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hal-01101475v1  Conference papers
Olivier AumageJacques M. BahiSylvain Contassot-VivierRaphaël CouturierAlexandre Denis et al.  ALTA: Asynchronous Loss Tolerant Algorithms for Grid Computing
3rd International workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications (PMAA'04), Oct 2004, Marseille, France
hal-01450732v3  Reports
Grégoire PichonEric DarveMathieu FavergePierre RametJean Roman. Sparse Supernodal Solver Using Block Low-Rank Compression
[Research Report] RR-9022, Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest. 2017, pp.24
hal-01501635v1  Conference papers
Jan Jaap van AssenPascal BarlaRoland Fleming. Shape features underlying the perception of liquids
MODVIS 2017 - Computational and Mathematical Models in Vision, May 2017, St Pete Beach, FL, United States
hal-01301237v1  Conference papers
Emmanuel AgulloLuc GiraudStojce Nakov. Combining Software Pipelining with Numerical Pipelining in the Conjugate Gradient Algorithm
SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (SIAM PP 2016), Apr 2016, Paris, France
hal-01301240v1  Conference papers
Emmanuel AgulloSiegfried CoolsLuc GiraudWim VanrooseEmrullah Fatih Yetkin. Soft errors in PCG: detection and correction
SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (SIAM PP 2016), Apr 2016, Paris, France
hal-01701633v1  Conference papers
François Pellegrini. Biais et conformismes des traitements algorithmiques
Journée d'étude CREIS-Terminal "Vivre dans un monde sous algorithmes", CREIS-Terminal, Nov 2017, Paris, France
hal-00651833v1  Conference papers
Ittai AbrahamCyril Gavoille. On approximate distance labels and routing schemes with affine stretch
$25^$ International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC), Sep 2011, Rome, Italy. pp.404-415, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-24100-0_39⟩
hal-00651836v1  Conference papers
Cyril GavoilleSommer Chrisitan. Sparse Spanners vs. Compact Routing
$23^$ Annual ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures (SPAA), Jun 2011, San Jose, United States. pp.225-234, ⟨10.1145/1989493.1989526⟩
hal-01951412v1  Conference papers
Hongyang SunRedouane ElghaziAna GainaruGuillaume AupyPadma Raghavan. Scheduling Parallel Tasks under Multiple Resources: List Scheduling vs. Pack Scheduling
IPDPS 2018 - 32nd IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium, May 2018, Vancouver, Canada. ⟨10.1109/IPDPS.2018.00029⟩
hal-00551673v1  Conference papers
Marouane BelaouchaDenis BarthouAdrien ElicheSid Touati. FADAlib: an open source C++ library for fuzzy array dataflow analysis
International Conference on Computational Science, May 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands. p2075-2084
hal-00551680v1  Conference papers
Pablo de Oliveira CastroStéphane LouiseDenis Barthou. Automatic Mapping of Stream Programs on Multicore Architectures
International Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computers, Jul 2010, Vienna, Austria
hal-01001338v1  Conference papers
Richard CastanetBernard CousinCésar Viho. Synchronization loss and concealment mechanisms in distributed multimedia application
Franco-Israelian Workshop on Distributed Algorithms and Systems, Michel Raynal, Oct 1994, Saint-Malo, France. pp.1-10
hal-01251224v1  Journal articles
Sylvain SalvatiIgor Walukiewicz. Using Models to Model-check Recursive Schemes
Logical Methods in Computer Science, Logical Methods in Computer Science Association, 2015, Selected Papers of the Conference "Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications [TLCA] 2013, ⟨10.2168/LMCS-???⟩
hal-01100962v1  Conference papers
Casadei AstridPierre RametJean Roman. An improved recursive graph bipartitioning algorithm for well balanced domain decomposition
IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC 2014), Dec 2014, Goa, India. pp.1-10, ⟨10.1109/HiPC.2014.7116878⟩
hal-01251127v1  Conference papers
Sylvain Salvati. Non-linear Second order Abstract Categorial Grammars and deletion
NLCS 2015: Natural Language and Computer Science, Makoto Kanazawa, 2015, Kyoto, Japan
hal-00551584v1  Conference papers
Pablo de Oliveira CastroStéphane LouiseDenis Barthou. Reducing Memory Requirements of Stream Programs by Graph Transformations
International IEEE Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation, Jun 2011, Caen, France. p171-180, ⟨10.1109/HPCS.2010.5547134⟩
hal-00551572v1  Conference papers
Pablo de Oliveira CastroStéphane LouiseDenis Barthou. A multidimensional array slicing DSL for Stream Programming
International IEEE Workshop on Practical Aspects of High-Level Parallel Programming, Feb 2010, Krakow, Poland. p913-918
hal-01251718v1  Journal articles
Nicolas P. Rougier. Silicon soul: The vain dream of electronic immortality
The Conversation, The Conversation France, 2016
hal-00750578v1  Conference papers
François VanderbeckCedric JoncourSophie MichelPierre PesneauArtur Pessoa et al.  Primal heuristics for branch-and-price
ISMP 2012 - 21th International Symposium on Mathematical Programming, Aug 2012, Berlin, Germany
hal-00750579v1  Conference papers
François VanderbeckJinil HanPierre PesneauArtur PessoaRuslan Sadykov et al.  Unifying procedures for Cut-Column Generation and Stabilization
Workshop on Integer Programming, Mar 2012, Valparaiso, Chile
hal-01550358v1  Conference papers
François Pellegrini. À la recherche de la souveraineté numérique
École d'été Defense Security Cyber, Forum Montesquieu, université de Bordeaux; IdEx de l'université de Bordeaux, Jun 2017, Bordeaux, France
hal-00750581v1  Conference papers
François VanderbeckRuslan Sadykov. Column Generation for Extended Formulations: experimental report
Mixed Integer Programming Workshop (MIP 2011), Jun 2011, Waterloo, United States