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The LCPQ is based at the University of Toulouse. The research at LCPQ covers a large variety of topics dedicated to Theoretical-mostly Quantum- Chemistry and Theoretical Molecular Physics. The LCPQ is member of IRSAMC (The Institute of Research on Complex Atomic and Molecular Systems).

Before 2007 => Look at The Quantum Physics Laboratory HAL-LPQ.

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[hal-02395774] Conical intersection properties unraveled by the position spread tensor


[hal-03096690] Ground and excited electronic states of AuH2via detachment energies on AuH2− using state-of-the-art relativistic calculations


[hal-02128905] Non-adiabatic dynamics combining Ehrenfest, decoherence, and multiscale approaches applied to ionic rare-gas clusters photodissociation, post-ionization fragmentation, and collisions


[hal-02899747] Beyond the electric-dipole approximation in simulations of x-ray absorption spectroscopy: Lessons from relativistic theory


[hal-02481706] The DIRAC code for relativistic molecular calculations