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hal-01644290v1  Journal articles
Kai HuTeng ZhangLihong ShangZhibing YangJean-Pierre Talpin. 面向同步规范的并行代码自动生成
Journal of Software, Science in China Press, 2017, 28, pp.1-15. ⟨10.13328/j.cnki.jos.005056⟩
hal-02133560v1  Journal articles
Shiming ZouHongxin ZhangQian BoleiXavier Granier. 基于着色区间约束的法向纹理编辑方法
Jisuanji-fuzhu-sheji-yu-tuxingxue-xuebao / Journal of computer-aided design & computer graphics, Beijing, 2011, 23 (12), pp.2067-2073
hal-01798576v1  Journal articles
Andrii ShachykovPatrick HenaffOlexandr Shulyak. Нейро-мускульноскелетный симулятор ритмических движений тазобедренного сустава человека
Bulletin of National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI". Series Instrument Making, National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", 2018, 55(1), pp.118-125. ⟨10.20535/1970.55(1).2018.135832⟩
hal-01904081v1  Journal articles
Nicolas TrotignonLan Anh Pham. χ-bounds, operations, and chords
Journal of Graph Theory, Wiley, 2018, 88 (2), pp.312 - 336. ⟨10.1002/jgt.22214⟩
inria-00610934v1  Journal articles
Jianneng CaoPanagiotis KarrasChedy RaïssiKian-Lee Tan. ρ-uncertainty: Inference-Proof Transaction Anonymization
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB), VLDB Endowment, 2010, 3 (1), pp.1033-1044
hal-01141841v1  Journal articles
Ronan BoitardRémi CozotDominique ThoreauKadi Bouatouch. Zonal brightness coherency for video tone mapping
Signal Processing: Image Communication, Elsevier, 2014, 29 (2), pp.229-246. ⟨10.1016/j.image.2013.10.001⟩
hal-01094600v1  Journal articles
Steve Y. OudotDonald R. Sheehy. Zigzag zoology: Rips zigzags for homology inference
Foundations of Computational Mathematics, Springer Verlag, 2014, pp.31. ⟨10.1145/2493132.2462371⟩
hal-01110386v1  Journal articles
Dario CatalanoMario Di RaimondoDario FioreMariagrazia Messina. Zero-Knowledge Sets With Short Proofs
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2011, 57 (4), pp.2488-2502. ⟨10.1109/TIT.2011.2112150⟩
lirmm-00748563v1  Journal articles
Esther PacittiPatrick Valduriez. Zenith: Scientific Data Management on a Large Scale
ERCIM News, ERCIM, 2012, 2012 (89), pp.2
hal-00814448v1  Journal articles
Laurent BurgyLaurent RéveillèreJulia LawallGilles Muller. Zebu: A Language-Based Approach for Network Protocol Message Processing
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2011, 37 (4), pp.575-591
hal-00730930v1  Journal articles
Julien MercadalLaurent RéveillèreYérom-David BrombergBertrand Le GalTegawendé Bissyandé et al.  Zebra : Building Efficient Network Message Parsers for Embedded Systems
IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2012, PP (99), pp.1-4. ⟨10.1109/LES.2012.2208617⟩
hal-00784421v1  Journal articles
Paulo Roberto JuniorMauro FonsecaAnelise MunarettoAline VianaArtur Ziviani. ZAP: a distributed channel assignment algorithm for cognitive radio networks
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, SpringerOpen, 2011, 2011 (1), pp.27
hal-01354248v1  Journal articles
Somayeh SardashtiAndré SeznecDavid A. Wood. Yet Another Compressed Cache: a Low Cost Yet Effective Compressed Cache
ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization, Association for Computing Machinery, 2016, 13, pp.1-25. ⟨10.1145/2976740⟩
inria-00448742v1  Journal articles
Laurent NoéGregory Kucherov. YASS: enhancing the sensitivity of DNA similarity search.
Nucleic Acids Research, Oxford University Press, 2005, 33 (Web Server issue), pp.W540-W543. ⟨10.1093/nar/gki478⟩
inria-00431309v1  Journal articles
Jonathan MaimBarbara YersinJulien PettréDaniel Thalmann. YaQ: An Architecture for Real-Time Navigation and Rendering of Varied Crowds
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009, 29 (4), pp.44--53. ⟨10.1109/MCG.2009.76⟩
hal-00732901v1  Journal articles
Mathieu BaudetVéronique CortierStéphanie Delaune. YAPA: A generic tool for computing intruder knowledge
ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, Association for Computing Machinery, 2013, 14 (1), ⟨10.1145/2422085.2422089⟩
hal-01396142v1  Journal articles
Carlos Aguilar MelchorJoris BarrierLaurent FousseMarc-Olivier Killijian. XPIR : Private Information Retrieval for Everyone
Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, De Gruyter Open, 2016, avril 2016, pp.155-174. ⟨10.1515/popets-2016-0010⟩
hal-00922309v1  Journal articles
Jérôme EuzenatLaurent Tardif. XML transformation flow processing
Markup Languages Theory and Practice, MIT Press, 2002, 3 (3), pp.285-311
inria-00099728v1  Journal articles
Jérôme EuzenatAmedeo NapoliJean-François Baget. XML et les objets (objectif XML)
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série L'Objet : logiciel, bases de données, réseaux, Hermès-Lavoisier, 2003, 9 (3), pp.11--37
hal-00616613v1  Journal articles
Benjamin NguyenAntoine VionFrancois-Xavier DudouetDario ColazzoIoana Manolescu et al.  XML content warehousing: Improving sociological studies of mailing lists and web data
Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique / Bulletin of Sociological Methodology, SAGE Publications, 2011, 112 (1), pp.5-31. ⟨10.1177/0759106311417540⟩
hal-00768224v1  Journal articles
Benoît CrabbéDenys DuchierClaire GardentJoseph Le RouxYannick Parmentier. XMG : eXtensible MetaGrammar
Computational Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press), 2013, 39 (3), pp.591-629
hal-00853828v1  Journal articles
Anne-Marie KermarrecPeter Triantafillou. XL Peer-to-Peer Pub/Sub Systems
ACM Computing Surveys, Association for Computing Machinery, 2014, 46 (2)
inria-00001223v1  Journal articles
Vincent CridligHumberto AbdelnurRadu StateOlivier Festor. XBGP-MAN: A XML management architecture for BGP
International Journal of Network Management, Wiley, 2006, 16 (4), pp.295-309. ⟨10.1002/nem.600⟩
hal-02503796v2  Journal articles
Lauren ThévinCarine BriantAnke Brock. X-Road: Virtual Reality Glasses for Orientation and Mobility Training of People with Visual Impairments
ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing , ACM New York, NY, USA 2020, 13 (2), pp.1-47. ⟨10.1145/3377879⟩
inria-00615078v1  Journal articles
L. PicardEric MaurincommeM. SodermanJacques FeldmarRené Anxionnat et al.  X-ray angiography in stereotactic conditions: techniques and interest for interventional neuroradiology
Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, Karger, 1997, 68 (1-4 Pt 1), pp.117-20
hal-00450235v2  Journal articles
Sébastien BubeckRémi MunosGilles StoltzCsaba Szepesvari. X-Armed Bandits
Journal of Machine Learning Research, Microtome Publishing, 2011, 12, pp.1655-1695
inria-00627507v1  Journal articles
Erika RosasXavier Bonnaire. WTR: a reputation metric for distributed hash tables based on a risk and credibility factor
Journal of Computer Science and Technology, Iberoamerican Science & Technology Education Consortium, 2009, 24 (5), ⟨10.1007/s11390-009-9276-6⟩
hal-01952304v1  Journal articles
Benjamin CamusJulien VaubourgThomas ParisYannick PresseChristine Bourjot et al.  Wrapping DEVS de modèles IP dans MECSYCO pour la co-simulation de systèmes cyber-physiques
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série TSI : Technique et Science Informatiques, Lavoisier, 2017, 36 (3-6), pp.185-215. ⟨10.3166/tsi.2017.00010⟩
hal-01261459v1  Journal articles
Emmanuel IarussiWilmot LiAdrien Bousseau. WrapIt: Computer-Assisted Crafting of Wire Wrapped Jewelry
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Association for Computing Machinery, 2015, Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH, 34 (6), ⟨10.1145/2816795.2818118⟩
hal-02383381v1  Journal articles
Simon RederFabian KempfHarald BucherJurgen BeckerPanayiotis Alefragis et al.  Worst-Case Execution-Time-Aware Parallelization of Model-Based Avionics Applications
Journal of Aerospace Information Systems, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2019, 16 (11), pp.521-533. ⟨10.2514/1.I010749⟩
inria-00397062v1  Journal articles
Guillaume Chelius. Worldsens: l'art de la simulation appliquée aux réseaux sans fil
La lettre de l'Aratem, Aratem, 2007, 31 (2007)
hal-00399606v1  Journal articles
Antoine FrabouletGuillaume Chelius. Worldsens : outil de simulation pour la conception d'applications de réseaux de capteurs
Techniques de l'Ingenieur, Techniques de l'ingénieur, 2007, pp.10