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hal-00780067v1  Conference papers
Alin BostanShaoshi ChenFrédéric ChyzakZiming LiGuoce Xin. Hermite Reduction and Creative Telescoping for Hyperexponential Functions
ISSAC'13 - 38th International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Jul 2013, Boston, United States. pp.77-84, ⟨10.1145/2465506.2465946⟩
hal-01626887v1  Books
Lorena BociuJean-Antoine DésidériAbderrahmane Habbal. System Modeling and Optimization
Springer International Publishing, AICT-494, 2017, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, 978-3-319-55794-6. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-55795-3⟩
hal-00784485v1  Journal articles
A Ben HamzaHamid KrimJosiane Zerubia. A Nonlinear Entropic Variational Model for Image Filtering
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, SpringerOpen, 2004, 2004 (16), pp.540425
inria-00198847v1  Journal articles
Evelyne HubertIrina Kogan. Rational Invariants of a Group Action. Construction and Rewriting
Journal of Symbolic Computation, Elsevier, 2007, Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry (MEGA 2005), 42 (1-2), pp.203-217. ⟨10.1016/j.jsc.2006.03.005⟩
hal-01250388v1  Journal articles
Jonathan D. HauensteinBernard MourrainAgnes Szanto. On deflation and multiplicity structure
Journal of Symbolic Computation, Elsevier, 2016, 83, pp.228-253. ⟨10.1016/j.jsc.2016.11.013⟩
hal-01655819v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Chang S. NamAnton NijholtFabien Lotte. Brain-Computer Interfaces Handbook: Technological and Theoretical Advance
France. CRC Press, pp.746, 2018, 9781498773430
inria-00198857v1  Journal articles
Evelyne HubertIrina Kogan. Smooth and Algebraic Invariants of a Group Action: Local and Global Constructions
Foundations of Computational Mathematics, Springer Verlag, 2007, 7 (4), pp.455-493. ⟨10.1007/s10208-006-0219-0⟩
hal-02960390v1  Conference papers
Hui-Yin WuTrevor SantarraMichael LeeceRolando VargasArnav Jhala. Joint Attention for Automated Video Editing
IMX 2020 - ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences, Jun 2020, Barcelona, Spain. pp.55-64, ⟨10.1145/3391614.3393656⟩
hal-00457201v1  Conference papers
Marc Ségura DevillechaiseJean-Marc MenaudJulia LawallGilles Muller. Extensibilité Dynamique dans les Caches Web {:} une Approche par Aspects
3ème Conférence Française sur les Systèmes d'Exploitation , 2003, La Colle sur Loup, France. pp.477-487
hal-00457197v1  Conference papers
Rickard A. ÅbergJulia LawallMario SüdholtGilles MullerAnne Françoise Le Meur. On the automatic evolution of an OS kernel using temporal logic and AOP
18th IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2003), 2003, Montréal, Canada, Canada. pp.196-204
hal-00457202v1  Conference papers
Marc Ségura DevillechaiseJean-Marc MenaudGilles MullerJulia Lawall. Web Cache Prefetching as an aspect{:} Towards a Dynamic-Weaving Based Solution
2nd AOSD Workshop on Aspects, Components, and Patterns for Infrastructure Software (ACP4IS), 2003, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, United States. pp.110-119
inria-00548647v1  Book sections
Svetlana LazebnikCordelia SchmidJean Ponce. Spatial pyramid matching
Sven J. Dickinson and Aleš Leonardis and Bernt Schiele and Michael J. Tarr. Object Categorization: Computer and Human Vision Perspectives, Cambridge University Press, pp.401-415, 2009, 9780521887380
hal-00796255v1  Conference papers
Matthew T. ComerErich L. KaltofenClément Pernet. Sparse Polynomial Interpolation and Berlekamp/Massey Algorithm That Correct Outlier Errors in Input Values
ISSAC \'12: Proceedings of the 2012 international symposium on symbolic and algebraic computation, 2012, Grenoble, France
hal-00203526v1  Conference papers
Jean-Michel FourneauBrigitte PlateauWilliam Stewart. Product form for Stochastic Automata Networks
2nd International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools, Oct 2007, Nantes, France. pp.1-10, ⟨10.4108/valuetools.2007.1980⟩
hal-01068308v1  Conference papers
Erich L. KaltofenClément Pernet. Sparse Polynomial Interpolation Codes and their decoding beyond half the minimal distance
ISSAC - 39th International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, Jul 2014, Kobe, Japan. pp. 272-279, ⟨10.1145/2608628.2608660⟩
hal-00457115v1  Conference papers
Julia LawallGilles MullerHervé Duchesne. Language Design for Implementing Process Scheduling Hierarchies
Symposium on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation - PEPM'04, 2004, Verona, Italy, Italy. pp.80-91
hal-00457120v1  Conference papers
Gilles MullerJulia LawallHervé Duchesne. A Framework for Simplifying the Development of Kernel Schedulers: Design and Performance Evaluation
Tenth IEEE International Workshop on Object-oriented Real-time Dependable Systems (WORDS 2005), 2005, Sedona, AZ, United States. pp.219-227, ⟨10.1109/WORDS.2005.5⟩
hal-01950718v1  Journal articles
Hui-Yin WuFrancesca PalùRoberto RanonMarc Christie. Thinking Like a Director: Film Editing Patterns for Virtual Cinematographic Storytelling
ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications, Association for Computing Machinery, 2018, 14 (4), pp.1-23. ⟨10.1145/3241057⟩
hal-00573631v1  Conference papers
Bruno GrenetErich KaltofenPascal KoiranNatacha Portier. Symmetric Determinantal Representation of Weakly-Skew Circuits
Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS2011), Mar 2011, Dortmund, Germany. pp.543-554, ⟨10.4230/LIPIcs.STACS.2011.543⟩