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hal-00080564v1  Conference papers
Erin W. ChambersEric Colin de VerdièreJeff EricksonFrancis LazarusKim Whittlesey. Splitting (Complicated) Surfaces is Hard
ACM Symp. on Computational Geometry (SOCG'06), 2006, France. pp.421-429
inria-00001144v1  Conference papers
Franck HétroyDominique Attali. Detection of Constrictions on Closed Polyhedral Surfaces
Eurographics/IEEE TCVG Visualisation Symposium, G.-P. Bonneau, S. Hahmann, C. Hansen, May 2003, Grenoble, France, France. pp.67-74
inria-00001145v1  Conference papers
Franck HétroyDominique Attali. From a Closed Piecewise Geodesic to a Constriction on a Closed Triangulated Surface
Pacific Graphics Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications, J. Rokne, Oct 2003, Canmore, Alberta, Canada, France. pp.394-398
inria-00001143v1  Journal articles
Franck HétroyDominique Attali. Topological Quadrangulations of Closed Triangulated Surfaces using the Reeb Graph
Graphical Models, Elsevier, 2003, Special issue: Discrete Topology and Geometry for Image and Object Representation, 65 (1-3), pp.131-148