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hal-01615140v1  Conference papers
Simon LunelBenoît BoyerJean-Pierre Talpin. Compositional proofs in differential dynamic logic dL
17th International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design, Jun 2017, Zaragoza, Spain
hal-01419860v1  Reports
Thibaut GirkaDavid MentréYann Régis-Gianas. Oracle-based Differential Operational Semantics (long version)
[Research Report] Université Paris Diderot / Sorbonne Paris Cité. 2016
hal-00998092v1  Conference papers
David DelahayeCatherine DuboisClaude MarchéDavid Mentré. The BWare Project: Building a Proof Platform for the Automated Verification of B Proof Obligations
Abstract State Machines, Alloy, B, VDM, and Z, Jun 2014, Toulouse, France. pp.290-293
hal-00741134v1  Conference papers
Erwan BousseDavid MentréBenoit CombemaleBenoit BaudryKatsuragi Takaya. Aligning SysML with the B Method to Provide V&V for Systems Engineering
Model-Driven Engineering, Verification, and Validation 2012 (MoDeVVa 2012), Sep 2012, Innsbruck, Austria
hal-00998094v1  Conference papers
David DelahayeClaude MarchéDavid Mentré. Le projet BWare : une plate-forme pour la vérification automatique d'obligations de preuve B
Approches Formelles dans l'Assistance au Développement de Logiciels, Jun 2014, Paris, France
hal-02193642v1  Conference papers
Simon LunelStefan MitschBenoît BoyerJean-Pierre Talpin. Parallel Composition and Modular Verification of Computer Controlled Systems in Differential Dynamic Logic
FM 2019 - 23rd International Symposium on Formal Methods, Oct 2019, Porto, Portugal. pp.1-22
hal-01653283v1  Conference papers
Thibaut GirkaDavid MentréYann Régis-Gianas. Verifiable Semantic Difference Languages
International Symposium on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming, Oct 2017, Namur, Belgium. ⟨10.1145/3131851.3131870⟩
tel-01890508v1  Theses
Thibaut Girka. Differential program semantics
Programming Languages [cs.PL]. Université Paris Diderot, 2018. English