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hal-01151725v1  Conference papers
Mohamad KoteichAbdelmalek MaloumGilles DucGuillaume Sandou. Local Weak Observability Conditions of Sensorless AC Drives
17th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE-ECCE Europe 2015), Sep 2015, Geneva, Switzerland. ⟨10.1109/EPE.2015.7309238⟩
hal-01151713v1  Conference papers
Mohamad KoteichAbdelmalek MaloumGilles DucGuillaume Sandou. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Drives Observability Analysis for Motion-Sensorless Control
6th IEEE International Symposium on Sensorless Control for Electrical Drives - SLED2015, Jun 2015, Sydney, Australia. ⟨10.1109/SLED.2015.7339264⟩
hal-01151701v1  Conference papers
Mohamad KoteichAbdelmalek MaloumGilles DucGuillaume Sandou. Observability Analysis of Sensorless Synchronous Machine Drives
14th annual European Control Conference - ECC 2015, Jul 2015, Linz, Austria. pp.8, ⟨10.1109/ECC.2015.7331085⟩
hal-00751739v1  Conference papers
Boyi NiMarion GilsonQinghua ZhangHugues Garnier. A Kalman pre-filtered IV-based approach to continuous-time Hammerstein-Wiener system identification
16th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, SYSID'2012, Jul 2012, Bruxelles, Belgium. pp.828-833, ⟨10.3182/20120711-3-BE-2027.00250⟩
hal-01185525v1  Conference papers
Enrico LovisariCarlos Canudas de WitAlain Y. Kibangou. Optimal Sensor Placement in Road Transportation Networks using Virtual Variances
54th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2015), Dec 2015, Osaka, Japan
hal-01185523v1  Conference papers
Enrico LovisariCarlos Canudas de WitAlain Y. Kibangou. Data fusion algorithms for Density Reconstruction in Road Transportation Networks
54th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2015), Dec 2015, Osaka, Japan
hal-00801809v1  Conference papers
Denis EfimovWilfrid PerruquettiJean-Pierre Richard. On reduced-order interval observers for time-delay systems
European Control Conference 2013, Jul 2013, Zurich, Switzerland
hal-00751820v1  Book sections
Henri BorsenbergerPhilippe DessanteMarc PetitGuillaume Sandou. Optimisation technico économique des réseaux d'énergie électrique
Xavier Roboam (Eds.). Conception systémique pour la conversion d'énergie électrique 1 : gestion, analyse et synthèse, Hermès Science Publications, pp.253-288, 2012
hal-01351430v1  Conference papers
Guillaume BressonRomuald AufrèreChapuis Roland. Improving SLAM with Drift Integration
IEEE 18th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2015, Las Palmas, Spain. ⟨10.1109/ITSC.2015.434⟩
hal-01350320v1  Journal articles
Christian BlonzDavid GuiraudPierre-Brice Wieber. Recherche en marche
Interstices, INRIA, 2004
hal-01350340v1  Journal articles
Fabien SpindlerChristian Blonz. Asservissement visuel
Interstices, INRIA, 2005
hal-00452935v1  Conference papers
Guillaume SandouSorin OlaruEmmanuel WitrantSimona Niculescu. Receding Horizon Control: an Effective Methodology for Energy Management in Complex Systems
IFAC Conference on Control Methodologies and Technology for Energy Efficiency (CMTEE 2010), Mar 2010, Vilamoura, Portugal. pp.CD-Rom
hal-00452927v1  Conference papers
Henri BorsenbergerPhilippe DessanteGuillaume Sandou. Unit Commitment with Production Cost Uncertainty, a Recourse Programming Method
Conference on Control Methodologies and Technology for Energy Efficiency, Mar 2010, Vilamoura, Portugal. pp.CD-Rom
hal-00903833v1  Conference papers
Thibault GayralDavid Daney. A sufficient condition for parameter identifiability in robotic calibration
CK2013 - 6th Int. Workshop on Computational Kinematics, May 2013, Barcelona, Spain. pp.131-138, ⟨10.1007/978-94-007-7214-4_15⟩
hal-00753936v1  Conference papers
Magali ToussaintMagalie ThomassinMarine AmourouxErnest GalbrunWalter Blondel et al.  Optimization of illumination in interstitial photodynamic therapy for high-grade brain tumors
9th International Symposium on Photodynamic Therapy and Photodiagnosis in Clinical Practice, Oct 2012, Brixen, Italy. pp.CDROM
hal-00903848v1  Conference papers
Thibault GayralDavid DaneyMarc Bernot. Model Discrepancy in Robotic Calibration: Its Influence on the Experimental Parameter Identification of a Parallel Space Telescope
IROS - IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems - 2013, Nov 2013, Tokyo, Japan
hal-01509574v1  Journal articles
Cindy CappelleMaan El Badaoui El NajjarDenis PomorskiFrançois Charpillet. Virtual 3D city model for navigation in urban areas
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, Springer Verlag, 2012, 66 (3), pp.377-399. ⟨10.1007/s10846-011-9594-0⟩
hal-01185119v1  Journal articles
Emmanuel BernuauDenis EfimovWilfrid Perruquetti. Scale invariance analysis for genetic networks applying homogeneity
Journal of Mathematical Biology, Springer Verlag (Germany), 2015, pp.1--10