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hal-01951396v1  Conference papers
Tianyi ZhangOlivier Le Meur. How Old Do You Look? Inferring Your Age From Your Gaze
International Conference on Image Processing, Oct 2018, Athènes, Greece
hal-00751695v1  Conference papers
François Chaumette. Recent results in visual servoing
4th CIMAT Robotics Workshop, Feb 2012, Guanajuato, Mexico
hal-00751760v1  Conference papers
Caroline NadeauAlexandre KrupaPedro MoreiraNabil ZemitiPhilippe Poignet et al.  Active stabilization of ultrasound image for robotically-assisted medical procedures
Hamlyn Symposium on Medical robotics, Jul 2012, London, United Kingdom
hal-00751692v1  Conference papers
François Chaumette. Recent results in visual servoing
New Frontiers of Robotics Science and Technology: a Brainstorming Jam Session, 2011, Pisa, Italy
hal-00751696v1  Conference papers
Eric Marchand. Direct approaches to vision-based robot control: is 3D or even image processing required ?
Workshop on Fundamental and Applied 3D Computer Vision (in honor of Richard I. Hartley), Sep 2012, Clermont-Ferrand, France
hal-00751701v1  Conference papers
Eric MarchandFrançois Chaumette. Real time visual tracking and 3D localization for augmented reality and robotics applications
3rd French-Sino Symposium on Virtual Reality, Jul 2012, Qingdao, China
hal-00751704v1  Conference papers
Hideaki UchiyamaEric Marchand. Object Detection and Pose Tracking for Augmented Reality: Recent Approaches
18th Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on Frontiers of Computer Vision (FCV), Feb 2012, Kawasaki, Japan
hal-01101417v1  Conference papers
Pantelis FrangoudisYassine Hadjadj-AoulAdlen KsentiniGerardo RubinoThierry Etame et al.  PTPv2-based network load estimation and its application to QoE monitoring for Over-the-Top services
The 5th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications, IISA 2014, Jul 2014, Chania, Greece. pp.176-181, ⟨10.1109/IISA.2014.6878741⟩
hal-00751755v1  Conference papers
Caroline NadeauHongliang HenAlexandre KrupaPierrre Dupont. Target tracking in 3D ultrasound volumes by direct visual servoing
Hamlyn Symposium on Medical robotics, Jul 2012, London, United Kingdom
hal-01301230v1  Conference papers
Stéphane DelbruelDavide FreyFrançois Taïani. Mignon: A Fast Decentralized Content Consumption Estimation in Large-Scale Distributed Systems
16th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems (DAIS), Jun 2016, Heraklion, Greece. pp.32-46, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-39577-7_3⟩
hal-01251438v1  Conference papers
Borzou RostamiFederico MalucelliDavide FreyChristoph Buchheim. On the Quadratic Shortest Path Problem
14th International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms, Jun 2015, Paris, France. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-20086-6_29⟩
hal-01151291v1  Conference papers
Achour MostefaouiMichel RaynalJulien Stainer. Chasing the Weakest Failure Detector for k-Set Agreement in Message-Passing Systems
11th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (NCA 2012), Aug 2012, Cambridge, United States. ⟨10.1109/NCA.2012.19⟩
hal-01551431v1  Journal articles
Pierre ChatelainAlexandre KrupaNassir Navab. Confidence-Driven Control of an Ultrasound Probe
IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2017, 33 (6), pp.1410-1424
hal-01251290v1  Master thesis
Ivaylo Petrov. Combinatorial Optimization for Fast Scaffolding
Bioinformatics [q-bio.QM]. 2014
hal-00851997v1  Conference papers
Omar TahriHelder AraujoYoucef MezouarFrançois Chaumette. Efficient decoupled pose estimation from a set of points
IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems, IROS'2013, Nov 2013, Tokyo, Japan. pp.1608-1613
hal-01836428v1  Conference papers
Alassane Samba. Linkspotter : an R package for correlations analysis and visualization
Sixièmes Rencontres R, Jun 2017, Anglet, France
hal-00851952v1  Conference papers
François PasteauMarie BabelRafik Sekkal. Corridor following wheelchair by visual servoing
IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems, IROS'2013, Nov 2013, Tokyo, Japan. pp.590-595
hal-01836400v1  Conference papers
Alassane Samba. Construction et déploiement d'applications web basées sur R
Septièmes Rencontres R, Jul 2018, Rennes, France
hal-01551648v1  Conference papers
Gabriel Barbosa Da FonsecaGabriel SargentIzabela Lyon FreireRonan SicreZenilton Patrocinio et al.  Tag Propagation Approaches within Speaking Face Graphs for Multimodal Person Discovery
International workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI), Jun 2017, Firenze, Italy
hal-01734821v2  Reports
David FialaPhilippe RigauxAlice TacailleVirginie ThionGioqoso Members. Data Quality Rules for Digital Score Libraries
[Research Report] IRISA, Université de Rennes. 2018, pp.1-28
tel-01301644v1  Habilitation à diriger des recherches
Paolo Robuffo Giordano. Contributions to shared control and coordination of single and multiple robots
Robotics [cs.RO]. Université de Rennes 1, 2016
hal-01301492v1  Conference papers
Patrick MailléGalina Schwartz. Content Providers Volunteering to Pay Network Providers: Better than Neutrality?
SDP 2016 : 5th IEEE Workshop on Smart Data Pricing, Apr 2016, San Francisco, United States
hal-01351689v1  Reports
Caroline Collange. Simty: a Synthesizable General-Purpose SIMT Processor
[Research Report] RR-8944, Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique. 2016
hal-01151824v1  Books
Alexander TartakovskyIgor NikiforovMichèle Basseville. Sequential Analysis: Hypothesis Testing and Changepoint Detection
Chapman & Hall/CRC, Taylor and Francis Group, 136, pp.603, 2014, Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics & Applied Probability, 9781439838204
hal-00751827v1  Conference papers
Aïcha FonteTerence EssombaPierre VieyresJoseph CanouPhilippe Fraisse et al.  Robotic Platform for an Interactive Tele-echographic System: The PROSIT ANR-2008 project
The Hamlyn Symposium on Medical robotics, May 2010, London, United Kingdom. pp.N/A
hal-01644754v1  Conference papers
Nicolas BerthierFrederico AlvaresHervé MarchandGwenaël DelavalEric Rutten. Logico-numerical Control for Software Components Reconfiguration
CCTA 2017 - IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications, Aug 2017, Mauna Lani, HI, United States. pp.1599 - 1606, ⟨10.1109/CCTA.2017.8062685⟩