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hal-02012497v1  Conference papers
Jean MilotF. PoitrassonSandrine Baron. Iron isotopes as a new tool for ancient metal tracing: comparison with classical tracing methods
European Association of Archaeologists 22th annual meeting, Aug 2016, Vilnius, Lithuania
hal-02012541v1  Poster communications
Jean MilotCaroline Robion-BrunnerSandrine BaronDidier Béziat. Preliminary petrographic analyses of ancient slags of lead-silver metallurgy (Imiter Mine, Morocco)
International Conference of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists, Jul 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa
hal-02011335v1  Conference papers
Jean MilotF. PoitrassonSandrine BaronMarie-Pierre CousturesCaroline Robion-Brunner. Ancient metals tracing by iron isotopes analysis
41ème symposium d’archéométrie, May 2016, Kalamata, Greece
hal-01985001v1  Journal articles
Jean MilotFranck PoitrassonSandrine BaronMarie-Pierre CousturesCaroline Robion-Brunner. Ancient Iron Metals Tracing by Iron Isotopes Analysis
The crucible, London: Minor Metals Trade Association, 2016, pp.3-4
hal-02012311v1  Journal articles
Călin Gabriel TămaşBéatrice CauuetJean Milot. Mineralogy of precious metals ore from Les Fouilloux Gaul mine, Limousin (France) from metals traceability perspective
Romanian Journal of Mineral Deposits, Bucharest: Geological Institute of Romania, 2014, Romanian Journal of Mineral Deposits, 87 (1), pp.95-98
hal-01978550v1  Journal articles
Jean MilotFranck PoitrassonSandrine BaronMarie-Pierre Coustures. Iron isotopes as a potential tool for ancient iron metals tracing
Journal of Archaeological Science, Elsevier, 2016, 76, pp.9-20