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hal-00854662v1  Journal articles
Henri CohenFrank Thorne. Dirichlet series associated to cubic fields with given quadratic resolvent
Michigan Mathematical Journal, University of Michigan, 2014, 63, pp.253-273
hal-00413888v1  Journal articles
Karim BelabasManjul BhargavaCarl Pomerance. Error estimates for the Davenport-Heilbronn theorems
Duke Mathematical Journal, Duke University Press, 2010, 153 (1), pp.173-210. ⟨10.1215/00127094-2010-007⟩
inria-00386299v1  Journal articles
Régis DupontAndreas EngeFrançois Morain. Building curves with arbitrary small MOV degree over finite prime fields
Journal of Cryptology, Springer Verlag, 2005, 18 (2), pp.79-89
inria-00386311v1  Journal articles
Régis DupontAndreas Enge. Provably Secure Non-Interactive Key Distribution Based on Pairings
Discrete Applied Mathematics, Elsevier, 2006, 154 (2), pp.270-276
hal-00710290v3  Journal articles
Alexander ZehSergey Bezzateev. A New Bound on the Minimum Distance of Cyclic Codes Using Small-Minimum-Distance Cyclic Codes
Designs, Codes and Cryptography, Springer Verlag, 2012, pp.229-246
hal-02375397v1  Journal articles
Jean-Marc Couveignes. Enumerating number fields
Annals of Mathematics, Princeton University, Department of Mathematics, 2020, 192 (2), pp.487-497. ⟨10.4007/annals.2020.192.2.4⟩
inria-00537860v1  Conference papers
Benjamin Smith. Isogenies and the Discrete Logarithm Problem in Jacobians of Genus 3 Hyperelliptic Curves
Eurocrypt 2008, International Association for Cryptologic Research, Apr 2008, Istanbul, Turkey. pp.163-180, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-78967-3_10⟩
tel-00765252v1  Theses
Pierre Lezowski. Questions d'Euclidianité
Théorie des nombres [math.NT]. Université Sciences et Technologies - Bordeaux I, 2012. Français. ⟨NNT : 2012BOR14642⟩
inria-00632118v2  Journal articles
Benjamin Smith. Computing low-degree isogenies in genus 2 with the Dolgachev-Lehavi method
Contemporary mathematics, American Mathematical Society, 2012, Arithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory, 574, pp.159-170
hal-00764963v1  Book sections
Andreas Enge. Elliptic curve cryptographic systems
Gary L. Mullen and Daniel Panario. Handbook of Finite Fields, Chapman and Hall/CRC, pp.784-796, 2013, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 9781439873786
hal-00751883v1  Conference papers
Athanasios AngelakisPeter Stevenhagen. Imaginary quadratic fields with isomorphic abelian Galois groups
ANTS X - Tenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, Jul 2012, San Diego, United States. pp.21-39, ⟨10.2140/obs.2013.1.21⟩
hal-01524140v1  Conference papers
Claus FiekerWilliam HartTommy HofmannFredrik Johansson. Nemo/Hecke: Computer Algebra and Number Theory Packages for the Julia Programming Language
ISSAC '17 - International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, Jul 2017, Kaiserslautern, Germany. ⟨10.1145/3087604.3087611⟩
hal-01110451v1  Journal articles
Nicolas Mascot. Computing modular Galois representations
Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, 2013, 62 (3), pp.451 - 476. ⟨10.1007/s12215-013-0136-4⟩
hal-00689746v4  Conference papers
Alexander ZehSergey Bezzateev. Describing A Cyclic Code by Another Cyclic Code
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), Jul 2012, Boston, United States. pp.2896-2900, ⟨10.1109/ISIT.2012.6284054⟩
hal-00767404v2  Journal articles
Andreas Enge. Bilinear pairings on elliptic curves
L'Enseignement Mathématique , Zürich International Mathematical Society Publishing House, 2015, 61 (2), pp.211-243
hal-00694113v1  Journal articles
Jean-Marc CouveignesTony EzomeReynald Lercier. A faster pseudo-primality test
Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, 2012, 61 (2), pp.261-278. ⟨10.1007/s12215-012-0088-0⟩
hal-01455679v1  Conference papers
Laurent BuséIbrahim Nonkané. Discriminants of complete intersection space curves
International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC), Jul 2017, Kaiserslautern, Germany. pp.69-76, ⟨10.1145/3087604.3087635⟩
hal-01111744v1  Journal articles
Julio Brau AvilaNathan Jones. Elliptic curves with 2-torsion contained in the 3-torsion field
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, American Mathematical Society, 2016, 144, pp.925-936
hal-01027413v1  Journal articles
Henri CohenDon Zagier. Vanishing and non-vanishing theta values
Annales mathématiques du Québec, Springer, 2013, 37 (1), pp.45-61
hal-01379484v1  Journal articles
Henri Cohen. Le grand théorème de Fermat
Quadrature, EDP Sciences, 2016, 102, pp.10-19