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hal-00651600v1  Book sections
Juan Antonio Cordero FuertesEmmanuel BaccelliPhilippe JacquetThomas Heide Clausen. Wired/Wireless Compound Networking
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: Applications, InTech, pp.349 - 375, 2011
inria-00130523v1  Book sections
Lutz Straßburger. What is a logic, and what is a proof ?
Jean-Yves Beziau. Logica Universalis, Birkhäuser, pp.135-145, 2005, 978-3-7643-7259-0
inria-00130504v1  Conference papers
Lutz Straßburger. What could a Boolean category be?
Classical Logic and Computation 2006 (ICALP Workshop), Jul 2006, Venice, Italy
inria-00584877v1  Journal articles
Carlos MunueraMorgan Barbier. Wet paper codes and the dual distance in steganography
Advances in Mathematics of Communications, AIMS, 2011, Lecture Notes on Computer Sciences, 6 (3), pp.273-285. ⟨10.3934/amc.2012.6.273⟩
inria-00543150v1  Conference papers
Danièle GardyYann Ponty. Weighted random generation of context-free languages: Analysis of collisions in random urn occupancy models
GASCOM - 8th conference on random generation of combinatorial structures - 2010, LACIM, UQAM, Sep 2010, Montréal, Canada. 14pp
inria-00200912v1  Conference papers
Yuxin DengCatuscia PalamidessiJun Pang. Weak Probabilistic Anonymity
3rd International Workshop on Security Issues in Concurrency (SecCo), Aug 2005, San Francisco, United States. pp.55-76, ⟨10.1016/j.entcs.2005.05.043⟩
hal-00976768v2  Journal articles
Luis PinoAndres AristizabalFilippo BonchiFrank Valencia. Weak CCP bisimilarity with strong procedures
Science of Computer Programming, Elsevier, 2015, 100, pp.84-104. ⟨10.1016/j.scico.2014.09.007⟩
hal-00562488v1  Conference papers
Michel FliessCédric JoinFrédéric Hatt. Volatility made observable at last
3èmes Journées Identification et Modélisation Expérimentale, JIME'2011, Apr 2011, Douai, France. pp.CDROM
hal-00723351v1  Conference papers
Yann Ponty. Visualizing 2D & 3D Structures of RNA
VIZBI - 3rd international meeting on Visualizing Biological Data - 2012, Jim, Procter (U-Dundee, Scotland) and Sean O'Donoghue (CMIS, Australia), Mar 2012, Heidelberg, Germany
inria-00463605v1  Conference papers
Samer RiachyMichel FliessCédric JoinJean-Pierre Barbot. Vers une simplification de la commande non linéaire : l'exemple d'un avion à décollage vertical
Sixième Conférence Internationale Francophone d'Automatique, CIFA 2010, Jun 2010, Nancy, France. pp.CDROM
inria-00460912v1  Conference papers
Cédric JoinGérard RobertMichel Fliess. Vers une commande sans modèle pour aménagements hydroélectriques en cascade
Sixième Conférence Internationale Francophone d'Automatique, CIFA 2010, CNRS, Jun 2010, Nancy, France. pp.CDROM
hal-00682762v1  Conference papers
Jérôme de MirasSamer RiachyMichel FliessCédric JoinStéphane Bonnet. Vers une commande sans modèle d'un palier magnétique
7e Conférence Internationale Francophone d'Automatique, CIFA 2012, Jul 2012, Grenoble, France. pp.509-514
inria-00001139v2  Conference papers
Michel FliessCédric JoinMamadou MboupHebertt Sira-Ramirez. Vers une commande multivariable sans modèle
Conférence internationale francophone d'automatique (CIFA 2006), 2006, Bordeaux, France
inria-00614041v1  Conference papers
Mickaël ArmandGermain FaureBenjamin GrégoireChantal KellerLaurent Théry et al.  Verifying SAT and SMT in Coq for a fully automated decision procedure
PSATTT'11: International Workshop on Proof-Search in Axiomatic Theories and Type Theories, Germain Faure, Stéphane Lengrand, Assia Mahboubi, Aug 2011, Wroclaw, Poland
inria-00534821v1  Conference papers
Kaustuv ChaudhuriDamien DoligezLeslie LamportStephan Merz. Verifying Safety Properties With the TLA+ Proof System
Fifth International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning - IJCAR 2010, Jul 2010, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. pp.142--148, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-14203-1_12⟩
pastel-00605836v1  Theses
Arnaud Spiwack. Verified Computing in Homological Algebra
Algebraic Topology [math.AT]. Ecole Polytechnique X, 2011. English
hal-00432548v1  Journal articles
Kévin DartyAlain DeniseYann Ponty. VARNA: Interactive drawing and editing of the RNA secondary structure.
Bioinformatics, Oxford University Press (OUP), 2009, 25 (15), pp.1974-5. ⟨10.1093/bioinformatics/btp250⟩
inria-00001042v1  Lectures
Michel Fliess. Variations sur la notion de contrôlabilité
Doctoral. Société mathématique de France, Paris, 2000
hal-02169218v1  Book sections
Natasha FernandesKacem LefkiCatuscia Palamidessi. Utility-Preserving Privacy Mechanisms for Counting Queries
Michele Boreale; Flavio Corradini; Michele Loreti; Rosario Pugliese. Models, Languages and Tools for Concurrent and Distributed Programming, 11665, Springer, pp.487-495, 2019, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
hal-00766780v1  Conference papers
Evan SenterSaad SheikhIvan DotuYann PontyPeter Clote. Using the Fast Fourier Transform to accelerate the computational search for RNA conformational switches (extended abstract)
RECOMB - 17th Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology - 2013, Apr 2013, Beijing, China
inria-00429780v1  Journal articles
Anatoly IvashchenkoGalina BoldinaAizhan TurmagambetovaMireille Régnier. Using profiles based on hydropathy properties to define essential regions for splicing
International Journal of Biological Sciences, Ivyspring International Publisher, 2009, 5, pp.13-19