedness for a one-dimensional fluid-particle interaction model
SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2014, 46 (2)
hal-00620733v2  Journal articles
Nabile BoussaidMarco CaponigroThomas Chambrion. Weakly-coupled systems in quantum control
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2013, 58 (9), pp.2205-2216. ⟨10.1109/TAC.2013.2255948⟩
inria-00099565v1  Journal articles
Karell BertetJens GustedtMichel Morvan. Weak-order extensions of an order
Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier, 2003, 304 (1-3), pp.249-268
hal-00594870v1  Journal articles
Nicolas BessePierre BertrandPierre MorelE. Gravier. Weak turbulence theory and simulation of the gyro-water-bag model
Physical Review E : Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, American Physical Society, 2008, 77 (5), pp.056410. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevE.77.056410⟩
hal-03140597v1  Journal articles
Julien Lequeurre. Weak Solutions for a System Modeling the Movement of a Piston in a Viscous Compressible Gas
Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, Springer Verlag, 2020, 22 (3), pp.40. ⟨10.1007/s00021-020-0481-y⟩
hal-00170074v2  Journal articles
Xavier BardinaIvan NourdinCarles RoviraSamy Tindel. Weak approximation of a fractional SDE
Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Elsevier, 2010, 120 (1), pp.39-65. ⟨10.1016/j.spa.2009.10.008⟩
inria-00401531v1  Journal articles
Helmut SchmidtAxel HuttLutz Schimansky-Geier. Wave fronts in inhomogeneous neural field models
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, Elsevier, 2009, 238 (14), pp.1101-1112. ⟨10.1016/j.physd.2009.02.017⟩
hal-00594880v1  Journal articles
Pierre MorelE. GravierNicolas BesseR. KleinA. Ghizzo et al.  Water-bag modeling of a multispecies plasma
Physics of Plasmas, American Institute of Physics, 2011, 18 (3), pp.032512. ⟨10.1063/1.3565019⟩
inria-00100936v1  Journal articles
Mireille Bousquet-MélouGilles Schaeffer. Walks in the slit plane
Probability Theory and Related Fields, Springer Verlag, 2002, 124 (3), pp.305-344
inria-00189386v4  Journal articles
Gang ZhengArnaud TonnelierDominique Martinez. Voltage-stepping schemes for the simulation of spiking neural networks
Journal of Computational Neuroscience, Springer Verlag, 2009, 26 (3), pp.409-423. ⟨10.1007/s10827-008-0119-1⟩
inria-00506482v1  Journal articles
Michel CrampesJeremy Oliveira-KumarSylvie RanwezJean Villerd. Visualizing Social Photos on a Hasse Diagram for Eliciting Relations and Indexing New Photos
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009, 15 (6), pp.985-992. ⟨10.1109/TVCG.2009.201⟩
inria-00546158v2  Journal articles
Pierre CasertaOlivier Zendra. Visualization of the Static aspects of Software: a survey
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2011, 17 (7), pp.913-933. ⟨10.1109/TVCG.2010.110⟩
halshs-00687176v1  Journal articles
Kiyoshi HondaTatsuya KitamuraHironori TakemotoSeiji AdachiParham Mokhtari et al.  Visualization of hypopharyngeal cavities and vocal tract acoustic modeling
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, Taylor & Francis, 2010, 13 (4), pp.443-453. ⟨10.1080/10255842.2010.490528⟩
hal-00184425v1  Journal articles
Slim OuniMichael CohenHope IshakDominic Massaro. Visual Contribution to Speech Perception: Measuring the Intelligibility of Animated Talking Heads
EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing, SpringerOpen, 2007, 2007, pp.ID 47891. ⟨10.1155/2007/47891⟩
hal-00599703v1  Journal articles
Cindy CappelleMaan El Badaoui El NajjarFrançois CharpilletDenis Pormski. Virtual 3D City Model for Navigation in Urban Areas
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, Springer Verlag, 2011, 66, pp.377-399. ⟨10.1007/s10846-011-9594-0⟩
inria-00108035v1  Journal articles
Malika Smaïl. Vers des systèmes évolutifs de recherche d'information : un état de l'art
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série TSI : Technique et Science Informatiques, Lavoisier, 1998, 17 (10), pp.1193-1222
inria-00181761v1  Journal articles
Yohan BoichutPierre-Cyrille HeamOlga Kouchnarenko. Vérifier automatiquement les protocoles de sécurité
Techniques de l'Ingenieur, Techniques de l'ingénieur, 2007, pp.1-9
inria-00100930v1  Journal articles
Nicolas NavetYe-Qiong Song. Validation of In-Vehicle Real-Time Applications
Computers in Industry, Elsevier, 2001, 46 (2), pp.107-122
inria-00188597v1  Journal articles
Irina G. TikhonovaEsther MarcoElodie Lahlou-ArcherIngrid LangerMagali Foucaud et al.  Validated ligand binding sites in CCK receptors. Next step: computer-aided design of novel CCK ligands
Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, Bentham Science Publishers, 2007, 7 (12), pp.1243-1247
inria-00509979v1  Journal articles
Nicolas HolzschuchLaurent Alonso. Using Graphics Hardware to Speed-up Visibility Queries
Journal of graphics tools, A.K. Peters, Ltd., 2000, 5 (2), pp.33-47
inria-00108038v1  Journal articles
Patrick GrosOlivier BournezEdmond Boyer. Using geometric quasi-invariants to match and model images of line segments
Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Elsevier, 1998, 69 (2), pp.135-155
inria-00099277v1  Journal articles
Philippe AubryAnnick Valibouze. Using Galois ideals for computing relative resolvents
Journal of Symbolic Computation, Elsevier, 2000, 30 (6), pp.635--651. ⟨10.1006/jsco.2000.0376⟩
inria-00536851v1  Journal articles
Vincent ThomasMahuna Akplogan. Using “Social actions” and RL-algorithms to build policies in DEC-POMDP
IADIS International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems, Iadis Press, 2009, 4 (3), pp.82-98
inria-00098976v1  Journal articles
Amos Abayomi DavidDavid Bueno. User modeling and cooperative information retrieval in information retrieval systems
Knowledge Organization, Ergon Verlag, 1999, 26 (1), pp.30-45
inria-00110628v1  Journal articles
Michael AronGilles SimonMarie-Odile Berger. Use of Inertial Sensors to Support Video Tracking
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, Wiley, 2007, 18, pp.57-68. ⟨10.1002/cav.161⟩
inria-00431408v1  Journal articles
Xavier GoaocJan KratochvilYoshio OkamotoChan-Su ShinAndreas Spillner et al.  Untangling a Planar Graph
Discrete and Computational Geometry, Springer Verlag, 2009, 42 (4), pp.542-569. ⟨10.1007/s00454-008-9130-6⟩
hal-00331047v1  Journal articles
Eugene Kazantsev. Unstable periodic orbits and attractor of the barotropic ocean model
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, European Geosciences Union (EGU), 1998, 5 (4), pp.193-208
hal-01653572v1  Journal articles
Frédérique BassinoMathilde BouvelValentin FerayLucas GerinMickaël Maazoun et al.  Universal limits of substitution-closed permutation classes
Journal of the European Mathematical Society, European Mathematical Society, 2020, 22 (11), pp.3565-3639. ⟨10.4171/JEMS/993⟩
inria-00099668v1  Journal articles
Cesare TinelliChristophe Ringeissen. Unions of Non-Disjoint Theories and Combinations of Satisfiability Procedures
Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier, 2003, 290 (1), pp.291-353
hal-00681601v1  Journal articles
Denis Villemonais. Uniform tightness for time-inhomogeneous particle systems and for conditional distributions of time-inhomogeneous diffusion processes
Markov Processes And Related Fields, Polymat Publishing Company, 2013, 19 (3), pp.543 - 562
inria-00098797v1  Journal articles
Alain DenisePaul Zimmermann. Uniform Random Generation of Decomposable Structures Using Floating-Point Arithmetic
Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier, 1999, 218 (2), pp.233-248
hal-00589788v1  Journal articles
Sandie FerrignoMyriam Maumy-BertrandAurélie Muller. Uniform law of the logarithm for the local linear estimator of the conditional distribution function
Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série I, Mathématique, Elsevier, 2010, 348 (17-18), pp.1015-1019. ⟨10.1016/j.crma.2010.08.003⟩
hal-01395727v2  Journal articles
Nicolas ChampagnatDenis Villemonais. Uniform convergence to the Q-process
Electronic Communications in Probability, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), 2017, 22 (33), pp.1-7. ⟨10.1214/17-ECP63⟩
hal-01290222v1  Journal articles
Nicolas ChampagnatDenis Villemonais. Uniform convergence of penalized time-inhomogeneous Markov processes
ESAIM: Probability and Statistics, EDP Sciences, 2018, 22, pp.129-162. ⟨10.1051/ps/2017022⟩
hal-01166960v1  Journal articles
Nicolas ChampagnatDenis Villemonais. Uniform convergence of conditional distributions for absorbed one-dimensional diffusions
Advances in Applied Probability, Applied Probability Trust, 2018, 50 (1), pp.178-203. ⟨10.1017/apr.2018.9⟩
inria-00099222v1  Journal articles
Miki HermannPhokion G. Kolaitis. Unification Algorithms Cannot Be Combined in Polynomial Time
Information and Computation, Elsevier, 2000, 162 (1-2), pp.24-42
inria-00099721v1  Journal articles
Martine CadotAmedeo Napoli. Une optimisation de l'extraction d'un jeu de règles s'appuyant sur les caractéristiques statistiques des données
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série RIA : Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle, Lavoisier, 2003, 16 (6), pp.631-656
inria-00522005v1  Journal articles
Pierre-Yves DurandJacques ChanliauJean-Pierre ThomesseFrançois CharpilletLaurent Romary et al.  Une nouvelle ère en dialyse péritonéale : la télémédecine intelligente
Bulletin de Dialyse Péritonéale de Langue Française, Registre de Dialyse Péritonéale de Langue Française, 1999, 9 (1, S17)
inria-00100248v1  Journal articles
Rim Al HulouAmedeo NapoliEmmanuel Nauer. Une mesure de similarité sémantique pour la classification de documents par le contenu
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série ISI : Ingénierie des Systèmes d'Information, Lavoisier, 2004, Numéro spécial L'objet, 10 (2--3), pp.217--230
inria-00098473v1  Journal articles
Emmanuel Nataf. Une formalisation du comportement des relations de la gestion OSI
Revue Electronique Réseaux Informatique Répartie, Université de Pau, 1998, 16 p
hal-00601991v1  Journal articles
Corinne GracAgnès BraudFlorence Le BerMichèle Trémolières. Un système d'information pour le suivi et l'évaluation de la qualité des cours d'eau -- Application à l'hydro-écorégion de la plaine d'Alsace
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série ISI : Ingénierie des Systèmes d'Information, Lavoisier, 2011, 16, pp.9-30
inria-00099119v1  Journal articles
Yann BugeaudGuillaume Hanrot. Un nouveau critère pour l'équation de Catalan
Mathematika, University College London, 2000, 47, pp.63--73
hal-00110970v1  Journal articles
Susanne Salmon-AltLaurent RomaryJean-Marie Pierrel. Un modèle générique d'organisation de corpus en ligne : application à la FReeBank
Revue TAL, ATALA (Association pour le Traitement Automatique des Langues), 2006, 45, pp.145-169
inria-00099972v1  Journal articles
Franck GechterVincent ChevrierFrançois Charpillet. Un modèle de résolution de problèmes utilisant des agents réactifs pour la localisation et le suivi
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série RIA : Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle, Lavoisier, 2004, 18 (5-6), pp.743-777
inria-00100568v1  Journal articles
Samir TataGérôme CanalsClaude Godart. Un modèle d'interaction pour les équipes virtuelles coopérantes
Réseaux et systèmes répartis, calculateurs parallèles, Hermès science, 2001, 13 (2-3), pp.267-294
inria-00100588v1  Journal articles
Laurent Romary. Un modèle abstrait pour la représentation de terminologies multilingues informatisées
Cahiers Gutenberg, Association GUTenberg, 2001, pp.81-88
inria-00101021v1  Journal articles
Virginie Galtier. Un élément de gestion des réseaux actifs
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série TSI : Technique et Science Informatiques, Lavoisier, 2002, 21, pp.899-924
inria-00291828v1  Journal articles
Jacques Lonchamp. Un cadre conceptuel et logiciel pour la construction d'environnements d'apprentissage collaboratifs
STICEF (Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication pour l'Éducation et la Formation), ATIEF, 2008, 14/2007
hal-01479851v1  Journal articles
Sylvain Maire. Un algorithme probabiliste de calculs d'approximations polynomiales sur un hypercube
Comptes Rendus. Mathématique, Académie des sciences (Paris), 2003, 336 (2), pp.185-190
hal-00596704v1  Journal articles
Omar MorandiPaul-Antoine HervieuxGiovanni Manfredi. Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in diluted magnetic semiconductors
New Journal of Physics, Institute of Physics: Open Access Journals, 2009, 11, pp.073010. ⟨10.1088/1367-2630/11/7/073010⟩
inria-00537988v1  Journal articles
David RitchieVishwesh Venkatraman. Ultra-fast FFT protein docking on graphics processors
Bioinformatics, Oxford University Press (OUP), 2010, 26 (19), pp.2398-2405. ⟨10.1093/bioinformatics/btq444⟩