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hal-01091947v1  Conference papers
Pascal CuoqJulien SignolesDamien Doligez. Lightweight Typed Customizable Unmarshaling
ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on ML, Sep 2011, Tokyo, Japan
hal-01658653v1  Conference papers
Gergö BaranyJulien Signoles. Hybrid Information Flow Analysis for Real-World C Code
TAP 2017 - 11th International Conference on Tests & Proofs, Jul 2017, Marburg, Germany. pp.23-40, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-61467-0_2⟩
hal-00909293v1  Conference papers
Mounir AssafJulien SignolesFrédéric TronelEric Totel. Moniteur hybride de flux d'information pour un langage supportant des pointeurs
SARSSI - 8ème Conférence sur la Sécurité des Architectures Réseaux et des Systèmes d'Information, Sep 2013, Mont de Marsan, France
hal-01334604v1  Conference papers
Mounir AssafJulien SignolesEric TotelFrédéric Tronel. The Cardinal Abstraction for Quantitative Information Flow
Workshop on Foundations of Computer Security 2016 (FCS 2016), Jun 2016, Lisbon, Portugal
hal-01344110v1  Conference papers
Nikolai KosmatovClaude MarchéYannick MoyJulien Signoles. Static versus Dynamic Verification in Why3, Frama-C and SPARK 2014
7th International Symposium on Leveraging Applications, Oct 2016, Corfu, Greece. pp.461--478
hal-01662072v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Sylvie BoldoJulien Signoles. Vingt-huitièmes Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs
Vingt-huitièmes Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs, Gourette, France. Published by the authors, 2017
hal-01618360v1  Conference papers
Mounir AssafDavid NaumannJulien SignolesEric TotelFrédéric Tronel. Hypercollecting Semantics and its Application to Static Analysis of Information Flow
POPL 2017 - ACM Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, Jan 2017, Paris, France. pp.874-887, ⟨10.1145/3009837.3009889⟩
hal-00814671v2  Conference papers
Mounir AssafJulien SignolesFrédéric TronelEric Totel. Program Transformation for Non-interference Verification on Programs with Pointers
28th Security and Privacy Protection in Information Processing Systems (SEC), Jul 2013, Auckland, New Zealand. pp.231-244, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-39218-4_18⟩