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inria-00100751v1  Conference papers
Samuel Cruz-LaraJen-Shin Hong. XML-Based Content Management Framework for Digital Museum
3rd Sino Franco Workshop on Multimedia and Web Technologies, Mar 2002, Sophia Antipolis, France, 56 p
inria-00100946v1  Conference papers
Armelle BrunKamel SmaïliJean-Paul Haton. WSIM : une méthode de détection de thème fondée sur la similarité entre mots
Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles - TALN'2002, Jun 2002, Nancy, France, 10 p
inria-00107601v1  Conference papers
Zhi WangYe-Qiong SongHai-Bin YuYouxian Sun. Worst-case response time of aperiodic message in WorldFIP
15th Triennial World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control Barcelona 2002 - B'02, Jul 2002, Barcelona/Spain, 6 p
inria-00101046v1  Book sections
Jean-Pierre Jacquot. Which use for Java in introductory courses?
J. Power and J. Waldron. Recent Advances in Java Technology, Computer Science Press, Trinity College, Dublin, pp.175-181, 2002
inria-00099433v1  Conference papers
Jean-Pierre Jacquot. Which use for Java in introductory courses ?
Principle and Practice of Programming in Java - PPPJ' 2002, Trinity College Dublin, Jun 2002, Dublin, Irlande, pp.119-124
inria-00147550v1  Conference papers
Karim BaïnaSchahram Dustdar. Web-Services Coordination Model
Second International Workshop on Cooperative Internet Computing, in cooperation with VLDB 2002 - CIC'2002, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2002, Hong Kong, China, 13 p
inria-00100801v1  Conference papers
Dominique BarthJohanne CohenParaskevi FragopoulouGérard Hébuterne. Wavelengths assignment on a ring all-optical metropolitan area network
3rd Workshop on Approximation and Randomization Algorithms in Communication Networks - ARACNE'2002, Sep 2002, Rome, Italy, 9 p
inria-00100936v1  Journal articles
Mireille Bousquet-MélouGilles Schaeffer. Walks in the slit plane
Probability Theory and Related Fields, Springer Verlag, 2002, 124 (3), pp.305-344
inria-00100764v1  Conference papers
Amalia TodirascuLaurent RomaryDalila Bekhouche. Vulcain - An Ontology-based Information Extraction System
International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to information systems - NLDB'02, DSV, Information Technology University, Jun 2002, Stockholm, Sweden, pp.64-75
inria-00099443v1  Reports
Julien Pieraut. Visualisation dynamique du backbone IPv6 RENATER II
[Stage] A02-R-197 || pieraut02a, 2002, 22 p
inria-00098764v1  Conference papers
Béatrice FuchsJean LieberAlain MilleAmedeo Napoli. Vers une théorie unifiée de l'adaptation en raisonnement à partir de cas
Journées Ingénierie des Connaissances - IC'99, 1999, Palaiseau, France
tel-01747557v1  Theses
Gilles Simon. Vers un système de réalité augmentée autonome
Autre [cs.OH]. Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy 1, 1999. Français. ⟨NNT : 1999NAN10272⟩
inria-00099012v1  Reports
Ahmed Jebali. Vérification Observationnelle
[Stage] 99-R-144 || jebali99a, 1999, 38 p
inria-00107832v1  Reports
Songsakdi RongviriyapanishNicole Levy. Variations on the Pipe and Filter Architectural Style
[Intern report] 99-R-027 || rongviriyapanish99a, 1999, 20 p
inria-00107585v1  Conference papers
Imed ZitouniJean-François MariKamel SmaïliJean-Paul Haton. Variable-Length Sequence Language Model for Large Vocabulary Continuous Dictation Machine
6th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology - EUROSPEECH'99, 1999, Budapest, Hungary
inria-00107583v1  Conference papers
Françoise Simonot-Lion. Validation of Real Time Applications
Séminaire Zhejiang University, 2002, Zhejiang/China, 29 p
inria-00108115v1  Conference papers
Dominique MéryYassine Mokhtari. Validation of formal specifications
AAAI'99, Fall Symposium, Nov 1999, none, 5 p
inria-00101013v1  Conference papers
Jean-Luc MetzgerFlorence Le BerAmedeo Napoli. Utilisation des logiques de descriptions pour la représentation des structures spatiales
Journées CASSINI 2002, Sep 2002, Presqu'île de Crozon, France, 5 p
inria-00107550v1  Conference papers
Christophe Bouthier. Using TreeMaps and Hyperbolic Trees for Statistical Medical Data Visualization
4th International Workshop on Enterprise Networking and Computing in Healthcare Industry - HEALTHCOM'2002, Jean-Pierre Thomesse, 2002, Nancy, France, 5 p
inria-00098973v1  Conference papers
Samir TataGérôme CanalsClaude Godart. Using Temporal Logic to Specify Interactions in Cooperative Applications
The AAAI'99 Symposium on Modal & Temporal Logic-based Planning for Open Networked Multimedia Systems - PONMS'99, Nov 1999, North Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA, 10 p
inria-00099408v1  Conference papers
Marilisa AmoiaClaire GardentStefan Thater. Using set constraints to generate distinguishing descriptions
7th International Workshop on Natural Language Understanding and Logic Programming - NLULP'02, Jul 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark, 15 p
inria-00098770v1  Conference papers
Tawfik Es-SqalliEric DillonJacques Guyard. Using MeDLey to resolve the Vlasov equation
HPCN Europe'99, 1999, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 10 p
inria-00099006v1  Conference papers
Tawfik Es-SqalliEric FleuryEric DillonJacques Guyard. Using Medley in a CORBA environment
Euro-Par'99 Parallel Processing, Sep 1999, Toulouse, France, pp.113-116
inria-00147379v1  Conference papers
Tawfik Es-SqalliJacques GuyardEric Dillon. Using MeDLey for the Grid-Decomposition Methods
International Conference on Parallel & Distributed Processing Techniques & Applications - PDPTA'99, 1999, Las Vegas, Nevada/USA, pp.1868-1873
inria-00100744v1  Conference papers
Jean-Yves GreffLhassane IdoumgharRené Schott. Using Markov Decision Processes to Solve the Frequency Assignment Problem
20th IASTED International conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing - ASC'2002, IASTED, 2002, Banff, Canada, 6 p
inria-00100783v1  Conference papers
Alexander BockmayrArnaud Courtois. Using hybrid concurrent constraint programming to model dynamic biological systems
18th International Conference on Logic programming - ICLP'02, 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark, pp.85-99
inria-00110525v1  Conference papers
Michel KernAgany OlouiJean-Charles FaugèreFabrice Rouillier. Using Groebner bases to compute higher order finite elements for mass lumping
Fourth International Congress on Industrial & Applied Mathematics - ICIAM'99, Jul 1999, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
inria-00108079v1  Reports
Orazio GurrieriPaolo CastelpietraOlivier Barrière. Using EAST-ADL with GME 2000
[Intern report] A02-R-416 || gurrieri02b, 2002
inria-00107549v1  Conference papers
Jean-Luc MetzgerFlorence Le BerAmedeo Napoli. Using DL for a Case-Based Explanation System
International Workshop on Description Logics - DL'2002, 2002, Toulouse, France, pp.203-210
inria-00071177v1  Reports
Abdelkader LahmadiOlivier Festor. Using COPS for managing Active Network Nodes
[Technical Report] RT-0270, INRIA. 2002, pp.30
inria-00100987v1  Conference papers
Solen CorvezFabrice Rouillier. Using computer algebra tools to classify serial manipulators
Fourth International Workshop on Automated Deduction in Geometry - ADG 2002, Sep 2002, Hagenberg, Austria. pp.31-43, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-24616-9_3⟩
hal-01434763v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles FaugèreLuc RollandFabrice Rouillier. Using Computer algebra tools for off-line studies of parallel manipulators
International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra (ACA'99), Jun 1999, Madrid, Spain
inria-00098976v1  Journal articles
Amos Abayomi DavidDavid Bueno. User modeling and cooperative information retrieval in information retrieval systems
Knowledge Organization, Ergon Verlag, 1999, 26 (1), pp.30-45
inria-00099015v1  Conference papers
Marie-Christine HatonJean-Paul Haton. Use of articulatory and spectral information for speech training
The XIVth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Aug 1999, San Francisco, USA, 5 p
inria-00107693v1  Conference papers
Laurent BougrainFrédéric Alexandre. Unsupervised Connectionist Clustering Algorithms for a better Supervised Prediction : Application to a radio communication problem
International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, International Neural Networks Society, 1999, Washington, USA, 6 p
inria-00363326v1  Conference papers
Samuel ThibaultXavier CavinOlivier FestorEric Fleury. Unreliable Transport Protocol for Commodity-Based OpenGL Distributed Visualization
Workshop on Commodity-Based Visualization Clusters, Oct 2002, Boston, United States
inria-00098835v1  Conference papers
François BertaultPaul Zimmermann. Unranking of unlabelled decomposable structures
Troisième Conférence International sur les Ensembles Ordonnés, Algorithmes et Applications - Ordal'99, 1999, Montpellier/France, pp.12