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lirmm-00447972v1  Journal articles
Milan DjilasChristine Azevedo CosteDavid GuiraudKenichi Yoshida. Spike Sorting of Muscle Spindle Afferent Nerve Activity Recorded With Thin-Film Intrafascicular Electrodes
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2010, Special Issue "Signal Processing for Neural Spike Trains", pp.10
lirmm-02307824v1  Journal articles
Francesco Maria PetriniGiacomo ValleMarko BumbasirevicFederica BarberiDario Bortolotti et al.  Enhancing functional abilities and cognitive integration of the lower limb prosthesis
Science Translational Medicine, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2019, 11 (512), pp.eaav8939. ⟨10.1126/scitranslmed.aav8939⟩
hal-01350360v1  Journal articles
David Guiraud. Restaurer la marche grâce à une puce
Interstices, INRIA, 2006
lirmm-00588948v1  Conference papers
Qin ZhangMitsuhiro HayashibeDavid Guiraud. Muscle Fatigue Tracking Based on Stimulus Evoked EMG and Adaptive Torque Prediction
ICRA: International Conference on Robotics and Automation, May 2011, Shanghai, China. pp.1433-1438
lirmm-01958158v1  Conference papers
Mélissa DaliThomas GuihoPaweł MaciejaszOlivier RosselDavid Guiraud. Investigation of the efficiency of the shape of chopped pulses using earthworm model
EMBC: Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, Jul 2018, Honolulu, United States. pp.5483-5486, ⟨10.1109/EMBC.2018.8513642⟩
lirmm-00733021v1  Poster communications
Guillaume CoppeyDavid AndreuDavid Guiraud. Distributed Measurement Unit for Closed-Loop Functional Electrical Stimulation: Prototype for Muscular Activity Detection
IFESS: International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, Sep 2012, Banff, Canada. 17th International Conference of Functional Electrical Stimulation, pp.376-379, 2012
lirmm-00099913v1  Conference papers
Gaël PagesPhilippe FraisseNacim RamdaniDavid Guiraud. Towards a Reliable Posture Estimation for Standing in Paraplegia
6th IFAC Symposium on Modelling and Control in Biomedical Systems 2006, Sep 2006, Reims (France), pp.63-68
lirmm-00927062v1  Conference papers
David Guiraud. Neuroprostheses for Movement Restoration
NER: Neural Engineering, Nov 2013, San Diego, United States
lirmm-00090276v1  Conference papers
David Guiraud. Outils Théoriques de l'Automatique au Service de la Modélisation et de la Commande du Système Sensori-Moteur Humain
JNRR: Journées Nationales de la Recherche en Robotique, Oct 2005, Guidel, France
lirmm-00106501v1  Conference papers
Samer MohammedPhilippe FraisseDavid GuiraudPhilippe PoignetHassan El Makssoud. Robust Control Law Strategy Based on High Order Sliding Mode : Towards a Muscle Control
IROS'05: International Conference on Intelligent Robots & Systems, Aug 2005, Edmonton (Canada), pp.2882-2887
lirmm-02304833v1  Poster communications
Xinyue LuDavid GuiraudSerge RenauxThomas SimilowskiChristine Azevedo Coste. Breathing Detection from Tracheal Sounds in Both Temporal and Frequency Domains in The Context of Phrenic Nerve Stimulation
EMBC 2019 - 41st International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, Jul 2019, Berlin, Germany. 2019
lirmm-00176499v1  Journal articles
David AndreuDavid GuiraudGuillaume Souquet. Stimulation Electro-Fonctionnelle : Vers une Architecture distribuée de Stimulation Neurale
Journal Européen des Systèmes Automatisés (JESA), Lavoisier, 2007, 41 (2), pp.159-177. ⟨10.3166/jesa.41.159-177⟩
lirmm-00750594v1  Conference papers
Zhan LiMitsuhiro HayashibeDavid Guiraud. Inverse Estimation of Multiple Muscle Activations under Isokinetic Condition
ICNR: International Conference on NeuroRehabilitation, Nov 2012, Toledo, Spain. pp.347-351
lirmm-00740832v1  Conference papers
Mohamed Yacine BerranenMitsuhiro HayashibeBenjamin GillesDavid Guiraud. 3D Volumetric Muscle Modeling For Real-time Deformation Analysis With FEM
EMBC: Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, Aug 2012, San Diego, United States. pp.4863-4866, ⟨10.1109/EMBC.2012.6347083⟩
lirmm-00437206v1  Conference papers
David Guiraud. Neuroprothèses et déficiences sensori motrices, alternative et synergie thérapeutiques
Brain Machine Interface Meeting, Nov 2009, Paris, France. pp.34-35
lirmm-00853197v1  Conference papers
Zhan LiMitsuhiro HayashibeDavid Guiraud. Forward Estimation of Joint Torque from EMG Signal through Muscle Synergy Combinations
NER: Neural Engineering, Nov 2013, San Diego, CA, United States
lirmm-00853191v1  Conference papers
Zhan LiMitsuhiro HayashibeDavid Guiraud. Inverse Estimation of Muscle Activations from Joint Torque Via Local Multiple Regression
EMBC: Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, Jul 2013, Osaka, Japan. pp.6639-6642, ⟨10.1109/EMBC.2013.6611078⟩
lirmm-00320538v1  Conference papers
Guillaume SouquetDavid AndreuDavid Guiraud. From Neuroprosthetics to Implanted FES Control Architecture
IROS'08: International Conference on Intelligent RObots and Systems, Sep 2008, Nice, France. pp.2380-2385, ⟨10.1109/IROS.2008.4650954⟩
lirmm-00320406v1  Conference papers
David AndreuDavid Guiraud. An Implantable Network of Stimulation Units
ICWCUCA'08: 2nd International Conference on Wireless Communications in Underground and Confined Areas, Aug 2008, Val-d'Or, Québec, Canada
lirmm-00320485v1  Conference papers
Guillaume SouquetDavid AndreuDavid Guiraud. Petri nets based methodology for communicating neuroprosthesis design and prototyping
ISABEL'08: 1st International Symposium on Applied Sciences in Biomedical and Communication Technologies, Oct 2008, Aalborg, Denmark
lirmm-00320539v1  Conference papers
Laforet JeremyDavid GuiraudChristine Azevedo CosteDavid Andreu. Towards bladder function modeling: FES induced detrusor activity modelling
IFESS: International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, Sep 2008, Freiburg, Germany
lirmm-00288453v1  Conference papers
Ferdinan WidjajaCheng Yap SheeDingguo ZhangWei Tech AngPhilippe Poignet et al.  Current Progress on Pathological Tremor Modeling and Active Compensation using Functional Electrical Stimulation
ISG'08: The 6th Conference of the International Society for Gerontechnology, Jun 2008, Pisa, Italy, pp.001-006
lirmm-00106066v1  Conference papers
David AndreuJean-Denis TecherThierry GilDavid Guiraud. Implantable Autonomous Stimulation Unit for FES
IFESS: International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, Jul 2005, Montreal, Canada. pp.36-38