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hal-01271123v1  Book sections
Christine MorinAlexandre DenisRaymond NamystOlivier AumageRenaud Lottiaux. Des réseaux de calculateurs aux grilles de calcul
Akoka, Jacky; Comyn-Wattiau, Isabelle. Encyclopédie de l'informatique et des systèmes d'information, Section 2 - Architectures et syst\`emes distribu\'es, Vuibert, pp.211-239, 2006, Collection informatique
hal-01271160v1  Conference papers
Anne-Marie KermarrecChristine Morin. Smooth and Efficient Integration of High-Availability in a Parallel Single Level Store System
Proceedings of Euro-Par 2001, 2001, Manchester, UK, United Kingdom. pp.752--763
hal-01271162v1  Conference papers
Renaud LottiauxChristine MorinThierry Priol. File mapping in shared virtual memory using a parallel file system
Parallel Computing: Fundamentals and Applications Proceedings of the International Conference (ParCo '99), 1999, Delft, The, Netherlands. pp.606--614
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Anne-Marie KermarrecChristine Morin. An Efficient Recoverable DSM on a Network of Workstations: Design and Implementation
Kaeli, D. and Avresky, D. Fault-Tolerant Parallel and Distributed Systems, Kluwer Academic Press, pp.123--138, 1998
hal-01271165v1  Conference papers
Françoise AndréChristine MorinMaria-Teresa Segarra. Mechanisms for Global Processor and Memory Management on a NoW
Proc. of the International Conference on High Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN Europe~'98), 1998, Amsterdam, The, Netherlands. pp.324--336
hal-01271171v1  Conference papers
Anne-Marie KermarrecGilbert CabillicAlain GefflautChristine MorinIsabelle Puaut. A Recoverable Distributed Shared Memory integrating Coherence and Recoverability
Proceedings of the 25th International Symposium on Fault Tolerant Computer Systems, 1995, Pasadena, CA, USA, United States. pp.289--298
hal-01271196v1  Conference papers
Geoffroy ValléeRenaud LottiauxDavid MargeryChristine MorinJean-Yves Berthou. Ghost Process: a Sound Basis to Implement Process Duplication, Migration and Checkpoint/Restart in Linux Clusters
The 4th International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing, 2005, Lille, France. pp.97--104
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Christine Morin. Conception de systèmes à image unique pour une grappe
Pazat, Jean-Louis and Rajopadhye, Sanjay and Roman, Jean. iHPerf2000, Applications parallèles Hautes Performances : analyse, conception et utilisation de grappes homogènes ou hétérogènes de calculateurs, école d'hiver iHPerf2000, 2000
hal-01271161v1  Conference papers
Christine MorinRenaud LottiauxAnne-Marie Kermarrec. High Availability of the Memory Hierarchy in a Cluster
Proc. of the 19th IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems, 2000, Nüremberg, Germany. pp.134--143
hal-01271227v1  Conference papers
Christine MorinRenaud LottiauxGeoffroy ValléePascal GallardGaël Utard et al.  Kerrighed: a Single System Image Cluster Operating System for High Performance Computing
Proc. of Europar 2003: Parallel Processing, 2003, Klagenfurt, Austria. pp.1291--1294
hal-01271205v1  Conference papers
Christine MorinPascal GallardRenaud LottiauxGeoffroy Vallée. Towards an Efficient Single System Image Cluster Operating System
Proc. of International Conference on Architecture and Algorithms for Parallel Processing (ICA3PP 2002), 2002, Beijing, China. pp.370--377
hal-01271147v1  Journal articles
Pascal GallardChristine Morin. Dynamic Streams For Efficient Communications between Migrating Processes in a Cluster
Parallel Processing Letters, World Scientific Publishing, 2003, 13 (4), pp.601-614
hal-01271149v1  Journal articles
Geoffroy ValléeRenaud LottiauxLouis RillingJean-Yves BerthouIvan Dutka-Malhen et al.  A Case for Single System Image Cluster Operating Systems: the Kerrighed Approach
Parallel Processing Letters, World Scientific Publishing, 2003, 13 (2), pp.95-122
hal-01271229v1  Conference papers
Geoffroy ValléeChristine MorinJean-Yves BerthouLouis Rilling. A New Approach to Configurable Dynamic Scheduling in Clusters based on Single System Image Technologies
Proc. 17th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2003), 2003, Nice, France. pp.91